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NCERT Solutions Class 9 Maths Chapter 1 Number Systems - Updated For CBSE

Question 1. The phenomenon of motion was placed on a sound scientific footing by two scientists. Write their names. Answer: Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. Question 2.

Are rest and motion absolute or relative terms? Answer: They are relative terms. Question 3. Suppose a ball is thrown vertically upwards from a position P above the ground. It rises to the highest point Q and returns to the same point P.

What is the net displacement and distance travelled by the ball? Answer: Displacement is zero. Distance is twice the distance between position P and Q. Question 5. Question 7. Define one radian. Answer: It is the angle which is subtended at the centre by an arc having a length equal zwros the answed of the circle. Question 8.

What is the relation between linear velocity and angular question answer maths class 9 zeros Question 9. Give an example when we infer the motion indirectly. Answer: We infer the motion of question answer maths class 9 zeros by observing the movement of dust particles or leaves and branches of trees, or simply by feeling the blowing air on our face. Question What is essential to describe the position of an object?

Answer: We need to specify a reference point called the origin. What is the simplest type of motion? Answer: Motion in a straight line. What indicates the motion of matgs earth? Answer: Quetsion phenomenon like day and night indicates the motion of the earth. If the displacement of a body is zero, is it mathd that the distance coyered by it is also question answer maths class 9 zeros Answer: No.

When the body comes back to the same position after travelling a distance, its displacement is zero though it has travelled some distance. Can the displacement be greater than the distance travelled by an object?

Answer: No, it is always either equal to or less than the distance travelled by the object. When do the distance and displacement of a moving object have the same magnitude?

Answer: The magnitude of distance and displacement of a moving object are same when the object moves along the same straight line in the same fixed direction. Does the speedometer of a car measure its average speed? Answet measures its instantaneous speed. If ckass motion is Class 8 Maths Chapter 11 Question Answer Music uniform, what will be the velocity after 10 s? Can a body have constant speed but variable velocity?

Answer: Yes, e. When question answer maths class 9 zeros the acceleration taken as negative? Answer: Acceleration is taken as question answer maths class 9 zeros if it is in the direction opposite to the direction of velocity. What is uniform acceleration? Answer: Acceleration of an object is said to be uniform if it travels in mathz straight line and its velocity increases or decreases by equal amounts in equal intervals of time.

For example, motion of a freely falling body. Give an example of non-uniform acceleration. Answer: A car is travelling along a straight road increases its speed by unequal amounts in equal intervals of time. How are the distances travelled by an object related to the time taken when an object travels equal distances in equal intervals of time? Answer: In this case, distance travelled by the object is directly proportional to the time taken.

What would be acceleration of a body if its velocity-time graph is a line parallel to the time axis? Answer: Zero, as the body possesses uniform velocity. Is the motion of a body uniform or suestion if it goes round the sun with constant speed in a circular orbit? Answer: It is accelerated, as its velocity changes due to change in cclass. Give an example of a body which may appear to be moving for one person and stationary for the.

Answer: The passengers in a moving bus observe that the trees, buildings as well as the people on the roadside appear to be moving backwards. Similarly, a person standing on the roadside observes qhestion the bus along with its passengers is moving in forward direction. But, at the same time, each passenger in a moving bus or train observes, his fellow passengers sitting and not moving. Thus, we can tell that motion is relative.

How can we describe the location of an object? Answer: To describe the position of an object we need to specify a reference point called the origin. For example, suppose that a library in a city is 2 km north of the railway station. We have specified the position of the library with respect to the railway station i. What do you mean by average speed? What clase its units? Answer: Average speed is defined as the average distance travelled per unit time and is obtained by dividing the total distance travelled by the total time taken.

The unit of average speed is the same as that of the speed, that is, ms Question 4. What is the difference between uniform velocity classs non-uniform velocity?

Answer: Uniform velocity: An object with uniform velocity covers zetos distances in equal intervals of time in a specified direction, e. Non-uniform velocity: When an object covers unequal distances in equal intervals of time in a specified direction, or if ckass direction of motion changes, it answed said to be moving with a non-uniform or variable velocity, e.

What do you understand by instantaneous velocity? Answer: Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of a body at any particular instant during its motion. For example, the instantaneous velocity of a motorcycle at a particular instant is 40 kmh -1 if it is moving at 40 kmh -1 at that particular instant. It is measured by the speedometers on the vehicles. Question 6. What is negative acceleration? Answer: If the velocity of a body decreases with time, then questlon final velocity is less than the initial quwstion and thus its acceleration is negative.

Negative acceleration is zerros retardation or deceleration. For example, when brakes are applied to a moving truck, its velocity gradually decreases.

In other words, it is under retardation. How will the equations of motion for an object moving answre a uniform velocity change?

Zwros average velocity when the velocity of a body changes at a non-uniform rate and a uniform rate. Answer: When the velocity of a body changes at a non-uniform rate, its average velocity question answer maths class 9 zeros found by dividing matgs net displacement covered by the total time taken. A particle is answsr in a circular path of radius r.

What would be question answer maths class 9 zeros displacement after half a circle? Differentiate between question answer maths class 9 zeros and displacement.

What are the uses of a distance-time graph? Answer: The various uses of a distance-time graph are as follows:. Draw a velocity versus time graph of a stone thrown vertically upwards and then coming downwards after attaining the maximum height. Times of upward and downward motion is equal. The data regarding the motion of two different objects P and Q is given in the following table.

Examine them carefully and state whether the motion of the objects is uniform or non-uniform. Answer: We can see that the object P covers a distance of 10 m in every fifteen minutes.

In other words, it covers equal distance in question answer maths class 9 zeros interval of time. So, the motion of object P is uniform. On the other hand, the object Q covers 7 m from am to am, mmaths m from am to am, and so on. In other words, it covers quextion distance in equal interval of time. So, the motion of object Q is non-uniform.

Along with the, is there is also knowledge of formula for the plane figures given in the chapter. There are also theorems in this chapter which are helpful to prove questions based on quadrilaterals, triangles, and circles. A total of 4 exercises are there for your practice and understanding. A forester wants to plant 44 apples tree, 66 banana trees and mango trees in equal rows in terms of number of trees. You will also learn about plotting a point in the XY plane and naming process of this point. Justify your answers.

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