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Pontoon boat - Wikipedia Dec 23, �� One-man pontoon boats like fishing float tubes, are an angler�s passport to freedom. Not only do these own-man flotation devices enable fishermen to get away from the crowds, but they empower them to reach remote fishing locations with untapped potential. These fully equipped angling pontoons include 8�6� wide decks for increased fishability. Four pedestal fishing seats, a bow aerated livewell and three stern rod holders on the SF, and models provide all the tools for a trophy catch. Discover the ease of pontoon fishing with the EX fish. These affordable pontoons combine serious fishing amenitites with upscale features that far surpass others in this class. Choose from six great floorplans, each with swivel fishing seats, a livewell and lockable rod storage.

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Take a look for yourself. The CX Fish pontoon series combines the excitement of fishing with the comfort of pontoon living. Outfited with an aerated livewell, lockable rod storage and a rear fishing station, you can relax and cast from deluxe swivel fishing seats knowing you're equipped with the best in fishing and pontoon amenities.

The all-new EX Series offers spacious 8' widths and five versatile layouts, including cruise and fish models. With great standard features and options upgrades, EX pontoon boats are turning heads with unbeatable value. Starcraft's EXS series puts third-tube performance within the reach of every family. With a full load of premium amenities it's time for freedom on the water, and that's where Starcraft's EXS series shines.

Discover the ease of pontoon fishing with the EX Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats Canada fish. These affordable pontoons combine serious fishing amenitites with upscale features that far surpass others in this class. Choose from six great floorplans, each with swivel fishing seats, a livewell and lockable rod storage. All-day fun awaits you and your crew in a versatile EX fishing pontoon.

It is perfect for families looking to spend quality time together away from all the land-based distractions. The Bennington S21 L Bench is the perfect pontoon cruiser for a day out on the water or candlelit dinner under the moonlight. It comes with an L-bench with a sun pad that has a massive amount of storage underneath.

The great thing about this particular model is that it is available in 13 different configurations, which the manufacturer can customize to suit your taste and preferences. It is arguably one of the best-selling luxury cruisers on the market today. You can get it with bass seats that allow you to swivel them for a full panoramic view of the environment around you. It is available in several different configurations that you can customize based on your preferences.

Although it may seem overwhelming, the good news is whatever you decide to go with will likely be able to meet your specific needs. Nonetheless, here are a few things you need to know before you buy your pontoon.

The size will also be determined by where you intend to use the craft. Pontoons that measure between 17 and 19 ft. If you intend to boat on a river or lake with small waves, a 20 to foot long boat will suffice. Not all pontoon boats were created equal. There are different types of vessels designed for specific activities. We cannot overemphasize how important it is to pick the right pontoon brand. Go with a manufacturer that pays attention to performance and quality. Generally, you want to stick to manufacturers that have been in the pontoon-making business since the year That way, you can rest easy knowing that all vessels manufactured since that time have been subjected to high standards and meet all the required US Coast Guard-sanctioned safety requirements.

Beyond looking out for a particular brand, it is also important to consider the overall workmanship of the pontoon. Check the welding and brackets for any signs of patching or damage. You also need to look at the condition of the engine to ensure that it is in tip-top shape. Finally, check whether the decks and rails were bolted through or screwed in.

Much like buying a car, finding the best pontoon boats requires a great deal of research. Everything on a Lowe pontoon boat is supported by a foundation of exclusive quality construction. Unlike other popular brands, Lowe pontoons are built using full-length keels and heavy-duty, edge-to-edge cross members. These details translate into significant strength and durability gains and less drift while under way.

Exact product configuration may vary, optional features and colors may be shown. Not all processes, features and statements apply to every Lowe model.

To get full and the most accurate pricing details, see your local dealer. At Lowe Boats, we strive to keep your personal information personal, our policies simple and our boats the best in the industry. As part of that commitment, we have recently updated our privacy policy. Pontoon Boats. Discover the Lowe Family of Pontoon Boats Versatile, comfortable, and incredibly reliable, Lowe pontoon boats are built with care by expert craftsmen with decades of experience.

Lowe Pontoon Catalog What gets your heart pumping? Your Passion, is Our Heritage. Lowe Pontoon Boat Line Up. Retreat Series Pontoon Boats Head-turning lines, plush and comfortable seating, premium amenities, and layouts made for versatility.

Ultra Cruise Series Pontoon Boats An incredible pontoon boat and an incredible value, the Ultra Series delivers quality and excellence on a budget. Pontoon Comfort and Performance Features Fully Equipped Helm Console Our pontoon boats enjoy handsome consoles with automobile grade gauges, comfort-grip steering, and ready access to all of the captain's electronics.

Built Upon 50 Years of Innovation. You Can Count On Lowe. Unmatched Construction. Lifelong Performance.

Full-Width Deck Cross Members All floor joists on a Lowe pontoon span the FULL width of the pontoon boat, rub rail to rub rail, ensuring full deck support and ultra-strong impact resistance. Competitive brands often span between pontoon tubes, leaving the deck overhang vulnerable on both sides.

This practice may appear comparable cosmetically, but pontoon rub rails take the brunt of force when dock strikes occur. Lowe supports its decks, rub rail to rub rail, on every pontoon we build. Our reinforced deck construction is the difference between an impact deflection and a dented or fractured deck. Limited Lifetime Deck Warranty Seven-ply marine grade pressure-treated plywood is used for extra strength, durability and longevity.

Marine plywood by nature is stiffer, cooler, and quieter than alternative deck materials. The result is a nose cone that reduces turbulence and spray, and takes full advantage of available power while providing maximum displacement.

Full Length Keels Not found on major competitive brands, Lowe utilizes full-length aluminum keels that are welded to the bottom of each pontoon to help prevent under-side damage and to improve tracking while running. Why would you build a pontoon any other way? Adding to log safety, Lowe also features multiple sealed, fail-safe, air-tight chambers so you can ride more confidently with highly reliable floatation.

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