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Mostly plywood though. It's an outrigger canoe modeled roughly after a proa, but with a more western Diy Wood Canoe Rack Kits style hull shape and sail. I think it took around person-hours to finish, although a boat with less finish work and slightly less laminated mahogany, could be finished in half that time. FOR CANOES OVER 17' LENGTH (PLYWOOD - STITCH & TAPE) Back to Yachts Boats And Canoes Question Canoes Main Page: We have 13 designs, some with sail, spar, rudder, outrigger and daggerboard details - although all could take a sail plan. Note - In the particulars for each design, the dry weight is given for guidance only and will vary depending on the grade/density of plywood. Nov 19, �� The resort we were at had numerous plastic canoes, paddle boards and wind surfers. I borrowed the plastic two-person canoe, paddled for a few metres with wife as extra power and we both gave up after a few strokes of the paddle. Then we spotted a rather rough-looking plywood canoe with an outrigger. It was brilliant.
Five lightweight and beautiful sailing canoe plans to build from plywood. Or convert your canoe into an outrigger canoe. Beautiful and excellent performance.� We focus on lightweight and beautiful sailing canoe plans that you can easily build yourself using plywood and wood and even have amas to convert you canoe to a outrigger canoe. They are definitely not ugly and definitely not even slightly slow. 5 Choices for Canoe Sailing. New Kombi Sailing Canoe take the family paddling or go sailing 5 sq metres 16ft x 55lb hull. Viola 14 Sailing Canoe Modern Squaretop Rig or sq metres. 75lb hull. Viola 14 Sailing Canoe Lug rig sq metres Reef, Lower and Raise on the water. This is my homemade plywood canoe with a 2hp evinrude outboard and outrigger set up just need to do some painting and get her wet drop in a line and crack a. Outrigger boats are various watercraft featuring one or more lateral support floats known as outriggers, which are fastened to one or both sides of the main hull. They can range from small dugout canoes to large plank-built vessels. Outrigger boats can also vary in their configuration, from the ancestral double-hull configuration (catamarans), to single-outrigger vessels prevalent in the Pacific Islands and Madagascar, to the double-outrigger vessels (trimarans) prevalent in Island Southeast Asia.


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