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Fishing is my thing, and to be honest, I prefer to do it from my mini pontoon fishing boat rather than my full-sized model. It lets me get into those tight spaces and right on top of the fish I want to catch.

Depending on your needs, there are plenty of mini pontoon fishing boats available on the one man pontoon fishing boat 70 � and I will show you the best ones below including the one I use and trust. The average fishing mini pontoon boat is built to provide enough deck space for fishing rods and other fishing gear.

They normally have a low draft, allowing you to fish into shallow water with ease. However, if you have a need for speed while fishing, a speed-oriented mini pontoon will have you getting to the most secluded areas at thrilling speeds. You can see an example of this. I have done all of the research for you to determine the best brands and models available.

This list below shows 5 of the best mini pontoon boats suitable for fishing which I know you will absolutely love. The Pond King Rebel is a one-man pontoon fishing boat that was first released in Since then, it has received minor upgrades to one man pontoon fishing boat 70 it one of the best mini pontoon fishing boats available today. The idea behind its construction was to build a boat that could fit at the back of a truck.

Solid 0. It is completely made from aluminum, making it lightweight and rust-free. The frame can be reduced to 48 inches, which later expands to over 68 inches to provide room for all your gear. The Pond King Rebel has been built such that it allows users to sit or stand while fishing. The Laker mini pontoon boat is an all-aluminum boat built with the truck bed liner style in mind. It features under-seat storage, an electric motor, an adjustable sunshade, bench seating, a battery, and an on-board charger.

Laker builds mini pontoons to be of different length. Depending on the type chosen, you can get a seating capacity of up to 5 people. For those that would like extra features; low filled in Tahoe Pontoon Fishing Boat Rental rails, LED navigation lights, rail graphics, and premium seats are also available.

The Pro Strike is a mini pontoon boat built with the highest quality in mind. Its design takes a square-like shape to maximize capacity. The construction and materials used are primarily aluminum with wood surfaces being offered as an option. The general idea is to provide maximum capacity and stability while maintaining high levels of comfort.

For movement, the guys at Kingdom Metals built a ski-like flat angled bottom that creates lift so as to achieve maximum speed. The Pro Strike is a great option for quality-oriented consumers and commercial renting.

Tie it on your dock and get ready to go fishing any time you one man pontoon fishing boat 70. A deck of about 50 sq. These mini pontoons can effortlessly maneuver small waterways with the help of either a clamp-on electric motor or an outboard motor. Users can make turns even in the smallest of spaces thanks to a tiller steering wheel.

The gas-powered options come packed with either a 2HP or a 3. Paddle King, Inc. Mini pontoons built by Paddle King are of the highest quality and require little maintenance and attention. They are built with durability in mind, allowing you to go fishing without any worry.

The 4-tube design of the Lo Pro Angler maximizes stability and allows the mini pontoon to maneuver shallow waters with ease. Materials are built to be as lightweight and compact as possible.

This enables fishermen to access what would otherwise be unreachable corners in one man pontoon fishing boat 70 lakes.

Buyers can even opt one man pontoon fishing boat 70 additional swivel seats which are welded for durability and strength. All Lo Pro mini pontoons come with a standard long-shaft outboard power unit that delivers efficient one man pontoon fishing boat 70 in shallow waters. The mini pontoon boat is the smallest and lightest pontoon boat available on the market. The average mini pontoon fits only 1 or 2 people.

The largest fit about 3 to 4, with room for nothing else but the fishing gear. Previously, pontoon boats were known to be slow and somewhat hectic to handle while on water. The industry has also grown greatly in the last few years.

We now have boats that churn as much as horsepower and get to speeds of up to 60 mph. Some even have interiors and bodies that resemble that of a luxury car. Some small, large, and medium-size pontoon boat manufacturers have recently ventured into the production of the mini pontoon boat.

Some of them provide budget-friendly mini pontoons that are lighter in weight, easy to store, and good for the environment. Related Posts. May 17th, May 11th, May 5th, May 4th, Go to Top.

Copyright AnglersSupplyHouse. The clever hull design allows the boat to have a maximum capacity of lbs. Cheaper options use powder-coated mild steel, which is strong and long-lasting but weighs quite a lot. Safety on the river. The boat is Lowe Pontoon Fishing Boat Design portable allowing for easy transportation and takes fifteen minutes to assemble.

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