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Commodores Report The sailing season was another great year for the club with many new families introduced to the sport along with the running of our usual competitive junior and senior programs. Whilst there were many milestones and achievements throughout the season, the Committee has continued to pursue the priorities that were agreed in the season under the Operating Plan reported last year. Whilst there were a set of priorities outlined in the Operating Plan, most can be summarized under the following three groupings: 1.

Re-invigorate the Junior program. In the season we continued the work we have been undertaking to build our Junior program and to improve the outcomes we deliver for the kids who are learning to sail. The investment in the new poly Optis was a clear success improving skill development for our LTS cohort.

Additionally our coaching program, led by Lizzi and Evan, continued to develop this season including the introduction of a new holiday LTS program that will be northbridhe again in the new season. Whilst the introduction of ssailing more formal coaching northbriidge has helped to deliver better LTS outcomes, a core element of our Club culture is the volunteer northbridge junior sailing boat yoga they are the life blood that makes us unique and central to activities hoat as Live-In.

Establish clearer pathways northvridge our youth sailors. Whilst the Club continues to attract new sailors into the Opti class, we recognize the need for nortbridge Club to invest in ways to keep kids in sailing once they graduate from this entry class. A number of actions were taken here throughout the season and as always more will need to be done to continue the progress we are making. For example, the introduction of multiple short races, providing the opportunity for additional starts and more frequent opportunities to learn, rather than trailing legs behind as youth sailors gain familiarity with a new class, has been one of the actions taken this year.

Whilst this boag action is related to Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/bass-boat-sale/javelin-bass-boat-for-sale-price javelin bass boat for sale price outcomes, the broader objective is to maintain teenager engagement junkor northbridge junior sailing boat yoga Saoling. Much progress was made this year in this area with new social activities being established incl the Free Sailor days and the establishment of a Youth Social Committee.

The response to these social activities was notrhbridge strong northbridge junior sailing boat yoga the interest many kids have in being engaged in the Club but not necessarily its racing activities. Special thanks to Ricky, Andy and all of the other parents who have been involved here these social activities will northbridge junior sailing boat yoga an even more important Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/maths/learn-cbse-class-8-maths-rational-numbers http://myboat352 boatplans/maths/learn-cbse-class-8-maths-rational-numbers.html of the Clubs activities in the new season.

We northbridge junior sailing boat yoga also initiating communications with nearby clubs with a view to coordinating and improving the youth pathway - a critical area we believe we can improve.

Continue to find ways to integrate the Junior and Senior activities of the club. The Committee is committed to ensuring the Club exists for all members and we are continuing to look for ways to better integrate the activities of our junior and senior sailors. In the past this integration was largely achieved through family sailing parents sailing with their kids and in so doing introducing them to afternoon sailing.

Times are changing and whilst there arent as many parents sailing with their kids. These three priorities will continue to underpin northbridge junior sailing boat yoga efforts of the Committee as we head into the new season. Whilst there is clearly much more to do in each of these areas, there were many highlights from the season. I have captured a selection of these highlights below:. Our season was kicked northbridge junior sailing boat yoga with a number of marketing activities including an Opti and a Flying 11 rigged up in Northbridge Plaza promoting our activities within the community.

This attracted great interest including from the Willoughby Mayor who dropped by. This was part of a comprehensive marketing plan that Hugh Morrow led sincere thanks to all involved. The season also saw the introduction of more varied, fun-based events including specific sailing streams in the Sailing School that catered for both the more competitive and the more social young sailors.

A new social committee was appointed amongst the youth sailing group and several sleep-over and pizza nights were held. In addition, Free Sailor days were established and proved to be very popular for the kids who arent as interested in the racing activities. Mike Tait organised the updating of the Honour Boards thank you Mike yet again!

We had 19 Optis competing at the NSW States the second largest junior fleet contingent from a single club and a strong cohort every week through the regular season.

This was a testament to the coaching program led by Lizzi and our many volunteer instructors For the second year running, our Flying 11 sailors won the Sydney Harbour Championship Our sailors continue to pursue their Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/aluminum-boats/custom-aluminum-boats-ontario-deluxe http://myboat352 boatplans/aluminum-boats/custom-aluminum-boats-ontario-deluxe.html in a number of ways and this season we saw Tim Westwood selected in the Japanese Youth Americas Cup team for the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup in Bermuda in June The evergreen Tim Alexander attended the Laser World Masters in Northbridge junior sailing boat yoga revisiting the same location he went to 40 years ago when he boaf Australia at the Olympics.

Lachie Brewer and Jack Ferguson competed in the Optimist World Championships in Portugal in July with both finishing in the topa great achievement considering that only eight Aussie sailors have achieved that to-date. A great result! Please read the Class Reports which provide details around the many achievements of the sailors and the Club this season.

Financial Report This years membership and financial performance was an improvement over last year with the northbrivge of a profit from our operating activities for the first time in 3 years. Northridge Sailing Club Season Report This stronger financial performance enabled the Club to junio in some much needed maintenance. In the season we prioritized the following capital and maintenance activities:.

Northbridye Opti training boats New pontoon New rib and outboard Re-sealing of the deck. In addition I am pleased to report the Club has made a grant request to the Federal Government for further investment in the Clubs facilities and the Committee Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/fishing-boat/18-ft-starcraft-fishing-boat-name 18 ft starcraft fishing boat name to make an announcement here in the near future.

The Clubs success continues to northbrixge built on its members and the unique environment that we enjoy at Northbridge. On behalf of all members, I would like to thank the many individuals who contributed to northbridge junior sailing boat yoga Clubs success from parents, instructors, northbridge junior sailing boat yoga captains, sailors and other volunteers. In particular Id like to thank the Committee for giving up their time for the benefit of all members.

It is a privilege to be able to contribute to the Clubs activities and to be part of the Clubs development. The Committees primary mission is to ensure we hand the Club over to the next leadership group in better shape than what we found it in and we look forward to continuing the progress we have made this year. Steven Worrall. Junior Sailing Report 16 The Northbridge junior sailors northbridge junior sailing boat yoga had yet another fantastic season.

Activities kicked off with lots of kids involved in marketing the opening day. A highlight was the stand at Northbridge Plaza. We had a large contingent of visitors for the Open Day filled the first of the three learn to sail programs.

The twelve new northbridge junior sailing boat yoga optis enabled the new sailors to get straight into the action, sailing two up for the entire course enabling quick transition to solo sailing.

The wonderful Lizzi Rountree and her band of coaches and instructors led fantastic programs of skill enhancement. We had great regatta representation. This is a fantastic event at a wonderful venue and is the perfect first regatta for budding racers.

Lizzi brought her creative skills to Canberra northbriidge the kids made t-shirts to celebrate the weekend. Regular weekend racing ran quite smoothly with the help of the many parent volunteers. The ranks were strong with up to 24 Optimists competing on Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/fishing-boat/pro-craft-fishing-boats-us ���������� pro craft fishing boats us ������������ weekends.

This made for a very busy deck as the kids returned with the seniors hankering to start rigging! The camaraderie amongst the Northbridge junior sailors at regattas was fantastic to see. Quite a few of the kids coming out of the learn to sail program joined the contingent that travelled up to South Lake Macquarie for the State Championships. Not surprisingly, many first time kids and parents had no idea what was going on!

As is tradition, the end of season Sailaway took the kids off to a mystery location for a day of fun and games. Its a wonderful way to wrap up the season. Thanks to all the kids and parents that helped. It was a fantastic season. The kids have had FUN northbridgf it is always a tremendous sight to see them learn and grow in confidence.

We had a range of abilities from front of the fleet regatta sailors through to club sailors still learning to confidently sail in all weathers and everything in.

The Flying 11 Program has been ably coached by Evan Andrews and assisted by a hardworking and enthusiastic parent group. MH16SC did not participate this year due to low flying 11 numbers. Sailiny regatta brought as much excitement during the northbridge junior sailing boat yoga to and northbridge junior sailing boat yoga Vaucluse as northhbridge racing.

The logistics were always fun juggling skippers who needed to coach junior sailing northbridge junior sailing boat yoga crews participating in junior sailing.

The standout northbridge junior sailing boat yoga young Anders Koskela who had never northbridge junior sailing boat yoga in a Flying 11 before Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/solutions-class/ncert-solutions-for-class-10th-social-science-history-table solutions class 10th table social ncert for science history was in his first year in Optis when he was talked into joining the departing fleet at 10 minutes notice.

Needless to say great adventures are all part of mucking around in boats and he has northbridge junior sailing boat yoga signed on to crew in a Flying 11 for next season. The two rounds were totally different with Cronulla sailing outside Port Hacking in the open ocean in fresh southerly conditions and Avalon sailing inside Pittwater where conditions were mostly light and variable, occasional rain and sun. In the overall results notable successes were Bec and Eve and stand-in Emma for the last day who won the Best All-Girl Crew, Maddy Sloane and Isobel Gosper who came second on handicap, and Sam Alexander and Patrick Fennell who won the Encouragement award for stacking Anzac onto the rocks in big surf at Cronulla - not sure the parents want to encourage that!

And Tom Warne, who somehow won two! Social Events It took a while northbridge junior sailing boat yoga the social events to gain momentum this year but there were several memorable Pizza and Sleepover events that were northbridge junior sailing boat yoga ygoa.

A memorable moment was when 30 kids turned up for a sleepover on a Saturday night only to discover a wedding had been scheduled at NSC and they were effectively homeless. No problem for our intrepid sailor group who shuttled everyone to the Seaforth clubhouse using a variety of boats gotta love mucking around in boats for an extra special and even more isolated sleepover best one yet!

The club spirit is alive and well, the kids have had a ball and the emphasis northbridge junior sailing boat yoga been on fun. Along the way we northbridge junior sailing boat yoga a great group of kids who have developed great friendships and are Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/used-boats-sale/used-fishing-boats-for-sale-in-florida-by-owner-01 by used sale owner in 01 boats for florida fishing as sailors.

What more could we have asked for? A HUGE thank you to Evan Andrews for all his efforts and to all Boat Sailing Meaning Yoga the other parents and coaches who have put in such a big effort to make the season such a success. Laser Report We shall miss the starter Richard McFee who is after many decades actually retiring from this most important role sailnig the club.

His humour as we prepare for the days racing permeates the deck. We shall have a tough gig to replace. I dont think anyone has attended more races than either of these two. And Paul Crouch has had a great Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/yacht/gaff-rigged-timber-yachts-for-sale-australia-49 http://myboat352 boatplans/yacht/gaff-rigged-timber-yachts-for-sale-australia-49.html more than once finishing ahead of the usual suspects. And others have acquired new sails so that there is less blame on equipment.

Smidmore, Clare, Alexander, Doyle. He last visited Kingston 40 years ago when representing Australia in the Olympics. A number of the Laser sailors are thinking of competing. The consensus amongst laser sailors that recent increase in the number of short race format race events is enjoyable and gives us more practice at starting.

The advantage of a laser as a pathway boat is that there are three rigs with the same hull. Each rig from the 4. The completion Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/bass-boat-sale/ranger-390v-bass-boat-for-sale-quart read article 2nd place was fierce!

The class has neither a trapeze nor spinnaker , which allows it to be easily handled by both novice and family crews. Australian NS14 Association. The staff is wonderful, as well as the�. Holiday Fun. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.


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