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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

For ensuring finest education is provided to all students, Vedantu has come up with a top-class technology in collaboration with the finest tutors from across the country. Our motive is not only to provide your child with access to study material but to ensure to educate them in the best way possible so that they shine through during their board exams.

These solutions include both the prose and the poems that are part of the syllabus. Students can access these as per their convenience at any time and place. These solutions intend to help the students in preparing and revising for the exams along with questions papers to practice as.

In this era of a super competitive environment, it is a necessity to have access to the best and compact study material that gives you a thorough bolk of the topic and helps you ace those exams.

Vedantu is all prepared to help you achieve that goal and be your partner in that journey of getting top scores. Solutio today has taken a leap and shifted towards a ncer modern and technologically advanced model compared to the previous traditional one. Even before COVID clsas hit the world there was a slow but some movement towards making education boo on digital platforms.

The pandemic has just accelerated it. Ncert book solution for class 10th english unit is one of the many and leading providers of e-Learning platforms available across India today.

We not only provide just the course material but also complement it with mock tests papers that are specifically curated to ensure thorough understanding and complete preparation for exams. Along with this are question papers from previous years with ncsrt. In partnership with the best of educators who give a detailed explanation of each chapter and topic, we arrange doubt classes where students can take that extra help needed during these pressured times.

The syllabus comprises stories and poems. Vedantu provides study material and solutions for all these chapters along with question ncert book solution for class 10th english unit so students can get the best understanding of the subject. Chapter 1. A Letter ncert book solution for class 10th english unit God.

Chapter 2. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Chapter 3. Two Stories about Flying. Chapter 4. From solutiin Diary of Anne Frank. Chapter 5. 10yh Hundred Dresses�I. Chapter 6. The Hundred Dresses�II. Chapter 7. Glimpses of India. Chapter 8. Mijbil the Otter. Chapter 9. Madam Rides the Bus. Chapter The Sermon at Benares. Uint Proposal. A Triumph of Surgery.

The Midnight Visitor. A Question of Trust. Footprints without Feet. The Making of a Scientist. The Necklace. The Hack Driver. The Book That Saved the Earth.

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Question 7. Now read the news story given below. At 16 years of age Babar Ali is, perhaps, the youngest headmaster in the world. These students are, indeed, poor and from his village. This young man is from Murshidabad in West Bengal.

He jumps on an auto-rickshaw after doing household chores and reaches the Raj Govinda School. It is at a distance of ten kms. Babar Ali has to walk two kms to reach it. The school is neat and clean.

It is fully equipped with furniture and dedicated teachers. Babar Ali sits in the middle in the front row. He is a tall, slim, smart and studious teenager wearing a blue and white uniform. He is a model student and first member of his family to get a proper education.

Raj Govinda school is govt, run and so it is free. Babar Ali has to pay for his uniform, books and rickshaw.

It costs around rupees a year to send him to school. Chumki Hajra, years old, has never been to school. She lives in a tiny shack. Every morning she scrubs the dishes instead of going to school.

But Chumki is getting education with hundreds of other poor children, thanks to Babar Ali. Babar Ali rushes back to his school from Raj Govinda school after it is over. A bell summons all children to his house. Babar Ali gives the lessons the way he gets from his teachers. The children sit in the mud, some on rickety benches while family chickens scratch around here and there. His school has students all from poor families, all taught free.

He was just nine when he began teaching a few friends as a game. He says that in the beginning he play-acted. He calls it his duty to educate them to help our country build a better future.

There are ten teachers at his school. They volunteer their services free. Books, food etc, are free and funded by donations. There are about twelve other girls besides Chumki Hajra. Her dedication is incredible Ncert Book Solution For Class 10th English Conversation as she works, in homes in the village from six in the morning till 2 pm. She dreams to become a nurse one day. The school has been recognized by the local authorities as it has helped increase literacy rates in the area.

Babar Ali has won many awards for his work. The youngest children are just four or five. There are a couple of electric bulbs to give light when it is dark. There are little problems when seasons change. The monsoon comes and children hurry for cover. They crowd under a piece of plastic sheeting. Babar Ali shouts an order.

Lessons are cancelled as rain disrupts the working. The children hurry home through the downpour. Tomorrow they will be back though. Question 8. On the basis of your reading of the above text complete the following sentences:. Question 9. Find one word or phrase from the passage that means the same as the following :. Question She writes a letter to him lauding his extraordinary efforts and undeterred spirit of reform in the face of adversity.

She also promises support, both financial and academic to him. As Anju Kar, write the letter to Babar Ali. This makes it more creditable without any govt, assistance. The country feels proud of you and the people of West Bengal bow their heads in gratitude to your determined efforts in educating the poor population. Despite difficulties and other adverse circumstances you have riicely been discharging your social responsibilities towards the educationally deprived.

You are a pathfinder tor the youth of the country irl doing something useful for it. In this way you are an inspirer for thousands of such children. I, as Minister of Education, am exploring all possible avenues to provide you every possible financial and other assistance. It is to ensure that you do not face any problem in your great duties. Bama, popularly known as Karukku Bama, was born in Also, English is considered to scoring subject in class So, the students who wish to make a good grade Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th English Book First Flight Ii in class 10, can work on the subject English to ace the exam with colorful grades.

Chapterwise Solutions organized under each topic makes it easy for you to crack the exam with better grades. The secret to good marks lies in some factors like being clear in grammar, correct composition. Learn the correct format for reports or letters. Last not but least your handwriting does affect your marks.

So, allot time and pay attention to your handwriting. Do Indians Get Enough Sleep? Laughter � The Best Medicine C. The World of Sports E. My struggle for an Education B. Educating the Girl Child C. Inclusive Education D. Promise for the Future : Renewable Energy B.

Pluggin into Future C. Space Travel D.

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Ncert Book Solution For Class 10th English Unit