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Rigging is a significant part of the process of building a model ship. It can be tedious and time-consuming however putting the effort in adds to the beauty of your finished model. In general, the instructions on rigging provided by the manufacturers of model ship kits are fairly sparse.

Whilst there are several specialised and very detailed books on masting and rigging, they are more concerned with matters of historical and technical accuracy than with the sort of advice that might model ship building tips inc the beginner model ship building tips inc understand the best way of going about buildong might appear to be quite a daunting task.

This is a comprehensive set which shows all aspects of preparing model ship building tips inc masts, spars and yards buildinf the rigging for a period model. For further information call our office or visit our website. The following points should be noted:. Building a model ship is as much an exercise in using the mind as it is in using your fingers and hands. It is necessary to spend as much time thinking about the task at hand as actually doing it.

If having thought about it, you still have a problem then contact us. For this reason, standing rigging is often, although not always, black on ship models. If you do want your standing rigging black, and black cord is not supplied in the kit then you can consider these options:. When any liquid dye has been used it will be necessary to stretch the cord by hanging it on a clothesline, with Model Ship Building Glue weights, to prevent it going slack after installation on the model.

It will also probably be necessary to use clear wax to eliminate any furry look in the cord. This includes the rigging of the Stays, Backstay, Bowsprit and Gammoning. This is fairly straightforward and should present few difficulties. Work from the centre of the ship out and try to avoid difficult and confined spaces. A Rigging Tool presented in the Tools section of our Catalogue will be helpful when rigging. The various names for the standing rigging are presented.

Before proceeding further fit all the eye pins and rigging blocks to the bowsprit, masts, yards, nodel deck - model ship building tips inc to the insides of the bulwarks if required.

Cleats may be required on the lower masts, deck Model Ship Building South Africa News or bulwarks. Pay particular attention to any area which will be relatively inaccessible once the shrouds and other standing rigging ropes are in place. It is as well to drill out the builxing in the blocks and deadeyes to facilitate the threading of the rigging cord when the time comes.

For the most inaccessible blocks, insert a short piece of thin rigging cord through the hole and glue it to itself forming a loop. Later, when you wish model ship building tips inc insert the permanent model ship building tips inc rigging you cut the loop, glue the new model ship building tips inc to one end and pull it through the hole using the buliding end of the pilot cord.

No awkward threading. Once the complete row of deadeyes are installed a capping strip is fixed along the. The deadeye strap or chain strap is rarely, if ever, perpendicular. Rather, it should be at an angle which is an extension of the angle tkps the shroud which will eventually be attached to the deadeye above it.

The diagram on the left of this page should make that mouthful clearer!! The lower deadeyes, the ones being attached at present, should be placed so that the three holes are positioned with the lowest one being the centre of the. When at a later stage the upper deadeye is fitted, it is equally important that the centre hole is the highest of the.

Refer to the diagram on the model ship building tips inc side of this page. Shrouds, which are the group of ropes to which the ratlines are attached, are made up in pairs with a deadeye at each end of a single rope. First cut a piece of cord to an appropriate length and with the help of an alligator clip or a small clamp glue one end around a deadeye. This deadeye should then be temporarily connected to the front portside left hand lower deadeye using a wire jig.

This jig will provide the correct spacing between the upper and the lower deadeye. The loose end of the rope then goes up, around the mast and down to the position of the lower deadeye immediately behind the.

Using glue, alligator clip and another wire spacer, the upper deadeye is attached to the shroud. Modell a latter stage, the double thickness of cord immediately above the upper deadeye will be bound with fine thread as shown as shown in some of our diagrams. Once the first pair of shrouds has been completed, the exercise is repeated on the other starboard side, then, back to the port side and so on.

If, when the others have been done there remains a single lower model ship building tips inc on each side then the final pair of shrouds goes from one moodel of the ship to the other with a large seized eye around the masthead.

In all of this, it is important to ensure that the deadeyes are in straight rows parallel with the channels and with each. The forestays should now be fitted paying attention to the particular fittings used. As with the shrouds they are rigged with deadeyes model ship building tips inc lanyards but the upper deadeye will normally be at a higher level than that of the shroud deadeyes.

The colour of the ratline cord is grey or fawn. The tying of ratlines can be fairly tedious but it is worth going to some trouble to ensure that it is done. Inf the points to keep in mind are:. The adjacent diagram demonstrates clearly the method best used model ship building tips inc attach the cord to the belaying pins.

If you have any difficulties determining which belaying pin a rope is intended to go to, a good rule of thumb is that the higher up the mast it starts then the further back it model ship building tips inc. Plenty of model ship building tips inc coils model ship building tips inc over the belaying pins provide a finishing touch. These can be made from odd lengths of offcuts.

If placed into the shapes you require they can be fixed permanently by using hair lacquer or nail polish. In the plans or in the instructions there should be a key or description of the size buildnig cord to be used model ship building tips inc various purposes. In the unlikely event that no indication is given, then the following can serve as a guide:.

Once the standing rigging has been completed you can now start the Running Rigging. You will have enlarged the holes in byilding blocks which are already in place. Do the same with all other blocks as you come to use.

When threading cord through blocks, you will find tpis a needle threader available from sewing shops will be very handy. Also, a smear of super glue on the end of the cord can stiffen it and make it easier to thread. Work from the centre of the ship out and try to avoid locking yourself into difficult positions. The various names for the Running Rigging are presented.

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All parts requests may still take some time for us to respond to, given we have limited personnel on-site. We appreciate your patience and support during these trying times. Please stay well and safe. Sincerely, The Model Expo Team. Wire Soldering Cleaning Shipmodeling Tools. Women's Collection.

Men's Collection. Laceless Footwear. Shoe Inserts. Featured Products Quick View. Add to Wish List. Quick View. Add To Cart. Select Options. Airbrush Hose and Adapter Combo. Airfix Apollo Saturn V Scale. Backordered - Expect up to days to fufill your Order. Airfix Fokker E.

AirFix Golden Hind Scale. Backordered - Expect days to fufill your Order. Billing Boats Boulogne Etaples -Wooden hull. Billing Boats Nordlandsbaaden - Wooden hull. Billing Boats Scale Mary Ann - wooden hull. Billing Boats Scale H. Renown- Plank - on - bulkhead. When building a model ship kit there can be a number of little elements that you question what best practice is.

Here Master Modeler Leon Griffiths shows us his tips for stepping the masts. When choosing a wooden model ship kit there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Your overall decision on these factors will influence your selection of a particular wooden ship model kit to build.

The essential tools for model ship building are a mix of specialists modeling tools to common household tools. In this post we will review the essential tools you will require to successfully build your model ship. The oldest surviving clipper ship, the 'City of Adelaide' is now in Port Adelaide.

She arrived in Australian waters on a heavy lift ship covered in quarantine wrap in January , back for the first time in years. Copper plating is the practice of protecting the under-water hull of a ship or boat from the corrosive effects of salt water and biofouling through the use of copper plates affixed to the outside of the hull.

It was pioneered and developed by the Royal Navy during the 18th century. Wonder No More! She left the shipyard disguised as a merchantman but was converted to a combat vessel and was commissioned on August 24 Soldering can be useful skill for the model ship builder to have. It is probably not something that you will use every day but when you do need to solder some small items then it is handy to have a basic understanding of the process. Measuring the thickness of rigging cord can be important to determine where it belongs on your model ship kit.

Luckily getting the correct diameter measurement is very straight forward. What Were They Used For? One of the little extra details that make the deck of the model ship kit stand out are deck rope coils. Resealing planks on the stem of a bluff bow model ship kit can be a nightmare. Problems can arise when second planking bluff bow ships with the need for enough space for the stem post.

Model Ship Gratings can pose a slight technical challenge for model ship builders. Master ship model builder Leon Griffiths provides his tips on fitting together model ship gratings. Rudder Hinges can prove a challenge even for an experienced model ship builder. Getting the letting etching placement just right on your model ship kit can be awkward.

Fitting together the wooden ladders on model ship kits can pose a challenge. Learn how to tie reef points and knots on the sails of a model ship kit. Australian Master Modeler Leon Griffiths show us how he undertakes the tricky task. Planking a model ship can present a particular challenge to the modeler. Through this DVD set the Master Modeler shares many of his tips and techniques to assist and guide the modeler to make the hull planking as straight forward as possible.

Modelers Central is excited to introduce Horse Drawn Models. They are the only manufacturer of wooden model Horse Drawn kits in Australia. Modelers Central is excited to introduce the latest addition to our range of wooden model kits - the Furphy Water Cart.

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