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NCERT Solution for Class 6 Maths [English Medium] Chapter � 1: Knowing Our Numbers. Chapter � 2: Whole Numbers. Chapter � 3: Playing With Numbers. Chapter � 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas. Chapter � 5: Understanding Elementary Shapes. Chapter � 6: Integers. Chapter � 7: Fractions. Chapter � 8: Decimals. NCERT Solutions - Mathematics, Class 6. Knowing Our Numbers. Whole Numbers. Playing With Numbers. Basic Geometrical Ideas. Understanding Elementary Shapes. Integers. Fractions. Decimals. The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths and Science are provided here. These solutions contain answers to all the questions given in the 6th standard textbooks, which are prescribed to CBSE students exclusively. Why It�s Important to Follow NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Students might not be able to obtain answers to some questions at times.

See all videos of 6th Maths Chapter 12 Solution. However, this subject is not so difficult once you understand the concepts. Students can also download these solutions without spending a penny or sign up. In contrast, the Exercise See all videos of 6th Maths Chapter 4 Solution.

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Mathematics Solutions For Class 6 Ncert