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I built this canoe 10 years ago. It was fun but various design flaws has limited it use. This project is about a salvaging the canoe. Not a member? You should Sign Up. Already have an account?

Log In. To make the experience fit your profile, pick a username and tell us what interests you. We found and based on your interests. Choose more interests. Plywood Construction The canoe uses stick and glue plywood construction. This is how it is done:. The main trick is to use copper wire as it can be removed when heated with a gas blow torch. You buy the fibre-glass tap, epoxy and epoxy filler micro balloons from a boating shop.

I hate fibre-glass so for this project I bought a roll of rather expensive dynel tape. Here is the initial butt join of two sheets of 6 mm plywood. The wooden clamp just makes life a bit easier, but it is not the only way:.

Here is the finished join before sanding off the sharp fibre-glass tap edges :. The first issue is that because the bottom of the canoe is wide, if you slide to one side you will tip! It would have been better to have a narrower sole that helps center your "seat" like this one:.

The second issue that there is no foot rest to help move your weight around to maintain balance. Not ideal. The final issue is that because canoe rides higher in the water less than 2" displacement it is less stable.

You cannot use an elevated seat. View all 13 files. Third Test Paddle After cutting off the rear cross-beam I went for a third test paddle. This time I paddled to a near by bridge and back again 2. I am far from being a young, fit and an experienced canoeist, took me 39 minutes or 4. The canoe hull speed 8. It will take me a while to get to this speed no doubt. The weather in Perth Western Australia even in make a canoe from plywood 2019 is mild the average maximum is about 19 degrees C in June.

Today it was 19 degrees C when I arrived and about 22 degrees C when I left. The down side is that the UV index down here is pretty extreme. You need to acclimatise to the sun or you will get burnt to a crisp!

The canoe weathercocks quite badly when paddling into the the wind what little there was! Downwind it tracks quite. I need to fix. One option is a small skeg to increase the tracking at the expense of maneuverability. A trimming rudder is another option but best to keep it simple make a canoe from plywood 2019 I.

Another must is a splash make a canoe from plywood 2019 I think it is called a spray cover or spray deck. Not very cool to get in dry and get out soaked because of drips from the paddles. I am thinking of a tilt up frame that would look like this crowned at the rear :. I need to consider buoyancy tanks. In the event of a capsize really? He says "Give it a try - it is easier than you would think. My partner is using my car for a few days so I am stuck at home. So I added a skeg to to the canoe.

No science to this, just approximately what I have seen before:. I used a hot air gun to strip the paint before fixing the skeg. The primer is really tough to get off so I did not try too hard its not going to debond easily.

I have fixed the wood with mould preventer and will use some fiber-glass make a canoe from plywood 2019 toughen it up for scrapes before repainting. I should have fibre-glassed the joint when I had the chance. This will take time to fix as I have to detach all the joints, sand the surfaces back to wood and start make a canoe from plywood 2019. But after I work out what to.

Second Test Paddle Took the grandson for a test paddle. The best place to put him was behind the main seat circled :. The problem is that the cross-beam is in the way. Although he can wiggle in, it is not make a canoe from plywood 2019 if the out-rigger capsizes as it will be hard for him to get.

I can move the seat back by cutting it out and gluing in a new one, or I can cut off the cross-beam, to make it safe i. The Australian Standards AS Make a canoe from plywood 2019 easy, cut out the rear cross-beam to make room.

Test Paddle I have been waiting a week or so for some nice weather. Today is light winds and 22 degrees C. The last time I paddled a canoe was about 10 years ago. I certainly have not developed a "stroke" so this was quite new for me. Anyway, I spent half an hour on the water and I am quite happy with the outrigger. It does not seem to pull in any direction. The forward cross-beam and the pontoon are well clear of the paddle. I do clip the rear cross-beam so the stroke need to be ended sharply or deliberately.

An extra 50 mm would have been good. Here is the in the water photo:. If building another I would certainly scale back the cross-beams size and the pontoon skin thickness. As it stands the project make a canoe from plywood 2019 completed. I have certainly solved some construction issues i. But that is another project. Trailer At about 35 kg the outrigger canoe is too heavy and awkward to lift above my head and place on my car roof-rack by. So no choice but to use a trailer.

Here is my old trailer:. The lower longitudinal is attached to the pipes of the trailer with U-bolts. Then a set of transverse beams and then a a set of 3 m longitudinal beams. I use mm long recessed coat-bolts to join the timbers. The timber is 90 mm x 37 mm H3 treated F7 pine. F7 is rated at 6. How strong is that? Not great! For short duration loads you can double this kg. To break it approximately kg would be required.

Even though it is H3 treated it will still need to protected against sunlight. So it will need to be sealed and painted for longevity and to retain the design strength.

Busy with social engagements this week end so if the weather is good on Monday then I can test the out-rigger in the water. However, I could certainly get the weight down by make a canoe from plywood 2019 4 mm plywood rather than the 6 mm plywood for both the canoe and the pontoon.

The cross-beams could also be Outrigger Canoe Plywood Flow reduced in weight as. I think 25 kg could be achievable without extreme measures. Painting Make a canoe from plywood 2019 takes time. Paint one side, wait a day, paint the other side, wait a day, repeat. I have finally worked out how to use primer!

Paint the imperfections with primer and sand flush, repeat until surface is perfectly flat, then paint. You may note that the colours are not quite the.

The paint I used make a canoe from plywood 2019 years ago is no longer available.

The end result is a beautiful to my mind at least piece of watercraft that I hope will bring joy to my family and friends for a long time to come. A time saving tip is to not wait for the fillet to set before adding the fibreglass strip over the top. More baking paper, plastic, a bit of a flat board and a heavy toolbox or similar weight to keep it flat. Don't try to mix Plywood Canoe Plans Pdf 65 an eighth of a cup or similar "small" quantities. What a dog! In the end those areas have at least six overlapping layers of glass, sanded to conform to the hull shape and blended into the sides of the hull with a lot of sanding.


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