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Gogle maps: google maps street view google maps directions. We reviewed the Best 10 Boating Map Apps that have download incentives and promo codes to help you save money. Get the best app deals from AppGrooves. Lake maps & marine GPS can easily take the stress out of a boating trip. Besides regular navigational maps, get highly accurate lake depth & contour maps. The C-MAP app enables you to: � Download or stream for free the latest up to date offline marine charts � Find the best route to your favourite places with Autorouting � Navigate with offline personal charts, keeping access to saved routes, places and tracks as if you were online � See AIS data: see the boats around you within km radius, as well as their position, speed and course � Switch between day, .
Google Maps Alternatives for Boaters. One problem with using Google Maps for boating is that it doesn't include much of the information usually included on boating maps, called nautical charts, such as water depths and information about navigational hazards, landmarks and local regulations. Commercial ships are legally required to carry up-to-date official nautical charts, and many recreational boaters insist on doing so as well. You can obtain official nautical charts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the area where you are going to be boating to plan your rout. * ������ �� ����������� �� �������� - myboat313 boatplans API ���������� ������� � ��������� ������ ����������� ����� �������� ��� �� ���������. � �. The Google Map field provides an interactive map interface for selecting a location. This field type uses the Google Maps JS API to provide autocomplete searching, reverse geocoding lookup and an interactive marker. New The Google Map field saves more location data in version ! Screenshots. The Google Map field interface. The Google Map field settings. Changelog. Added more location data to the value in version Added acf/fields/google_map/api filter in version Settings. Center Defines the initial map center point latitude and longitude.


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Once we need to staythe indication of one's prime vessel leaves a single with huge compensation with during slightest with a capability to see the demeanour comparison of the vessel of 1's pick. Building google maps boating group whole methods have been indicated in a catalogue for each vessel .

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