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My boys, however, always loved it when I read to them, and I did, every night, from the time they were babies until they were far too old for bedtime stories. As much as I adored reading to them when they were toddlers and little boys, it got better and better as they got older! Some books would take us a week or through to get. When we turned the final page of the 13th book in that series, the three of us were filled with a sense of sadness and loss.

Our wonderful year-long, nightly adventure had come good books 10 year old boy yo an end. Oh, how I cherish the memories of us snuggled on the bed together, them good books 10 year old boy yo, and me doing the different voices of all the characters. I had so much fun making up and remembering the right voices night after night. High falsettos, southern twangs, and gruff, rough voices that sometimes left my throat raw.

And the accents. Oh my. I think I drummed up every accent known to man during those years. Tears were running down my face, and at one point, the boys shifted from laughing at Count Olaf to laughing at me laughing so hard.

And there were times when we sobbed our way through chapters filled with heartbreak and sorrow. Books like those touched our hearts and taught us about the bravery and heart-ache and struggle that life can present. They keep me up to date on the books they read for school book assignments, and I encourage them to choose a few to read over the summer break. Every book in the Big Nate series is a winner. Written in comic book fashion, the stories revolve around Nate, an energetic and rebellious 6th grader whose shenanigans are are always landing him and his friends in hot water.

Both of my boys are huge fans of the Wimpy Kid series. From Matilda to The Fantastic Mr. FoxMr. Here are 3 of our very favourites. As I mentioned earlier, every book in the Snicket series is a literary treasure. Night after night, my boys and I howled over the hilarious hijinks of the conniving Count Olaf.

On the edge of our seats, we cheered on the brilliant Baudelaire siblings as they plotted their escape from the devious Count. For the better part of a year, we worked our way through all 13 books, and each one delighted and thrilled us as much as good books 10 year old boy yo one. You MUST read this series. Parents, teens and kids of all ages will enjoy it immensely.

Anyone familiar with the J. Barrie original will find it fascinating to learn of the thrilling adventures and trials Good Books Based On Movies Kit that Pan experienced long before he entered the lives of Wendy, John and Michael Darling. This was another story that we fell in love. Peter Pan in Scarlet is the first authorized sequel to Peter Pan ever to be written. He writes with the middle-school and teenage boy in mind, and my boys love everything he churns.

My younger son read Zoobreak when he was 11, and re-read it again when he was 12, to give you an idea of how good it is. I read this remarkable account of solitude and survivorship to my older son when he was Island of the Blue Dolphins is based on the true-life story of a young Indian girl who gets left behind when her people are rescued from the remote island they live on. Another tale of survivorship and bravery, this time about two young teenage boys in the north, who set out on an adventure only to find themselves horribly lost and all alone in the wilderness.

Good books 10 year old boy yo, they face the countless dangers and challenges that that nature throws at them � wild animals, foraging for food in the frozen tundra, frigid temperatures in their attempt to find their way back to civilization. Written by the late Farley Mowat, a world-renowned author from our own small town, this thrilling adventure ranks high on our list of all-time favourite reads.

Tuck Everlasting is the enchanting tale of a family who is granted eternal life after drinking from a magical spring. For both of my boys, Hatchet is their favourite Gary Paulsen novel. Armed with nothing more than the hatchet his mother gave him, he draws on his inner-strength, determination and instinct to survive 54 days of solitude while awaiting rescue.

Holes will appeal to even the most reluctant reader. Hmmm� maybe not! Read it to your boys! I read this book to my oldest when he was about My son found the action and excitement of the sport intriguing, and of course, the moral dilemma had us pondering honesty, trust and integrity. If you have a hockey player in your family, he will love this entire series. For years, my boys loved following the Screech Owls adventures and the escapades of teammates and school chums Travis, Nish, Larss and the gang.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe � C. My older son, the more reluctant reader of the two, read City of Ember when he was in Grade 7. He raved about it. This is another novel that I have not yet read, but my 14 year old devoured it while on vacation this summer, and then handed over to his best friend who read it with the same voracity. My younger son plowed through this one when he was My 14 year old gave me The Giver for my birthday last year, after reading it and loving it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and could see why he was so enthralled by it. When my 14 year old reluctant reader blew through this trilogy during a 2 week vacation, I knew it had to be good. I read all 3 books as well, and absolutely loved. My husband followed suit and a couple of years later, my younger son read them as. Filled with action and suspense this trilogy thrilled our entire family.

This book, the first in a series, swallowed my 14 year old. Again, being that he does not love to read, that speaks volumes about the book. He went on to read the sequels: The Scorch Trials and the Death Cure, and he enjoyed those thoroughly as.

They ARE available in hardcopy from Amazon. Sketches � Good books 10 year old boy yo or available in paperback on Amazon. Shattered � Kindle or available in paperback on Amazon.

Trapped in Ice or available in paperback on Amazon. And there you have it, over 40 Good Books 13 Year Olds 70 good books 10 year old boy yo the all-time best books for boys that even the most reluctant good books 10 year old boy yo will love.

How to Start a Toddler Library for your home or daycare. Recipes, experiments, art projects, printables and play ideas with links to 80 good books 10 year old boy yo not featured in the book.

Download your copy today :. Save Save. Jackie is a mom, wife, home daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind Happy Hooligans. She began blogging inand today, Happy Hooligans inspires more than 2 million parents, caregivers and Early Years Professionals all over the globe.

Love hearing from more experienced moms what books their kids enjoyed! Pinning for when my son gets older! I loved the Hardy Boys series.

I read them in the seventies around age My Side of the Mountain. Full of adventure, saving natureand growing up strong. Thank you, Phyllis! If you loved The Giver you should read Son. Very good! Oh cool! Thank you! They take place in the same world. A great series at any age! Rick Riordan has many books and my son, now 16, is hoping that he will write. He loved the series. Great list! Thought your son would like to know his good books 10 year old boy yo have been granted.

About Norse mythology. Hi, good choices. I enjoyed your post. My son absolutely love The Rangers Apprentice Series. Great ideas! Those my boss really loved! Loved your list!! So many reluctant readers in my 6th grade class began to finally read after completing the first book.

Thank you!!


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