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Your Shopping Basket. Little Jack. The Surf Collection. Surf fishing for bass has really taken off in Fiehing and we see anglers approaching their local beaches with longer rods, robust reels and heavier lures. Having the right gear for the fishing tackle shops open near me uk is essential as you and your tackle will get soaked often in more ways than one and the fish are full of energy in the white water.

Surf Shop. The Lure Blog. Ben 0. Huge Apia order just in. It's a shame with the timing of this latest lockdown. Over the past few months I've had some huge deliveries of new and old products that I'm currently unable to show off locally.

Read More. Shop News. Morning all. Just a quick update on opening times between now and Christmas. I've a lot of stock checking to do so will be open more days than usual in the run up. I have maggot and caster in the fri.

Brand: Tailwalk. Tailwalk Ajist SSD Contact Us. Tailwalk Ajist TZ Tailwalk Dageki Tailwalk EGinn Tailwalk Hazecra SSD Tailwalk Hi-Tide TZ Northern Rock VII. Tailwalk Outback Tailwalk SSD Fishing tackle shops open near me uk Popular Brand.

Tailwalk have massively grown in popularity over the past few years. Of all Japanese rod brands they are the most complete and all-round range to suit the UK market. The quality is second to none, and my fishing tackle shops open near me uk lure rod quiver is entirely Tailwalk.

All Tailwalk. What our customers say. Ben has always been the first person I've contacted when looking to buy new lure rods. His knowledge and expertise has really helped when trying to make difficult buying decisions, and he's always been able to put himself in my shoes to recommend products that suit my needs exactly. Having bought quite a few now, he's never yet been wrong!

Great products and mear. When we're in the area we always pop in to see Ben. Every year he helps us catch and the range fishing tackle shops open near me uk tackle he offers is superb. Always the first place we head once we arrive. He took our sons out after our first visit and they've been keen fishers ever. I've known Ben for years and when he opened the shop I always wanted to support.

It's never been a difficult choice as he's done a great job of building a very reputable business locally.

It's gishing great to see him supplying more match fishing kit openn bait lately and anybody who lives locally will know just how good he is at this style of fishing. He's always willing to share tips and ideas. The range of lure fishing equipment this shop stocks is amazing. There's are always loads of new products every time I visit.

Ben helped me when I first started plugging for bass and ever since then he's fshing me great advice, time and time .

Popular Brands. Necessary Cookies Essential cookies without which www. Holidays: Expert predicts green list countries open to UK tourists this summer. Bait Accessories. Salmon Fly Rods.

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Fishing Tackle Shops Open Near Me Uk