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Find out the best bait hacks you can put in action on your next fishing trip! Our team of experts focused and put together this guide for you.� Some of life�s most entertaining moments happen when you scroll across the �Life Hacks� post on your social media. �Life Hack� is defined as �a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one�s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.� (Oxford Dictionary) To most of us, these strategies for life�s simpler moments provoke a similar response �Why didn�t I think of that?�. Bait Hacks is a UK supplier of carp/match fishing flavour concentrates, gloos/liquids/glugs. Find the best fishing flavourings to make bait.� Bait Hacks - Fishing Bait Flavour specialists Free UK delivery on orders over ? Menu. Fishing Bait Hacks. Fish are attracted to a wide range of baits. While some of these hacks are seemingly common sense, others may seem a little strange. Fish like injured prey. Using a red hook or soaking your bait in red food coloring that can be disbursed when you cast the bait can catch the eye of a fish. If you are using salmon eggs or other roe, sprinkle the roe with table salt which will help to �rubberize� the eggs and keep them from sliding off the hook.

When you spend more than half the year living on the road, as the Bassmaster Elite Series pros do, finding ways to make life and fishing more efficient is a matter of survival.

Here are 25 tips from the pros that will make your bass outings more productive. Hite simplifies this task by wrapping a band of colored tape around the butt of each rod: green for medium action, blue for medium-heavy and red for heavy.

This lets him find the rod he needs at a glace. Hack 2 Hite brings large, bulk spools of line to tournaments so he can keep fresh line on his reels. He has found that the ice bucket in most motel rooms is ideal for holding a bulk spool when he winds on new line. Hack 5 Wheeler prefers a hand throttle to a foot throttle. It is similar to having cruise control on a long run. And, when Wheeler runs at crawl speed during practice, he often sits on one leg to get higher so he can better see potential bass hangouts.

As you push the new hook on, you push the old hook off at the same time. It has holes for five tags in front and for a sixth tag off to the side. That also gives me an extra tag to use with my balance beam. He says it has saved his bacon many times in tournaments.

Because it weighs only 1. Hack 10 Dave Lefebre has a remote button for his Power-Poles mounted on the dash of his truck. Then Lefebre hits the remote on his dash to drop the Power-Poles. The boat stays put while he parks his tow vehicle. Hack 11 Backlashes are especially troublesome when you skip a jig with baitcasting tackle.

Lefebre overcomes this dilemma by filling his baitcasting reel only half full. Digging for a Bluetooth would be another time waster. Card overcomes this by pulling his Buff headwear to the top of his head and placing his phone inside, next to his ear.

Hack 13 Matt Herren bought a truck camper several years ago and says it saved his bass fishing career. He also finds that camping is safer, less costly and more convenient than staying at motels. Hack 16 Card says most of the Elite pros are paranoid about getting sunscreen on their baits. He prevents this by wearing thin latex gloves when he applies sunscreen to his face and other exposed Cheap Fishing Bait Boats 04 skin. After removing the latex gloves, he dons Buff gloves to shield his hands from the sun.

Hack 17 When Ott DeFoe wants to change a worn-out frog skirt or switch to a different color skirt while fishing, he robs a fresh skirt from one of his other frogs. Pulling the skirts out is simple, but inserting the desired skirt is tricky. DeFoe does this by threading a loop of line through both legs of the frog with a long, saltwater rigging needle sold through Bass Pro Shops.

Once the end of the skirt pops through, DeFoe pulls the rest of the skirt into place with his fingers. Card prevents this by placing a bobber stop below the weight as well as above it. Hack 19 John Crews is fanatical about checking the air pressure in his trailer tires. Hack 20 While practicing for a tournament, Fletcher Shryock often wears Beats by Dre headphones plugged into his smartphone. He tunes in to a variety of Pandora stations that broadcast upbeat music, which keeps him in a positive frame of mind.

He can also take phone calls through the headphones. If the original split ring is large, Chapman replaces it with two smaller Eagle Claw split rings, which he says are plenty strong enough, despite being smaller.

Should the additional split ring cause the hooks to tangle, Chapman swaps to a short-shank treble. Hack 22 After suffering through an unusual spate of flat trailer tires, Mark Menendez began carrying four items in his truck to combat the problem. One is a can of Fix-a-Flat. The final item is the length of a 4- x 6-inch board that is tapered on both ends.

Should one of the tires on his tandem-axle trailer go flat, he can pull the good tire on that side of the trailer up onto the board, which eliminates the need for a jack.

If bass start schooling in front of me, I can pull my topwater rod out of the locker immediately and make a cast to them. Even so, Lane hates to waste good line. I cut the line, tie the backing to the used end of the line and wind it on backward. That way I can use the same line twice as long. Hack 25 Most of the Elite pros spend half their lives living in motels. Keeping track of the room key was once a problem for Gerald Swindle. He grew tired of pestering hotel clerks for new keys and found a way to avoid this aggravation.

Problem solved. Sometimes the hardest thing to do on the water is to take the bold step and scrap everything you know and just go fishing. Skip to main content. Pulling on the other end of the loop pulls the strands through both leg openings.

Page views. How to trust your instincts Sometimes the hardest thing to do on the water is to take the bold step and scrap everything you know and just go fishing. Land of giants: Battling the monsters of spring Read More.

Putting the wheels back on. Hackney's utilitarian swim strategy. Join B. First Name Last Name Email.

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