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Seven similar "combat cutters" were built and named for secretaries of the United States Treasury. Campbell was named for George Washington Campbell. George W. Campbell was launched on 3 June and sailed to her homeport of Stapleton, New York , under the command of Commander E. Rose, USCG, assigned to conduct search and rescue and law enforcement patrols. Her peace-time armament consisted of two 5-inch mm 51 caliber and two 6-pounder 3 kg signal guns, all mounted forward.

Unlike the other Secretary-class cutters, George W. Campbell and Ingham did not continue to carry aircraft, though they had originally been equipped to do so. In August , her official name was shortened to Campbell and it was also during this time that her mascot Sinbad reported aboard. Sinbad remained aboard Campbell throughout her tour of duty during World War II , caused at least two international incidents in foreign harbors, faithfully manned his battle station during combat, and generally kept the crew amused during her long voyages over eleven years; [1] Sinbad died on 30 December , after many years of service, [2] and was the first and one of the few Coast Guardsmen to have a published biography.

On 5 September , President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed American neutrality in the conflict and ordered the formation of a neutrality patrol by the Navy to report and track any belligerent air, surface, or submarine activity in the waters off the East Coast and in the West Indies.

The United States Navy determined that its destroyers were not capable of extended cruises in the North Atlantic and asked that the Coast Guard conduct these patrols. When prepared for convoy escort duty prior to her sailing for Portugal , workers at the New York Navy Yard added three 3-inch 76 mm 51 caliber guns in-line, aft.

Her two signal guns that were directly forward of the bridge were replaced with a single 3-inch 50 caliber gun. Her two 5-inch 51 caliber main batteries remained unchanged. Campbell was the first Secretary-class cutter to transfer for duty with the Navy on 1 July and the first to sail on escort of convoy duties when she escorted Convoy HX which sailed on 10 November When the British and Canadians assumed full responsibility for convoys in the North Atlantic in mid, the U.

Convoys were especially vulnerable once they cleared Gibraltar. Campbell sailed as an escort for Mediterranean convoys in � and saw considerable action against both U-boats and aircraft, with two incidents in particular of note.

On 21 February , Campbell was escorting the ship convoy ON when the convoy was surrounded by a U-boat " wolf pack ". U and U torpedoed and sank whale factory ship N. Nielsen Alonso. Throughout 21 and 22 February, Campbell attacked several U-boats, inflicting damage and driving off the subs.

Later on 22 February, U , having sustained heavy damage inflicted by the Polish destroyer ORP Burza , surfaced in the midst of the convoy attempting a surface attack. Campbell struck the sub a glancing blow that gashed Campbell ' s hull in the engine room below the waterline , but continued to attack, dropping two depth charges which exploded and lifted the sub out of the water. The crew brought all guns to bear on the subs, fighting on until water in the engine room shorted out all electricity.

As the ship lost power and the searchlights illuminating the sub went out, the U-boat commander ordered the sub abandoned. Campbell ceased fire and lowered boats to rescue the sub's survivors. Campbell , disabled in the attack, was towed to port nine days later, repaired and returned to escort duty. Illustrator Anton Otto Fischer , working for Life magazine , was serving as a lieutenant commander aboard Campbell for this voyage. His series of detailed oil paintings depicting the battle and its aftermath appeared in Life ' s 5 July edition.

The escort screen contained three destroyers, six American destroyer escorts from CortDiv 5, and two French destroyer escorts. Due to recent attacks by the Luftwaffe against Allied convoys in the western Mediterranean, UGS sailed with an elaborate air defense plan, formulated by the convoy's screen commander, Comdr.

Jesse C. Sowell, aboard Campbell. Practiced in Hampton Roads prior to the convoy's departure and as it crossed the Atlantic, these tactics were designed to meet mass aerial attacks by German aircraft carrying a variety of weapons ranging from bombs, to torpedoes, to radio-controlled glider bombs.

On 9 May , the convoy passed through the Straits of Gibraltar en route to Bizerte , Tunisia, without incident, but two days later detected German "snoopers" trailing the convoy. In the next few hours, ten successive shore-based fighter interception sorties failed to drive off the enemy reconnaissance aircraft.

First alerted by shore-based radar , the escort screen went to general quarters at on 11 May, beginning the first of five successive alerts. In Campbell , Commander Sowell warned the escorts to be alert to the possibility of a dusk attack. At , radar noted the approach of enemy aircraft, and Sowell formed the convoy into eight columns 1, yards m apart for maneuvering room. Shortly after sunset, escort ships commenced laying smoke screens , as the German aircraft, a mixed force of Junkers Ju 88s , Heinkel He s , and Dornier Do s , approached from the stern of the convoy and broke into groups to attack from different points of the compass.

The destroyer escorts and friendly fighter craft downed an estimated 17 of the enemy planes, and drove away all the remainder, and the Allied convoy emerged unscathed. On 30 October she sailed to Sasebo and stayed until 30 November when she was ordered back to the U. She participated in the search until it was called off on 7 February. Campbell was assigned to combat duty in Vietnam from January to July In her homeport was again changed, this time to Port Angeles, Washington.

There she continued her peacetime duties until decommissioned in At the time of decommissioning, Campbell was the oldest active continually commissioned vessel in the United States Coast Guard.

A final message was transmitted as the ship, which remained largely intact after a Harpoon missile strike, went down. It said:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved F[rederick] A. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press. Andrew Hague Convoy Database. The Times Archived from the original on 26 January Retrieved 4 November CS1 maint: archived copy as title link.

Treasury-class cutters. George M. Preceded by: Calumet class Followed by: Hollyhock class. List of cutters of the United States Coast Guard. Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links Coordinates on Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. George Washington Campbell. Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Treasury-class cutter.


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