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At first I was considering weight and went with" bottom and" sides but with some warpage form welding I realize that everything should have been mi. Jun 12, - Explore Joe's board "jon boat ideas diy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about jon boat, boat, john boats pins. The most popular type of flat bottom boat design tackled as a DIY building project is a Jon boat. This boat is very popular because it is an ideal shallow water utility boat and can be used for transportation, fishing and duck hunting in extremely shallow waters as well as other more commercial myboat026 boatplansg: youtube.

Liked it? Then add trims, seating, a storage unit and fittings before applying the finish. This is because the flat two-chinned hull means a flat bottom boat is much less likely to ground in shallow waters or be damaged by rocks and other debris that can lie several inches below shallow diy jon boats youtube surface. Measure, cut and oyutube two pieces of wood for each side to conceal the joint between the front piece and the back piece of the sides as shown in the image. More importantly, what will you?

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Diy Jon Boats Youtube