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Interlux is one of the manufacturers who offer very handy to use non-skid paints. The easiest way to do it is by roller. A disadvantage of this product is that the lighter colors get dirty quickly, and the dirt is hard to come out. This effect is caused by the small grains that the paint consists of, which gather grime. Without a doubt, you cannot allow yourself to have a completely smooth surface on the deck of your boat. Such a layer is called non-skid, and the exterior will be painted in such a way that it prevents slipping.

Evidently, this is quite essential for any boat. So how do we achieve that effect, and can it be a DIY project? It absolutely can be, and there are two main ways to have a non-skid deck. The latter will require you to purchase two materials while the former will allow you to deal with the whole project just by using a can of paint. Both options are worth exploring because we simply have to be aware of all the benefits of non-skid deck applications.

When we talk about the boat deck, the surface you are painting will likely be wood or fiberglass. Some people also go for rubber boat flooring. The hull of the boat may be made of aluminum but definitely not the deck. Still, the body will also require painting, so you might as well jump to our reviews of the top paints for aluminum boats and see if you like our picks.

Still, we believe that this can be a DIY project as long as you are careful. So here are our tips for painting a fiberglass boat. This is why we have compiled the reviews and the top list above. We suggest you pick one of the selections and go with it. If you go with a topcoat paint, you will also need to get an additive. The two-part polyurethane products eliminate the need to do so. We will follow the steps of painting a deck using either of the options.

Only towards the end, the stages differ from one another. There is also a third option which we will not outline � purchasing a paint which has been pre-mixed with some powders. This is an essential part of your project. Ys, many people suggest that the actual application of the paint matters because inexperienced people can make it look ugly.

While this is correct, experienced pros will also achieve poor results if they work on a poorly prepared surfaced. Do you know what Marcus Aurelius said? The secret to all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious. This is why we will devote a little bit more time to this stage of the project and will list some of the things you have to pay attention to.

We got a couple of tips related to sanding as well. This is also a crucial stage because if not done correctly, you will notice that the paint may look different in some areas. We recommend using an automatic sander. The ones that rotate in random directions are the best.

No need to push hard � let the machine do the work. You can also use a palm sander, but such an item will be good for the edges or some hard-to-reach spots. Applying a new brand-new sander is always very useful, so once you feel like the paper is thinning, change it.

After all the sanding and masking, you will surely see plenty of dust on the deck. Never neglect cleaning the area before you whip out the can of paint. Make sure you sweep or vacuum every little piece of dust because the filthy surface is impossible to paint, and your project will be a grandiose failure. This is where we suggest you check out our pro reviews of the top boat cleaning brushes.

You cannot own a boat without having a brush around. See the most popular products and pick one. And now we get to the meat of things. This is where the situation changes a little bit because you may have opted for a paint that has its own non-skid properties. Your other options are the classic one, where you will have to mix the paint with an additive. The exciting thing here is that this subsection is divided into even more possible choices and steps.

They are all related to how you want to have the paint, and the additive mixed. You got three main choices. Some paints even on our list do not require the use of powder to create non-skid substance. This is quite the advantage, and the whole project may turn out to be a simpler one. The Marine Mag team is sure to have helped you in your search for the best boat deck paint.

If you have any doubts regarding a specific product, by all means, read or reviews of boat deck paint once more. Tell your friends and family about us and leave us a comment. Your feedback is much appreciated, and it makes us always move in the right direction.

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