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Below is a must-watch aluminum boat deck extension done by Angling Archery. This video combines a deck extension, carpet, and vinyl installed on a Crestliner Raptor. I really like the storage area that they built for baits. This particular deck extension was designed is for the Musky hunter. I can also see it come in handy for those that throw massive swimbaits.

Angling Anarchy did a fantastic job with this video. The temperatuge is easy going if you want to follow it. I loved the attention to detail and I absolutely loved the beard diy boat deck extension temperature tip. If you are in the process of modifying your boat with a deck or an extension, do yourself a favor and watch this video.

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While posting your projects on Facebook is great, the real issue is that it disappears into this Blackhole never to be seen again unless someone happens to fall upon it.

On TinBoats, we add it to the index which is viewed by diy boat deck extension temperature every single month. Do you have a boat project you di to show off? Post it on the forum and Diy Boat Deck Hatch Llc we can add it to the list. Is the whole build on YouTube? Let me decj and I can and will add it to the evergrowing list of completed projects. Building an aluminum boat deck extension is not the hardest thing to do, especially diy boat deck extension temperature you have the right tools, space, and take your time.

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Jun 25, �� that is really nice!! unfortunately, i cant weld aluminium i can weld metal, but i have never tried to weld aluminium an di heard it is not easy. besides, i did a quick search today an di couldnt find any aluminium angle, only round or square solid pieces for machining. so i went to Home Depot (we also have it here in mexico) and for less than $30 i got enough material to build all. Feb 16, �� I've got an old pro craft with the same set up and want to extend the front deck also. when you get started please post pics. I have a ideas for the deck but the I need help on the lids and keeping them flush. Please show some step by step, I'm alot better a breaking things than building them. I started building a deck extension for my 94 Pantera 2 last night. I'm Diy Bass Boat Deck List planning on making it a lot like the one BassCat made for it with a lid over the tackle shelf in front of the console and a door going from the deck to the floor between the rod box and the console.

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