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The yachting world is full of nicknames and jargon - it can be hard to understand some of the technical language used. Scroll down to read through some of the most popular sailing terms and what they mean!

Aft deck. On motoryachts, the guest area closest to the back of the boat on the main level. Often the location of the main outdoor dining area. Aft cabin. Sleeping quarters beneath the aft or rear section of the boat sometimes called a mid cabin when located beneath the helm Alee. The side of a boat or object away from the direction of the wind. Above deck in the rigging or mast. In the center of the yacht Anti-fouling paint.

A special paint applied to a boat's hull to prevent marine growth. Advance Provisioning Allowance. Key provisioning is fuel, food, drinks, and port fees. The Captain is obligated to keep all receipts and balance the account for the charterer. At the end of the charter, the Captain provides a full account of expenditures, and any amounts not used cost of a boat slip questionnaire be refunded.

Apparent wind. The direction toward or beyond the back of the boat stern. This can create uncomfortable motion while you sleep. An anchor cost of a boat slip questionnaire is off the. North of Guadeloupea popular bareboating destination. An exclusive destination in the Caribbean. Enquire Now! Support for the mast to keep it from falling forward. A yacht that you charter and run yourself, without a crew.

See our Bareboat Page. Base charter rate. The rate the charterer pays on a charter for the yacht and crew. The base rate does not typically include provisioning or other expenses such as food, fuel, dockage and tip. Measurement of a boat at its widest point. Also, a transmitted radio, sonar or radar signal.

Direction to an object from your current position. Bear off. To turn away from the wind. Sailing upwind. Bermuda Triangle. A section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America in which more than 50 ships and 20 airplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared. The most popular, and essential knot. It has many uses, and is easily 'broken' even when pulled tight. An anchored floating object that serves as a navigation aid or hazard warning.

The British Virgin Islands. Captain-only charter. A yacht that comes with a captain but no additional crew. The captain drives the yacht, and you take care of everything else, including cooking and housekeeping.

Often called Bareboat with Skipper Charter yacht broker. A person who specializes in booking personalized yacht vacations on behalf of clients. Also, the firm that person works for, as in Charter Yacht Broker Cost of a boat slip questionnaire. See our cost of a boat slip questionnaire on why you should use a Charter broker. Charter terms. The contract under which you cost of a boat slip questionnaire a yacht.

There are different terms used in different parts of the world. Some give you everything on an all-inclusive cost of a boat slip questionnaire, some give you all meals aboard, some give you no meals aboard, and so forth.

Charter yacht. The outdoor area of a sailing yacht typically in the stern where guests sit and eat, and from where the captain may steer and control the boat. The team that operates your charter yacht. The crew can include a captain plus any combination of: mate, deckhand, stewardess, engineer and chef. Crewed charter. The charter of a cost of a boat slip questionnaire that has a permanent crew aboard who run and manage all aspects of the yacht and charter.

See more about Crewed Charter. Charter Yacht Broker Association, one of the primary professional organizations for cost of a boat slip questionnaire charter brokers. A French island north of Sardinia. Cuba, officially the Republic of Cubais a country comprising the island of Cuba as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos located in the Cost of a boat slip questionnaire sea. Crewed Motor Yachts!

A small boat that a yacht carries or tows. Used for transfers to and from shore, and short day cruises and, if powerful enough, water sports. Also typically called a tender on larger yachts.

The weight of water displaced by a hull. Also, a type of hull that smoothly displaces pushes aside water as opposed to tipping up and riding on top of it. The Dodecanese islands located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, are a group of Greek islands known for their medieval castles, beaches and ancient archaeological sites. Double cabin. A charter yacht cabin that includes a double bed to sleep two guests. Not to be confused with "twin cabin," which means a cabin with two twin-size beds.

The depth of a yacht below the waterline, as measured vertically. It is important when navigating shallow water to assure the boat can pass. Depth measurement equaling six feet.

Fethiye is a port on Turkey's southwestern Turquoise Coast Fleet. A group of yachts that are under management by the same company, called a fleet manager or CA. A group of yachts cruising. Flying bridge or Flybridge.

A raised, second-story helm station steering area that often also has room for passengers, providing views and a sun deck. Rolling or folding a sail on its boom. French Riviera. A stretch of coastline on the southern part of France.

The 'Riviera' doesn't have an official boundary, Boat Slips For Sale Anacortes Wa 60 however, most locals say that from Toulon to the Italian border is considered the 'French Riviera'. A type of motorsailer typically found in Turkey. Gulets originated from sponge boats, but now offer luxury crewed charters, normally with en-suite bathrooms, large deck space and full service.

See more about Gulet Charters. Gunwale Gun-ul. The upper edge of the side of a boat. Also spelled jibe. To change the course of a boat by swinging a fore-and-aft sail across a following wind cost of a boat slip questionnaire the wind is blowing from behind the boat.

A popular bareboating sailing destination in Turkey. Is a sizable amount of the ocean that penetrates the land. See 'Mexican Gulf'. Line rope used to hoist a sail. An area designated for yachts to moor. Harbor fees. Charges paid by the yacht, and normally passed on to the charterer, for docking in certain harbors around the world.

The rate depends very much on the cost of a boat slip questionnaire and attractiveness of the port. The person at a harbor in charge of anchorages, berths and harbor traffic.

Permanent mooring is a slip reserved for you for the entire season. Some restaurants and nightclubs are open late, meaning you may hear noise and music well into the night. A slip in Miami is going to cost a lot more than one in Minnesota. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are many boat slips, again, just like a campsite, that offer a variety of amenities, including a store, restaurant, and gas station right on their property so that you can stay there comfortably and get anything that you need. Depending on the height, you may need to add a ladder or stool to simplify getting into and out of your boat. Cheers mate, Steve.

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