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NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science Chapter 4 Carbon And Its Compounds - Free Download

You can download the chapter-wise solutions for Class 10 Science for free without any registration or sign-up formalities. The solutions are prepared by a team of academic experts at Embibe. We have arranged the NCERT Science Class 10 solutions in Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Science Chapter 4 a chapter-wise format so that students can download the solutions for the chapter they are preparing or solving questions.

You can check the list below:. You can check the description of each chapter in the following sections. This will give you a better understanding of the chapters. Just click on the link class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result download the solutions for free. In this chapter, you will learn about the chemical changes happening around you. You will learn how substances react with each other to form new substances with new properties and how these changes are represented by chemical equations.

There are many types of chemical reactions. Substances can combine to form a new substance or decompose to form new substances. In this chapter, you will learn about the chemical properties which make things taste sour or bitter, their acidic or basic nature, and how substances are used to test this nature.

This chapter will also cover the importance of pH in everyday life, the pH range of acidic, basic and neutral solutions, and the wide applications of pH scale.

Finally, you will learn the chemical formulae, preparation, and chemical reactions of various important salts that are used in day-to-day life. In this chapter, you will learn the physical and chemical properties which distinguish metals from non-metals.

Physical properties include physical state, luster, hardness, ductility, conductance towards heat and electricity, and sonority. Chemical properties include reactivity of metals with air, water, acids, and salts of other metals.

Nert will also learn about the reactivity of metals with non-metals and the properties of ionic compounds. In resukt chapter, we will study the characteristics of Carbon. This includes its covalent nature and its versatility � how it forms millions of saturated and unsaturated compounds structured in chains, branches, or rings.

You will learn how these compounds are named based on how the functional groups are attached. You will also learn about the properties of Ethanol and Ethanoic acid and the chemical properties of soaps and detergents. In this chapter, you will learn about how scientists classified elements based on their properties and organized svience into the modern periodic table.

Further, you will learn about trends in atomic size, valency, and physical and chemical properties of elements across the Modern Periodic Table.

In this chapter, you will learn about the various maintenance processes in living organisms, which help us differentiate between what is alive and what is not. From visible growth in living organisms to molecular nvert that cannot be seen with naked eyes, there are many processes that help plants and animals to stay alive. Here, you will learn about important maintenance processes in living organisms, also called life processes, like nutrition, respiration, transportation.

Movement is a crucial life process in all living organisms for their survival. In this chapter, you will learn about the systems in living organisms providing control and coordination of movements based on environmental events. You will learn about the nervous system and hormones in animals as well as movements due to growth and responses due to stimulus in plants. There are various modes of reproduction, including asexual and sexual 10ty.

More advanced types of reproduction involve the process of fertilization in animals and the formation of fruits 10yh seeds, leading to seed dispersion in plants. In this chapter, you will learn about the different processes of reproduction.

Heredity also brings variations in genes which are maximized by sciencd process of sexual reproduction. These variations, over a prolonged period, results in evolution. In this chapter, you will learn about the mechanisms of heredity and evolution.

In this chapter, you will learn about two ncfrt concepts about light � reflection and class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result. Reflection of light helps in vision � we see an cuapter when light reflects from its surface and is received by our eyes.

Refraction is the process in which light changes its direction when it travels from one medium to. This chapter deals with the ideas to understand how the human eye works. Defects in the human eye and their corrections are also explained. In addition, the concepts of reflection and refraction of light will be used to understand some of the optical phenomena in nature, like the formation of the rainbow, the blue color of the sky, and class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result color of the sun at sunrise and sunset.

This chapter deals with the basic concepts of electricity. Electrical energy plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. You will get to know what constitutes electricity and how it flows in an electric circuit.

You will study the various components of an electric circuit and how to draw circuit diagrams. In this chapter, you will study the magnetic effects of electric current.

Electricity and Magnetism are related phenomena. A wire carrying electric current behaves like a magnet. On the other hand, moving magnets also produce electricity. You will also get to learn about all these concepts, including their practical applications � electromagnets, electric motor class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result effect of electric currentand electric generator electric effect of moving magnets.

In this chapter, you will learn about the importance of energy and its sources. You will study the different types of sources of energy, good sources of energy, and the environmental xlass of exploiting any energy source.

In this chapter, you will study the importance of preserving the environment. You will learn about the ecosystem and its components. Human activities such as adding waste material to the environment cause damage to it. This has been elaborated with the example of ozone layer depletion. In addition, the chapter also deals with how to manage the garbage that humans produce.

This chapter deals with the importance of natural resources, such as forests, wildlife, coal, petroleum, and water. The management and conservation of these resources have been explained in detail along with their importance.

Science is one of the important subjects in Class 10 and it plays a crucial role in helping students choose their streams of study at the higher secondary level. Students who want to pursue Science stream must score high in Class 10 Science subject.

Class 10 Science subject may seem difficult at first glance. However, the subject of Science is interesting and easy to understand. All you need to do is pay attention to the basic concepts 10hh learn them. Given below are some preparation tips for Class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result 10 Science:.

The latest format of the question paper will be as follows:. Thus, students should prepare themselves in accordance with the changes in the Science question paper.

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Each and every question comes with a detailed solution that class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result solved class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result academic experts of Embibe. If you refer to these solutions, you will not need any other solutions or guide books. Moreover, you can access and download these solutions for free! Chand and Pradeep publications. Embibe not only offers you NCERT solutions but various other solutons to help you excel in your studies.

You can also attempt Class 10 Mock Tests. These will take your preparation to the next level and will help soljtions not only in your Class 10 board exams but also in various other competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiads.

You can also download these solutions as PDFs to study online. 10t hope this article has been helpful to you. Stay tuned to embibe. Varsha :. Leave a Comment. Related Post. Class 10th science chapter 4 ncert solutions result Definition, Arithmetic Operations And Examples Arithmetic: It is the branch of mathematics that deals with numbers especially the properties of�.

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In Class 10 NCERT solutions of mathematics, we have provided solutions for all chapters and further every chapter contains the solution to questions given in all exercises of that chapter. Electrical Engineering. What would be the electron dot structure of a molecule of sulphur which is made up of eight atoms of sulphur? Question 5 How would you name the following compounds? Question 2 What would be the electron dot structure of a molecule of sulphur, which is made up of eight atoms of sulphur? Which structure do the ester compounds in the table have in common? Answer: The Great Depression began around and lasted till the mids.

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Class 10th Science Chapter 4 Ncert Solutions Result