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NCERT solutions for class 10 English first flight Updated for NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 10 First Flight English is a widely used language across the world. To improve your English communication skills, the CBSE Class 10 syllabus focuses on English Grammar, English Comprehension and English Composition. Apr 20, �� Get Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 10th English (First Flight Textbook). These detailed answers will help students in better learning and for scoring high in Class 10th . Oct 01, �� NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 2 Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Oral Comprehension Check Page 18,19 Question 1. Where did the ceremonies take place? Can you name any public buildings in India that are made of sandstones? Answer: The ceremonies took place in the campus of the Union [ ].

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What does the poet say has changed his mood? He felt refreshed and wanted to enjoy the rest of the day. Question 2. How does Frost present nature in this poem? The following questions may help you to think of an answer. Question 3. Have there been tilnes when you felt depressed or hopeless? Have you experienced a similar moment that changed your mood that day? Answer: There have been innumerable times when I too have felt depressed and hopeless.

On one occasion when I was very upset. I went out for a walk. While walking in the park, I saw a girl playing with a puppy, embracing and feeding him. This little joy that they shared changed my mood and I felt very happy for the rest of the day. I also joined the two and played with them. What are the birds that are usually named in poems? Do you think crow is often mentioned in poems? This was a gesture of international recognition to a newly born free democratic nation and it could be considered as a common victory for justice, peace and human dignity.

Question 5. What ideals does Nelson Mandela set for the future of South Africa? Answer: Nelson Mandela set the ideals of liberating people from bondage of poverty, deprivation and suffering. He also set the ideal for a society where there would be no discrimination based on gender or racial origins. What did the military generals do? How did their attitude change and why? Answer: The highest military generals of South African defence force saluted Mandela and pledged their loyalty which was of great significance as during apartheid era they would have arrested him.

The change in their attitude was because of struggle and Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th English Chapter 1 Workbook sacrifices put in by many heroes of South Africa. This struggle not only ensured the freedom of a nation struggling with apartheid, bur brought a change in mindsets of many. He believed that love can also be taught and human being is naturally inclined towards love rather than hate.

Why were two national anthems sung? Answer: One the auspicious occasion of the inauguration two national anthems: one by the Whites and the other by the Blacks symbolising the equality of the Blacks and the Whites were sung.

How does Mandela describe the systems of government in his country i in the first decade, and ii in the final decade, of the twentieth century? Answer: i In the first decade of the century, the whites erected a system of racial domination against the blacks, thus creating the basis of one of the harshest and most inhumane societies the world had ever known. What does courage mean to Mandela? Answer: For Mandela courage does not mean the absence of fear but a victory over fear.

According to him brave men need not be fearless but should be able to conquer fear. Which does Mandela think is natural, to love or to hate? Answer: For Mandela, love comes more naturally to the human heart than hate. Answer: Mandela mentions that every man has twin obligations. The first is to his family, parents, wife and children; the second obligation is to his people, his community and his country.

What did being free mean to Mandela as a boy, and as a student? Answer: Like any other kid, for Mandela freedom meant to make merry and enjoy the blissful life. Once Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th English Footprints Amazon you are adult, you have to earn a livelihood to bring the bacon home. Its only then when you get an honourable existence in the family and in the society.

Does Mandela think the oppressor is free? Answer: Mandela does not think that the oppressor is free because according to him an oppressor is a victim of hatred who is behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. He realises that both the oppressor and the oppressed are robbed of their humanity and peace.

Why did such a large number of international leaders attend the inauguration? What did it signify the triumph of? Answer: To be the part of the inauguration, international leaders showed a gesture of solidarity from international community to the idea of end of apartheid. It was the significance of the victory of good over evil and triumph of a tolerant society without any discrimination.

Answer: By saying that he is simply the sum of all those African patriots, Mandela wants to pay his tribute to all the people who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom.

He says that he is grateful to those who had gone before him because those heroes of past had paved the path of co-operation and unity for him. Therefore, he could try to come to power to bring equality for his people with their support. How does Mandela illustrate this? Can you add your own examples to this argument? Answer: I agree with the statement that depths of oppression create heights of character.

Nelson Mandela illustrates this by giving examples of great heroes of South Africa like Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu and others who were inspired to sacrifice their lives in the long freedom struggle.

India is full of such examples, during our freedom struggle there was a galaxy of leaders of great characters and the oppression of British rule created and encouraged people of noble characters like Mahatma Gandhi, Lala Lajpat Rai, JL Nehru, Chandra Shekhar Ajad, Sardar Bhagat Singh Ncert Class 10th English First Flight Chapter 5 Mon and many more. If we compare them with the quality of political leaders India is having today, then Nelson Mandela seems to be absolutely right;.

Answer: With age and experience, Mandela understood the real meaning of freedom. As a young boy, he thought that he was born free and believed that as long as he obeyed his father and abided by the customs of his tribe, he was free in every possible manner.

As he grew older, freedom to raise a family and freedom to earn livelihood started dominating his thoughts. Gradually he realised that he was selfish during his boyhood.

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