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Courses Civics - Class 8. Chapter 1 � The Indian Constitution� 1. In Cbse class 8 civics worksheets, when did the Interim Constitution come into effect? Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution? What is a "State"?

What does Federalism mean? What do workshedts understand by a secular state? What is democracy? What is universal adult franchise? How does the Indian Constitution safe guard the minorities of the country? How does the Indian Constitution protect minority rights? Which fundamental c,ass has provisions prohibiting exploitation of weaker sections of the society? State any three provisions made in the Constitution to prevent exploitation.

Explain Cbse class 8 civics worksheets against Exploitation. What is Right to Constitutional Remedies? Explain Right to Freedom of Religion. Write a short note on Cultural and Educational Rights. What did Dr Ambedkar state wrksheets scheduled caste? What do you mean by Directive Principles cbbse State Policy? Define the term constitution.

Explain Right to Freedom. What is the significance clazs the Right to Worksheetss What is the fundamental Right to Freedom? Page: 1 Files: 3. Chapter 1 � The Indian Constitution� 2. What is Constitutional Monarchy? Mention claass key features of the Civice Constitution.

State the six Fundamentals Rights in the Indian Constitution. What do you mean by tyranny of majority? Discuss the difference between State and Government. What workssheets the functions of the three main organs of the government? What are the three organs of government? Explain the functions of organs of government. What are the factors the drafting committee had to take into consideration while drafting the constitution?

Why does a democratic country need a Constitution? Chapter 1 � The Indian Constitution� worksheeets. What is the significance of the Right to Equality? What is the fundamental Right to Equality? Which Fundamental Rights will the following situations violate? If a year old child is working in a factory manufacturing carpets. If a politician Cbse Class 7 Maths Byjus Key in one state decides to not allow labourers from other states to work in his state.

If a group of people are not given permission to open a Telugu-medium school in Kerala. If the government decides not cbse class 8 civics worksheets promote an officer of the armed forces for being wor,sheets woman. How was the Indian Constitution made? How constitution of India is formed?

What is the importance of constitution? Write a brief note cbse class 8 civics worksheets the struggle for freedom in Nepal. In each of the following situations, identify the minority. Write one reason why you think it is important to respect the views of the minority in each of these situations. Chapter 1 � The Indian Constitution� cbsee.

Look at the wordings of the two documents given. The first column is from the Nepal Constitution. The second column is from fbse more recent Interim Constitution of Nepal. Workshsets below are the key features of the Indian Constitution. Write two sentences, in your own words, on why you think this feature is important: FederalismSeparation of Powers, Fundamental Rights Parliamentary Form of Government.

Page: 1 Files: 2. Chapter 2 � Understanding Secularism� 1. How are non-Muslims treated in Saudi Arabia? What is the most important aspect of secularism? State bcse importance. What provision has been made cbse class 8 civics worksheets the government to follow religious equality in government spaces, schools cbse class 8 civics worksheets offices?

When does discrimination occur? When does the act of discrimination take place? How Indian concept of secularism is different from United States?

Why government schools are not allowed to celebrate religious festival? What is secularism in Indian context? Chapter 2 � Understanding Secularism� 2. What was its impact? What are the three objectives of a secular State? State the three objectives of a secular State. Why is it important cbse class 8 civics worksheets separate religion from the State?

Why does state not interfere in religious matter? Site some historical examples of discrimination. Will the government intervene if some religious group workshedts that their religion allows them to practise infanticide? Give reasons for your answer. Find out some examples of different views within the same religion.

How does the Indian constitution ensure its objectives of secular state? Look up the annual calendar of cbse class 8 civics worksheets of your school. How many of them pertain to different religions? What does this indicate? Chapter 2 � Understanding Secularism� 3.

List the different types of religious practice that you find in your neighbourhood. This could be different forms of prayer, worship of different gods, sacred sites, different kinds of religious music and singing.

Does this indicate freedom of religious practice, In what ways does the Indian state work to prevent domination of the majority religious group? The Indian Clasd both keeps away from religion as well as intervenes in religion. This idea can be quite confusing. Discuss this once again in class using examples from the chapter as well as those that you might have come up. Complete the following table:. Page: 1 Files: 4. What does EVM mean? How does the Parliament session begins?

When were EVMs used for the first time? What is a constituency? Who presides over Lok Sabha? What is the purpose of parliament? What is the main function of the parliament? What is the principle of universal adult franchise?

Who makes the opposition party? Parliament is the most important symbol of Indian Democracy.

You should know:

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So Students who are preparing for the exams must need to have great solving skills. And in order to have these skills, one must practice enough of Class 6 SST revision worksheets. And more importantly, students should need to follow through the worksheets after completing their syllabus.

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Answer : The main conditions for something to be matter are, it should:. Q2: Name the state of matter in which particles just move around randomly because of the very weak force of attraction. Q3: Name two processes that provide the best evidence for the motion of particles in matter. Answer : Diffusion and Brownian motion provide the best evidence about the random motion of particles in matter.

Q2: Write the output of the following SQL command. She writes neatly. I sing in the evening. They play with agility. The director and actors work hard to put up a good show. Q1: Who was Gautama Buddha? When and where was he born? Answer : Gautama Buddha was a prince who was named Siddhartha Gautam by his parents.

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Cbse Class 8 Civics Worksheets