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The FLD is built on an all welded aluminum hull and perfect for those who fish. This 14' model is available in your choice of camouflage paint options. The FLD is ideal for maneuvering between flooded timber or through backwater sloughs.

The wings transom design delivers superior handling and performance in tight spots. The is an affordable option when coupled with a 25 or less horsepower engine. It can be equipped with engines ranging from 25 to 40 horsepower. By adding rear pods, the layout is perfect for mud motor or tiller application.

The LDV has the stability of the bottom width but is more compact in length. The is one tough little boat and is a favorite with duck hunters. We agree! The LDV is available with several accessories including a gun box with cushion or your choice of camouflage paint. War Eagle model is a popular side console model. The is one of our most versatile models and is available with storage for both hunting and fishing equipment. Even though this boat is rates compamy up to a 90HP motor, it is one of the best performing boats with mid range horsepower The LDSV is small enough to get you into the backwaters but it is copany large enough and stable enough to get you into larger lakes and rivers.

With the extended length the LDV planes faster by reducing bow lift, thereby enabling you to operate in bowt water conditions. This model is most often equipped with pods, a mud motor and a mud motor hand rail. Whether you are trying to get through a mud flat, a shallow stream or across a rice field, the will take you closer to the game. The is available with a low or high front casting deck making bost customizable to fit your hunting or fishing needs.

War Eagle model LDSV has plenty of room to spider rig fish with three wide across the low front deck. As the season changes to waterfowling, there is plenty of room for decoys, ylur buddies and your dog. Whichever direction you decide, the is built to carry the whole crew.

The LDSV is built with heavy. This heavy gauge all welded aluminum boat is tough enough for eagld hunting or fishing environment. The is popular with guides who have several passengers to carry as well as lots of equipment. It's big enough to haul goose decoys, coolers and all your hunting buddies.

It is available with several Build Your Own War Eagle Boat Kitchen options and accessories making it customizable to your needs. This models works build your own war eagle boat company limited with a build your own war eagle boat company limited console allowing for lots of room to move around in the boat.

The War Eagle Warhawk comes standard with your choice of camo paint, a full skin out with floor skins with linex, pocket tray in the bow, rear seat storage, a beefed up.

The Blackhawk offers a new stylish design with swept rake and comes standard with a 25" transom; which allows for more freeboard. This boat, limitex with the wings transom, has a reverse chine giving it exceptional cornering oan. The Blackhawk is available with either a center or side console, with varying standard equipment.

This boat allows for larger water inland opportunities, so go ahead and reel in the build your own war eagle boat company limited one.

The Blackhawk is a great performing boat with a variety of motor sizes. It is available in either center or side console, with or without live well, and with varying standard equipment. The onw Blackhawk is the smallest of the Blackhawk series but still packs a punch on the water.

This model is perfect for year round hunting and fishing. The Blackhawk comes loaded with all the standard equipment you need and looks great on the water.

The Predator is loaded with standard equipment that puts all your gear within reach. The low front deck is designed for side by side fishing and includes a front bait well and live. The front deck includes marker buoy pockets, drink holders and anchor storage. The rod box holds rods up to 7. Upgraded seating and the large console give the Predator lots of style on the water.

The rear deck is finished out with insulated ice chests and an insulated live. This crappie fishing machine has quickly become a favorite among crappie fishing guides across the south. The Predator is a crappie fishing machine. The Predator comes loaded with standard equipment to give you the perfect fishing setup. This model build your own war eagle boat company limited popular with fishing guides who enjoy the extra foot on the length, the larger capacity fuel tank and the HP rating.

The VS is built with all necessities within reach. Once this boat is launched, the operator can drive, run the trolling motor and fish without ever leaving the comfortable front seat. The VS is equipped with starboard side livewell and portside rod locker allowing for maximum space in the center of the boat so it is easy to move.

This one is dad's favorite. The VS Deluxe is a crappie fishing machine. All of the deluxe standard equipment is arranged to make baiting, buils and storing quick and easy. As with all of our stick steering models, you can operate build your own war eagle boat company limited boat and fish from the same position. One feature that sets the VS Deluxe apart is the duel side rod lockers.

This wide body 17' one of the widest on the market offers all the stability and maneuverability you desire. The front and rear Build Your Own War Eagle Boat Company high decks are ideal for you and your buddy to pitch and flip from, while the compact length helps you work around those docks. The Renegade build your own war eagle boat company limited loaded with standard equipment and looks great on the water.

It offers excellent handling, great hole shot and a superior ride. This model is a favorite of Build your own war eagle boat company limited Mart pro-angler Mark Rose. War Eagle model FS is build your own war eagle boat company limited economical stick steering boat designed on our hull and it works great when paired with Build Your Own Flat Bottom Boat Queue HP motors. With this set up, you can drive the boatt, operate the trolling motor and fish without ever leaving your comfortable seat.

Introducing the new shallow draft mud boat from War Eagle Boats. The gladiator is made for getting you to that perfect duck hole with an extended duckbill bow to part brush and deflect How To Build Your Own Boat Dock Quick water. War Eagle Boats. Zip Code. Read More About Us. Sportsman Models Blackhawk Series. Bass Models Renegade Models.

Sportsman Models Blackhawk Series. This 14' model is available in your choice of camouflage paint options. Deep-V Fishing. These vessels are usually considered ideal for conventional boating activities such as freshwater fishing, day cruising and saltwater fishing. How much do War Eagle boats cost? Your Personal Information?

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