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Marine Tracker Tracker Yachting, sailing, boating Projects, design, construction. Your budget. Earn as you cruise. Setting up a workshop. Best boat size for cruising. Crew requirements: new or second-hand or build? The KISS factor. Fully detailed construction methods for building in Fiberglass, Steel, Wood Epoxy with all methods fully explained Thousands of drawings and thousands of step by step photographs this is a complete boatbuilding book!

Hull types, including keels and other appendages. Selecting a hull type. Formulas and technical considerations. Displacement length ratios and meanings. Seaworthiness, hull balance, self steering capabilities with and without mechanical devices. Raised decks, poop sterns. All types of rigs fully explained.

Underwater considerations; draft limitations, centre-boards, drop keels, twin keels. Rudder types; transom hung rudder. Over designs you can build in Steel, Fibeglass or Wood Epoxy. Step by step construction photos for all building methods.

Hundreds of photos of completed boats including interiors. History of Cruising Sailboats. This chapter covers the history of the 'cruising' sailboat and tells of some of the characters that helped make it possible for us to enjoy cruising as we know it today. How to save money and keep within your budget. Budgets for acquiring your boat and for maintaining the cruising lifestyle. Chartering your boat.

Boat size for cruising and crew requirements. Where to look: new or second-hand or build. All this and much much more! Formulas and technical considerations and what they mean. Seaworthiness, hull ends, overhangs, hull balance, self steering capabilities with and without mechanical devices Slipping your hull and the ability to go aground.

Raised decks, poop sterns and anchor wells. Self steering capabilities Build Your Own Boat In A Bottle Pdf see also rig and self steering. Underwater considerations; draft limitations, build your own boat competition guide pdf of ballast, centre-boards, build your own boat competition guide pdf keels, twin keels. Hull construction materials; selecting the hull material and build your own boat competition guide pdf choice between glass fibre, steel, aluminium or wood, advantages and disadvantages of.

Motor Sailer hulls. Decks and Build your own boat competition guide pdf General configuration and layout above the deck-line. Decks and Superstructure arrangements; centre verses aft cockpit, raised decks, raised foredeck, raised poop or raised mid-ship layouts. Pilot houses.

Window and port sizes. Hatches; types and sizes. Deck covering. Life lines, Pulpits and Push-pits. Rigs and Sail boat plans Choosing a sail plan for cruising; cutter, ketch, yawl or schooner. Modern or traditional. Un-stayed rigs, contemporary Bermudian or gaff. Types of standing and running rigging. Winches, reefing systems, bowsprits. Equipment for self steering. Other self steering devices. Extra sails and their uses; storm sails and spinnakers.

Choosing a Building Site If you decide to custom build from scratch or a hull and deck package, you will need a suitable building site; this applies equally if you are building in fiberglass, steel or wood.

Depending on where you live you may have many, or a limited number or choices. If you live in a warmer area, then a simple shelter will suffice. If your boat is to be built or completed in a cold climate, then you will to need to consider a heated structure. Building in WOOD This huge chapter covers all you will want to know about building a wooden sailboat.

All methods are covered including traditional timber construction, wood epoxy, protecting and sheathing timber, there are examples build your own boat competition guide pdf boats built from sawing own timber through to the laid deck. Purchasing and handling all the materials is explained in detail so that you will have the knowledge to build your own fiberglass sailboat. The benefits and disadvantages of the different metals are explained in.

Discusses the right tools and equipment and welding techniques and how they apply to various metals. The differences between the various hull shapes is explained in detail plus selecting the correct engine s and equipment.

Other subjects include electrolytic protection, building skegs. Sailboat Engineering The auxiliary engine. Horsepower requirements. Propeller types. Engine compartments. Fuel tanks and capacities. Water tanks. Cooling systems. Bilge pumps. Spare parts and Construction materials. Sailboat Electrics Glossary. Electrical installations. Domestic Batteries. Engine starting batteries. Battery chargers. Generating sets. Testing devices.

Solar panels. Wind generators. Sailboat Interiors Accommodation; number of berths verses expected number of crew. Cabin soles.

How many heads? Designing and equipping a galley. Various fuels for your stove gas, diesel, alcohol, paraffin. Placement of sink build your own boat competition guide pdf stowage of food and other stores. Showers, hot water and pressure water. Water tankage. Comfortable seating; measurements and suggestions. Chart table. Sail stowage. Refrigerators and ice boxes. Rating: 4. Reply Toggle Dropdown Quote. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum You cannot attach files in this forum You cannot download files in this forum.

The complete guide to metal boats: building, maintenance, and repair - Roberts-Goodson Bruce [,�. Projects, design, construction. Repair and Restoration. Seamanship practice.


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Very shoal H2O is well known as spare H2O. One Piece Jonboat Building the build your own boat competition guide pdf with the runabout vessel skeleton entails the series of things to consider. There have been dual competigion styles of kayaks - the sit-in boat as well as the sit-on-prime boat .

Taxes: 8. Currently, my favorite passive income source is real estate crowdfunding. Real estate crowdfunding enables individuals to buy a percentage of a commercial real estate project that was once only available to ultra high net worth individuals or institutional investors.

If the market goes down, your concentrated investment could lose big time if you are forced to sell Many did during the last financial crisis. My favorite real estate crowdfunding platform for accredited investors is CrowdStreet. They are focused on investing in individual real estate projects in hour cities where valuations are lower and net rental yields are higher.

If you are not an accredited investor and like to invest in diversified funds, you can invest in a private eREIT through Fundrise. Fundrise is the leader in this more diversified style of real estate and has been around since Unlike with other passive investments on the list, with real estate crowdfunding, you at least have a physical asset as collateral.

Both platforms are free to sign up and explore. For those of you who dislike dealing with tenants and maintenance issues, investing in real estate crowdfunding is wonderful.

In mid, I sold my San Francisco rental property for 30X annual gross rent. Not having to deal with maintenance issues and tenant problems has been wonderful. Coastal city real estate has become too expensive. I expect people and capital to naturally flow towards lower cost areas of the country, especially with tens of millions experiencing shelter-in-place.

The future of work is remote. Take advantage of a multi-decade demographic shift inland. Real estate is defensive because it becomes more affordable as mortgage rates decline.

Investors want real assets that provide shelter and income. You can invest in publicly-traded REITs as well for real estate exposure, however, as we saw in the violent March stock market downturn, REITs performed even worse. The best passive income investment is dividend-paying stocks. Dividend and value stocks are making a comeback after underperforming growth stocks during the pandemic.

Value is back! Dividend stocks tend to be more mature companies that are past their high growth stage. As a result, they are relatively less volatile from a stock context. Utilities, telecoms, and financial sectors tend to make up the majority of dividend paying companies.

Tech, Internet, and biotech, on the other hand, tend not to pay any dividends. They are growth stocks that reinvest most of their retained earnings back into their company for further growth. But growth stocks can easily lose investors tremendous value over a short period of time. It all depends on your risk tolerance. I give dividend investing a 5 on Return because dividend interest rates are relatively low.

Further, the volatility is now relatively high. You can also use a digital wealth advisor like Personal Capital to automatically invest your money for you at a low fee.

The key is to invest consistently over time. In the long run, it is very hard to outperform any index. Therefore, the key is to pay the lowest fees possible while being mostly invested in index funds. Dividend index investing is great because it is passive and liquid. Based on my new six-factor model for ranking the best passive income investments, the top five passive income investments are:.

If you can stomach the occassional volatility, investing in dividend stocks is truly one of the best passive income investments over the long run. If you want less volatility with likely higher yields, invest in real estate crowdfunding and fixed income instead. There was a time when I loved owning physical real estate the best in order to generate a steady stream of rental income.

However, once I became a dad in , I no longer had as much time or energy to manage properties. Real estate crowdfunding through platforms like Fundrise and CrowdStreet are good solutions for my real estate investment capital. I really like the combination of owning a hard asset that generates income. For those who are the creative types, starting your own website like this one and creating products online feels extremely rewarding.

Instead, you really want to create products like a book or a course to sell passively. Finally, owning rental properties is becoming more attractive given how low interest rates have fallen. Once again, here are the best passive income investments. All eight passive income investments are appropriate ways for generating income to fund your lifestyle.

The right ones depend on your personal preference, understanding of the investments, creativity, and interests. Enthusiasm for work is strongest when you are young and have very little money.

After four years of high school, followed by another four years of college, work sounds like an exciting adventure! But after a while, your job can begin to beat you down. Perhaps a coworker purposefully tries to make your life miserable because they resent your success. Maybe you mistakenly thought you worked in a meritocracy. Whatever the case may be, you will eventually tire.

This is why it is important to take action while you still have the energy. With interest rates at rock bottom levels, building passive income will take a lot of effort and patience.

Start now! Our passive income allows both my wife and I to be stay at home parents to two children. Saving early and often is no sacrifice at all. On your journey towards financial freedom, please diligently track your net worth, analyze your investment portfolios for excessive fees, and regularly calculate your retirement cash flow needs through a free financial tool like Personal Capital.

My favorite tool of theirs is their Retirement Planner that enables me to properly forecast my cash flow. At the end of the day, nobody cares more about your money than you. Your future self will thank you. So on ex-dividend dates the price of the stock drops at a similar ratio the dividend payment was disbursed.

It seems more similar to taking a home equity loan from your home to generate cash. Real estate is my favorite investment, but it can be pretty active at times. Understanding what you are getting yourself into from an active versus passive commitment up-front is key.

Thanks for all the insights, a fantastic article as always. Have been considering purchasing physical real estate for the sole purpose of STR income and using a management company to take a bit more of a passive approach. Have been investing with Fundrise since based upon your recommendations and am currently splitting extra cash between saving for the STR, Fundrise and low-fee ETFs.

Crypto Currency Mining: Risk 1; Return 10; Feasibility 9;Liquidity 9;Active 9;Tax 5 depends on your jurisdiction ; It is risky but it is a good diversification to the overall portfolio :.

Great write up, Sam. I really enjoyed this article. This is one of my favorite posts that inspired me to make some changes to my overall strategy. I think many like myself may have moved away from the market with past poor decisions in a mix of allocations that were not passively managed.

I generated this post of my 3 ETF strategy which may help others that get started around these principles of passive income from basic broad based holdings including real estate. For the years you are growing your army of dollars do you stick to things like VTSAX and switch to these methods only when you want income? Thanks for the post Sam. I am planning to invest in Fundrise.

But I am little confused about taxes about the eFunds. Do you have to file for each state where your eFunds are invested assuming K1 shows a profit and it is above the filing requirement for that particular state.? Yes, that would be correct. I have seen that many times with clients. This can be an expensive investment as a result. Are there any such requirements for 0 state income tax states like Florida, Texas etc?

What a nice overview and fact based comparison of passive income streams! Thank you. Hello Sam, Do you have any feedback on a newer real estate crowdfunding platform called Roofstock? Most of their properties are in the heartland of America, where you can get a lot for your money.

Yes, I had lunch with them and wrote a Roofstock review. Not a bad offering. Further, single family homes have done well in this pandemic.

Just make sure to diversify! Sam On your passive income chart, for the real estate e. Does it factor in debt service on a mortgage assuming you have one. Sam � great job on creating such diversify passive income streams. This pandemic does provide us with an opportunity for our revenue streams to be stress tested. With the book you made. Anyone can write a ebook yet only few ma age to sell them consistently like you been? What tactics are you using to generate sales month to month?

Be detailed please. Thanks for updating this post � great information. One question, do you use an LLC to invest in real estate crowdfunding specifically accredited investments? Thanks for your excellent articles.

I would think not as you are probably a Limited Partner and not a General Partner. I would not think another layer or legal blanket would be necessary. I did not realize just how small. You are my idol! Are there any other resources I should look into to actually physically put my money in these places related to the article? But you can invest in rental properties, but that requires probably leverage and more active management.

I like Fundrise because they have funds that are diversified. And their track record is pretty good and the returns are not very volatile, unlike the stock market. Yes actually I was interested in real estate crowdfunding, and I am currently learning more.

I will definitely check this out. To put my question in context I am always hesitant and reserved in investing because I know I could lose out. I always had this feeling that investing is something that can be very complicated as well and overwhelming.

So when it comes to finances and growing them I always have this feeling of uncertainty. If I were to truly start investing my money like I have not been over the years, I always want to be sure and confident in what I am doing. Looking up other resources that can guide me like baby steps for a non-finance person how I can start putting my money in places that will allow it to passively grow is what I was trying to ask for in terms of recommendations.

Great article, I remember reading the original version a few years back and wanted to circle back and say thank you. It helped push me to continue to build passive income streams. I now have 3 rental properties a good investment portfolio and have started a blog as a way to create my own product.

The one I really like is rental properties as it is a great tangible asset you can drive by and see. They are able to tell the truth about the tenant. It has worked well for my wife and I for our three rental properties over the years. How do you contact their past landlords? Great article! Regarding the sale of your rental, Did you the proceeds into the crowdfunding platform. You could say I was looking for validation, which I definitely found.

Welcome to Financial Samurai! But I had just finished going through 3 years of business school part-time while working 60 hours a week and was exhausted. In my opinion, physical rental properties are undersold here vs. And the returns are MUCH higher. At 10 bill in assets the fund is poised to disrupt everything. The company has apprx employees. In 10 years they will have bill AUM for employees.

In 20 years it would have 8 trillion AUM. I own several publicly-traded REITs. They are fine, but as we discovered during the March meltdown, they are often MORE volatile than stocks. I personally hate volatility, which is why my net worth is so diversified and conservative. Excellent updates Sam!

Those are definitely some of the top choices for dividend investing. The question is whether now is the right time to add positions in equities. For me, the answer is no. Follow-on question: how long would you look before you leapt into something if you had cash sitting around and wanted to avoid your cash inflating away?

Enjoyed this post. Pat , I thought it was no longer possible to create a note with that double digit do to Dodd Frank? Thanks Financialsamurai for enlightening me on this topic, would look forward in these type of posts more often. I and my brother found the following in the comment very useful, specially during this pandemic. Enjoyed being exposed to some new ideas, having some existing ideas confirmed, and special thanks for the inspiration to continue the push to create my own products.

Samurai are known for a focus on death. Dying well often meant everything. You could write a badass masterpiece on passing on wealth. Id love your ideas on setting up trusts. Im sure Id learn a lot. Thanks again. The trust is the least of your concerns.

Educating and providing a good financial foundation to your kids and grandkids is everything. Have you looked into Constant?

Stumbled upon it and looks promising in the P2P lending arena. Much less risk than Lending Club or Prosper from what I can tell.

What about commodities? I have a direct investment in two venture debt funds run by a private venture debt company. One of the founders is a business school classmate from Berkeley. Hi Sam, great post � I would love it if you could do a post on how you do your due diligence on deals on Crowdstreet. Great post as usual. Just couple of points. I managed to retire early at 43 on rental income.

I write about it on my blog. There IS a bit of hassle with it and I believe index fund investing is top at least based on research. I would not focus only on dividend investing as top passive income. It is at the discretion of the company to pay dividends and many cancel them to preserve capital as happened now due to coronavirus.

In Australia and NZ many banks significantly cut dividends after increasing them for last few decades. This caught short many retirees. Also some banks stock dropped partly due to decreased dividends.

Excellent read as usual. Or just get the employer match, and then invest the rest in something like Fundrise? Hello, I have been following Financial Samurai for a while now and find your writing very informative and helpful in formulating my own thoughts, thanks for all your insights. I have only a simple question. For real estate, is your passive income as stated net of all maintenance, mortgage and holding costs but before tax?

I find it difficult to generate high passive income from real estate on a net basis. One of the reasons why I diversified into the heartland of America is because the Cap Rates are so much higher than San Francisco. Combined with the fact I can earn the income passively, it was a good solution for my real estate capital. Thanks Sam. Can I ask if there are mortgages on your investment properties?

For me, the largest expense is the interest payments and I find that unless I pay down the loans, it is very hard to earn decent passive income on rentals. So I am thinking of using any spare cash I have to pay down loans, which seems a bit of a waste at times given the low interest rates.

It takes a while to expand the cash flow. Real estate is one of my favorite asset classes to build wealth given it is simple to understand. Good update of a popular post. Would love to see you take a deeper dive into the 1 rank � dividend paying stocks. I believe there are considerable differences between investing in dividend paying stocks directly vs a dividend stock etf DVY VYM. Their NAV usually goes up more slowly in an up market and down more slowly in a down market.

Less volatile. I dipped my toe into Real Estate Crowdsourcing and got bit. I know you love this area, but outside of my comfort zone. This is a tough time and environment for retirees seeking passive income.

Even your favorite � real estate � is getting sketchy in many parts of the country. In my humble opinion wealth only papers over with racism with mostly half � hearted politeness. I am a minority and I have been both rich and poor. I have also found that there are wealthy and poor racists, educated and uneducated racists and democrat and republican racists. A relatively well off black male sick and tired of the systemic racism, implicit bias and excuses for them.

I will acknowledge that the slope for progress is positive in some areas but boy there is a lot of variance! I am old enough to have to attended legally segregated schools in my elementary school years in the south , then integrated middle and high schools and then college in the Northeast, guess what, there was varying degrees of racism at at every level.

All said money may make things more comfortably for an individual but it does not seem like it will eliminate the problem of racism or antisemitism towards a group. The Jewish story in Europe and then in America would seem to bear that out, every seems nice until the majority gets fearful over something and the old familiar antisemitic tropes come out �.. The ability to participate in real estate and achieve high returns with low risk is highly dependent on where you reside.

Disclosure: I have small investment in Fundrise. Rental property investors are typically in for the long haul, and may hold for life or I work at Facebook as a machine learning expert so only around hrs per week and very stable relatively. What would you say is your after tax, after living costs, net amount? I spend k per year so up to k invested.

However, I suspect a couple investments in hotels in my real estate crowdfunding fund are hurting right now. Hey Sam, thanks for taking the time to update this post. If something breaks down in a commercial property, the tenant has to handle and pay for it.

Commercial properties basically seem like more work when it comes to finding tenants to rent the space but then less little headaches to deal with in terms of repairs. Plus I like that you can do legwork on commercial property to instantly increase the value.

If you buy a building that is 70 percent occupied and you hustle and work hard and get it to 85 percent occupancy, then you just created additional sweat equity.

Anyway, thanks again for the post. Also if anyone on here has dabbled in commercial and residential, let me know which one you prefer and why. Thanks all! The main reason why I sold my main SF rental property in was to simplify life. I want to spend as much time with my children as possible. Real estate crowdfunding has been a great solution for my real estate investment capital.

At the moment I am pretty heavily into stocks and corporate bonds, but used to have holdings in crowdfunded real estate. The crowdfunded real estate was a pretty good investment in terms of returns, but I started to have growing concerns about platform risk and eventual liquidity.

P2P lending does interest me, but I am slightly concerned with platform risk over here in the UK, but will reserve my judgement and see what happens. Great updates and very impressive passive income streams! Thanks for inspiring all of us with so many different ways to earn passive income.

I personally prefer investing in stocks but this post gave me some ideas on how to diversify my investments even more. I would like to invest in real estate, but I think that real estate in my country Croatia is overpriced at the moment. Do you think that real estate prices could decrease in the following months on a global scale? I tried the P2P lending site lendingclub. In fact for the first 2 years I was earning negative returns due to all the defaults.

I can do that well by just having savings account at Ally Bank. I had the same issue with Prosper. The defaults were much higher than I anticipated. Even at the higher credit ratings loans. This article proved wonders for me! Thanks a bunch! I am a noob when it comes to investments and financial terms. But after reading this, I understood that you can make money work for you. I like what you say about the defensiveness of real estate investing during times of uncertainty.

People want a tangible asset that is less volatile and produces income. Excellent article Sam on the stock market!

I think that would be a smash of an article and very helpful and informative to the readers of Financial Samurai. Love all these passive income ideas. I always advise everyone to start a little business on the side. Future is very uncertain and having a side income is essential these days. Sam � Related to Private Equity what are your thoughts on simply taking a position and investing in Blackstone common stock � BX? I believe Blackstone was previously a publicly traded partnership with complex Form K-1 tax reporting and is now simply a c corporation with no complexity.

Great ranking system! Seems like blogging, index funds, RE crowdfunding are more or less the same in terms of overall benefits, but are all clearly better options than real estate. That would be especially helpful for the many readers who want to be location-independent as well. If you have property managers for your rental properties the smartest way to go and to free up your time and reduce your stress , you can live anywhere you want.

Real estate is one of the best ways to build money and it offers huge pay offs such as cash flow and leverage. Once you started investing in real estate there are ways to leverage investments for higher cash flow.

The profits can be placed on a exchange account so taxes are deferred and you can buy a higher valued property that has a larger cash flow then the previous investment. To that effect I was recently thinking on how to simulate an implementation strategy. Market seem to be disconnected from reality which makes the situation even more confusing.

How can one implement a safe strategy and get passive income while focusing on health, family and more important issues while not having to look at the markets everyday? I wanted to spend some time to help investors on how to relatively conservatively deploy their savings for long term returns by limiting downside risk and ran a few basic simulations.

The way I thought about the current investment situation is to assume three potential scenarios:. Ultimately, I assume that base case goes as low as points for the benchmark Index and recovers in the second half of the year. While I assign a lower probability to this scenario than the Base case it remains a plausible path forward.

Hi Sam. I enjoy reading all your articles and am especially curious about your endorsement of the relatively new crowd-funded real-estate sites. Something reassuring about brick and mortar banks and investment companies, FDIC, etc. Does that concern you or change the math on anticipated real-estate returns?

Thanks and keep up the good work! Thanks for the link to the article Sam. It appears that you do not invest in international stocks and bonds. Is that correct? Do you also invest in Vanguard High Dividend Fund?

If so what percentage of equity is allocated to that fund? The death toll keeps increasing. C O M has been able to keep my finances increased while I wait till outbound flights are available. Temporary neighbors in quarantine. Nobody really wants to get sick. How important as part of the bond fund allocation are inflation bonds?

Do you recommend these bonds? Amazing thread and website. Excellent post that I have learned much from. I have a question related to international bonds: what are your thoughts? Most of the world is close to zero or negative yield.

The goal of owning bonds is to prevent yourself from LOSING a lot of money, as some stock investors are doing now with the coronavirus pandemic.

I think CASH right now looks attractive. CIT Bank is currently offering a 1. To guarantee you get that 0. Publicly traded REITs are acting just as volatile as stocks, so I would stay away if you want defense and diversification.

I have started an investment in Groundfloor. YOU are the hard money lender. These are 1 year term loans, with payback option of interest quarterly and lump sum at the end, or like most of the loans which are interest and principal paid back at the end. I have read your blog for years and I enjoy your posts.

I was also a corporate person for 20 years before achieving FI at age I like the tools you use to discuss topics. I was with GE at the start of my career and learned all about these tools � I think they are great and I use them to analyze my own projects.

I will continue to enjoy your posts now that I have achieve FI and I am even writing about my own experiences now.

Hope to meet you down the road. Not a very passive income generating activity. The goal of this post is to identify and rank the most passive type of income investments possible. Any recent updates about the performance of Fundrise? I am invested but would like more insight before I put more money in.

Pretty steady. The diversification and steady income is nice. Not sure. I did do a year in review post. Crowdstreet and Fundrise seem to have good offerings with attractive IRR and yields.

I would love to know what you look for when deciding to invest or not in a given offering. While Fundrise has eReits, Crowdstreet has more specific project offerings so would be helpful to have some general criteria for evaluating these since they are so different from traditional stocks and bonds.

Great write up Sam. In my area, you can get some cash flow, but a lot of the returns come from appreciation. That one should be good for some years to come and start bringing in more cash flow now that all major repairs are completed. And real estate does more than just track inflation � it throws off income which is important to some people and useful to most.

And while your underlying asset is appreciating, the income also grows as rents increase over time. And if you make smart and well-timed purchases, both rents and asset values can increase at well above the rate of inflation. Interesting article. I do wonder though what influence regions play into this. Thanks for sharing. I think real estate is the most attractive passive income opportunity in the new decade. Mortgage rates are down, and prices are down, but incomes are up and stock returns are up.

Hey Sam, have you written any articles outlining how you went about creating your eBook? Would love your insight on how you navigated the process, what resources you found most helpful along the way, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Passive income is one of those things more people should focus their attention on. My preference at my stage in life is real estate. However, I am always willing to look at other options. Reading this post reminded me to consider the inverse relationship between the degree of passivity of a given investment and return on investment. Certainly we all want the highest return we can get. Most of us also want the most passive investment.

Two other things to keep in mind are the impact of tax laws on any form of investment and the ability to leverage our capital financing. Given these factors, real estate continues to be at the top of my list. Some examples of things not covered include claims related to:. We have dedicated Liability Claims teams in each state ready to help.

To lodge a claim contact your broker or email QBE directly:. A one stop shop cover for liability, property damage, business interruption, theft, glass breakage, machinery breakdown and more. Home Business insurance General Liability Insurance. General Liability insurance - Public and Product Liability Protection against a wide range of risks that come with running a business.

Need more help? Find a broker. What is General Liability insurance? Personal injury Claims for medical costs and damages that result from an injury or illness caused by your business.

Property damage Claims for physical loss, destruction or damage to tangible property caused by your business. Advertising liability Claims for stolen ideas, invasion of privacy, defamation, misleading advertising or unfair competition arising out of your business.

Legal costs Covers the costs we incur to defend you and your reasonable expenses incurred to defend a claim against your business. Injury or damage to third parties and advertising liability Which cover is right for you? Large business For larger businesses, we can provide tailored General Liability solutions to suit businesses in a wide range of industries.

Frequently asked questions Do I need General Liability insurance? Here are some examples: Personal Injury : You own a store and a customer slips on a puddle of water within your store and injures themselves. The injured customer sues your business for damages including medical expenses. How QBE can help : We will investigate and determine whether you were at fault for the customer's injury and breached your duty of care.

The following link gives access my entire project, which means you can open it, make changes, see the good choices I made and learn from the bad ones. Fusion Project Link: Ossum Hotrod! In order to order from shapeways you need to export your model as an STL file. Assuming you have designed it in Fusion , right-click on the particular body you want to print and select "save as STL", making sure to select the "high refinement" option for maximum detail.

Shapeway's website will guide you through the process and let you know if you have designed anything unprintable. Please Note: If you decide to use my drawings, there is about 2mm of error in the transmission mounting holes, so it would be worth measuring yours first and modifying the design.

Or just fix it with a file like I did. As of yet there are no good online laser cutting services that handle metals as far as I know , so you will have to find somone local, which shouldn't be too hard I used Vulcan Steel in Cape Town. The lasercutting folk will want your profiles in a DXF format since they are just 2D shapes , and if you have designed any bends they will want the bend lines on the drawing too.

You can look at the drawings I submitted as an example attached to this step. You could order everything from Shapeways, but it is expensive, and some of the other parts don't need such fancy materials and processes. My initial plan was to print the radiator cover and the transmission tunnel cheaply from ABS with a 50USD voucher I had, but so far there have been issues with using the voucher, so I can't recommend them one way or the other.

I have attached the files though. If I end up winning a printer you can rest assured that these will be the first parts I print! There is a mountain of information on painting Shapways prints actually, far too much, and not all of it good , so in the end I decided to go for a Tamiya TS spray paint as the base, since I had read some positive reviews.

If I had access to an airbrush I would have chosen an acrylic, simply because I like working with water-soluble paints.

Since the material is porous it actually takes paint very well, and the Nylon is generally fairly non-reactive. I would do some reading of my own if I were you though, since I was paranoid enough myself about destroying my expensive print with the wrong paint. I decided that I wanted a lightly rusted ratty look, partly because I like a vehicle that looks like it has a story and partly because I want to be able to run it hard without worrying about scratches and dings.

I started with a base coat of "Tamiya TS1 Red Brown" Code , with the expectation that it would give a nice rusty look which, since it soaks right into the porous material, would be exposed wherever the body gets scratched up. The next step was to sponge on some lighter rust colours to give a little texture. I used Tamiya acrylics here, since they come in tiny pots that are nice and cheap.

The next step is to lay on the "factory" paint, which will mostly get removed, since it has "rusted off". The trick here is to put something on the rust base coat the prevents the colour coat from adhering properly, most people use salt, adhered to the model with a little water. After the paint has dried it is scrubbed with a hard brush, and will chip off wherever salt was applied. The technique is explained well here , by someone far more experienced than I.

You may want to add some further details at this point, perhaps some hotrod flames unless you wanted them to be rusted off, in which case you would have done them before the salt chipping , maybe some light washes of rust streaks that have made their way down the paint.

I chose to just do a little tribute to the " Elvis " car from Fury Road, which was one of my big inspirations for this build. The axle was designed to have shocks mounted to the tapped holes in the blocks spaced about 74mm apart, but of course these would foul my frame rails, so I drilled two new holes further out see annotated pictures.

I used a 5mm drill see pictures to mark the exact center of the recess in the top of the axle, since it fit perfectly. I then drilled the hole with a 2. My laser cutters could not do holes where the diameter of the hole is less than the thickness of the material, which is probably common to all laser cutters, this means that we need to drill the holes in the frame rails afterwards. My first step was to print out drawings of the various parts in scale, so that I could position the holes.

Doing both frame rails at the same time makes sure that all the holes line up, just make sure you don't mess up the first two, after that you can screw them together and handle them as one piece. Make sure to file any burrs off the holes that you drilled, so that the plate cant sit flush on the rails. You may find that the bending of the radiator support is not perfect, which means that the holes won't line up without a bit of tweaking.

I worked around this by using very long screws M3x20 to mount it first - just put the tip of each screw through both parts, then slowly tighten them up to bend it into shape.

Once the support is mounted neatly to the firewall you can replace each long screw with a short one M3x6 , one at a time. The small plates that make up the front suspension shock mounts and link mounts should be bolted to the frame.

I added this step last because you should really do a test assembly before you start using Loctite, I guarantee you will end up disassembling it at least once. After you are sure that everything fits, reinstall the various nuts and bolts using a threadlocker, like Loctite, metal on metal parts will vibrate loose if you don't.

I used the metal ball ends along with some M4 threaded rod, sleeved in a bit of plastic tube from the gardening section, to assemble my longer links. For the short links I used M3 tapped ball ends, screwed directly into each other with a short piece of M3 rod or into M3 hex standoffs. I made two small aluminium blocks to mount the servo to, simply drilling and tapping holes that match those on the chassis rails and perpendicularly to those that match the servo's mount holes.

Take a look at the pictures to see. The steering linkage is just another pair of ball-ends on a threaded rod, you can see in the photos how I attached it. Make sure to power up the receiver and plug in the servo or use a servo tester so that you can centre the servo before fastening down the horn.

NB : It is also important to use your radio's settings to limit the servo travel. The axle has less travel than most servos, which means they will be straining at their limits and either damage themselves or the steering knuckles. I solved this problem by enlarging the hole in the transmission casing. I used M2. The electronics are a completely standard brushless RC setup, so if you are unsure I would recommend reading some of the great information that fills the various RC forums and webpages, also, read the manual that comes with your electronics.

I soldered an XT60 connector to the ESC power input as this is my favored connector, so all my batteries use it. The battery itself is a mAh 2S LiPo.

As I mentioned in the printing step, I had some troubles getting my 3DHubs voucher working, so in the meantime I whipped up a radiator cowling by hand, using some scraps of bit of balsa wood.

I painted it first with multiple coats of acrylic to seal the pores, sanding lightly between each coat, then I sprayed it with the same colour grey as the body. I also used a scrap of aluminium sheet about 1mm thick to make a sort of salt-racer style grille.

The edges are hidden by the cowling, so I used the highly precise cutting technique of fastening it in the vise and bending it back and forth until it snapped. The pictures should explain exactly how I made it, but if you want to see a in-depth project with the same techniques, check out my RC airboat. Model the nuts and bolts. This one is a giant pain, and hence I didn't do it. I have made the mistake before of not leaving enough space for the screwdriver, so I didn't make that one this time.

I ended up without enough clearance for the front uppper suspension arms, since the nuts for the lower suspension brackets got in the way. I got around it by countersinking the screws and inserting them from the other side, but still, dumb mistake. I'm all for cheap Chinese stuff, it lets me play with a hobby that would normally be out of my budget, but sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

The wheel and tyre combos I bought came with tyres I really liked but the wheels were total garbage, I broke 3 within the first battery, with no serious crashes. There are oodles of possibilities for design improvements, which I will leave up to you. Here are some choices I would make differently.

This is just a tuning exercise, but the springs that came with my shocks are WAY too hard, so the ride is incredibly bouncy as you can see in the first video , even with the weight of the car. I will be installing new springs soon to try out. Update 1: I replaced all the springs with the softest Tamiya road springs I could get, it is much better now! Update 2: I raised the shock mounts on the front and back by 10mm thereby lowering the suspension this has also reduced traction roll a lot.

The rear differential is in fact not a differential at all since it is designed for crawlers , it is permanently locked, this results in huge understeer. If possible I would like to get an open differential, but I haven't found one that fits in the SCX10 axle yet. The gearing was a bit too low with the stock gears although, going much faster was uncontrollable until the suspension had been lowered and the steering tightened up - see "panhard bar".

Update 1: I replaced the stock pinion which had already stripped out due to an imbalance in the spur gear with a 33 tooth pinion.

Much much better top speed and the motor handles it without getting hot. There was too much lateral play in the front axle, mostly due to the slop in the metal ball ends as well as the links being too parallel. I installed a panhard bar made from a bit of brass tube see attached picture , this was far and away the biggest improvement to handling and therefore enjoyment, it is frustrating to crash because the car is weaving around of its own accord.

Question 5 months ago. Answer 5 months ago. I bought mine from a local hobby shop a long time ago. There are a lot of similar 3CH flysky transmitters on Banggood which is probably where I'd buy now if I couldn't find one in a store. Depends where you are, but for me in South Africa the local prices are super inflated. Question 1 year ago. Answer 1 year ago. Thank you, I am glad you like it. Unfortunately I have never weighed the chassis, not sure how heavy it is.

Reply 1 year ago. Hallo du kannst mir die dfx dateien bitte als stl geben wenn du sie hast oder massendamir ich kann sie 1 zu 1 kopieren leider passen sie nicht aufHello you can give me the dfx files please as stl if you have them? Or the crowd so I can copy them 1 to 1.

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