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Computer Boss has been scrapped from the game and can no longer be seen in game through legitimate means. You can help Build a boat for treasure Wiki gamws expanding it. If this article or section has sufficient information, please remove this template. This article uses a name that is purely conjectural, and not approved by Build A Boat For Treasure developers. The boss Build A Boat For Treasure Jet Ski Pdf is a computer monitor on a wall with gamea free floating hands attached by wires.

Gamee start the fight, the player had to open the door that the Chillz' Plushie is sitting in. After that, they have to select these books in order: Yellow, red, pink, cyan, light yellow, byild, dark green, black, lavender, black. That will open a door which build my bass boat games cannon will shoot bottles. These contain the code for the lab underneath. Three interfaces will show that the player has to jy to activate the lever at the.

The codes are:. This allows the player to flip the lever at the bottom of the stairs. Doing so will open up a portal set to which will teleport the player to a secret place.

The player is presented with the Computer Boss displaying "You win! To start the fight, the player has to walk up to the sword, as mj is a trap. They will go down the stage and will appear more frequently as the fight drags on. Walls of UFOs will appear with a small gap for the player to pass. Later, the UFOs will be sideways, and stacked upon each. The only way to dodge these is by jumping build my bass boat games by going between the pillars that rise up.

Build my bass boat games Computer Boss will gamess the player with its left hand. The finger will shoot an orange projectile when the tip of the finger turns orange.

This is Build Your Own Boat Center Console Js client side so everyone build my bass boat games targetted, but no one will get hurt from the other players' projectiles. The platform build my bass boat games the player is standing on has segments that will fall after some time.

The Computer Boss will try to squash the player. Once the platform is hit, the platform will disappear and will not return, until the last attack. The Computer Boss will try to punch the player. The fist will follow a player until it goes foward. The speed is slow, and it is easy to dodge. This attack is client. This attack is similar to the Gamess attack. The difference is that it is faster then before and there is a self destruct button on the platform close to the Computer Boss.

The intervals will be short, and the player has to move fast to the self destruct button. If the boss hits the button, the boss build my bass boat games explode.

Once the boss is defeated, the player will be awarded the Russo's Sword buld Truthand Gold. Repeating the quest will only give the player Gold. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Computer Boss has been removed. This article or section is a stub You can ga,es Build a boat for ggames Wiki by expanding it. Finger Gun. Mecha Punch The Computer Boss will try to punch the player.

Accidental Self Destruct This attack is similar to the Pound attack. Rewards Once the boss is defeated, the player will be awarded the Russo's Sword of Truthand Gold. Tips Fight the boss gamee other players to avoid losing the fight builc someone dies. At the UFO attack, stand at the very edge of the platform. This will dodge every UFO as their beams do not reach. At the Pound attack, try to make the affected area small.

The damage done on the platform will carry over to the next attack phase. Stand still during the pound attack, and jump when the area turns red.

This makes dodging the attack easy. At the Punch attack, do not go back where the fist has went. The fist will go back noat still deal damage to the player.

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The Osse family have turned the hull and the interior work is soon to begin. The recessed trolling motor foot pedal tray really comes in handy on a long day on the water. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below. This article was written Can I Build My Own Boat In Australia Number by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Hot Springs, AR It gives me confidence to be able to fight a winning fish in any condition I may face.

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