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The blast was reported on Tuesday afternoon, with one resident capturing it on video. Had a violent shake at my house and thought an earthquake was going to start. But it also came with a loud boom. Looked outside and saw this An explosion in Ontario? Ontario CA explosion pic. One video clip shot just yards away from the explosion shows bright flames at the base of the smoke column, as crackling fireworks shoot out of a burning structure.

The public has boats built in ontario youtuber Hunting Boats For Sale Ontario 8th asked to avoid the area. A large amount of fireworks at a house ignited, causing a large structure boats built in ontario youtuber. Explosions being heard are by fireworks at this time. More details to bbuilt. Two victims who otnario in the blast have not yet been identified.

One animal, a horse, had a lucky escape, and firefighters could be seen picking through debris to come to its aid and dislodge it from between a tree botas a wall. Boats built in ontario youtuber Fire crews helping out this sweet horse. This website uses cookies. Read RT Privacy policy to find out.

Where to watch. RT Shop. RT Question. Covid Freedom Index. Home USA News. Get short URL. Follow RT on. An enormous explosion has shaken ontaro city of Ontario, California, sending a mushroom-shaped cloud towering above youtuger streets.

Officials say a fireworks stash ignited, killing at least two people. Trends: US news. Media News. Who needs solidarity? Safety first! RT News App. All rights reserved. Accept cookies.

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