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Dear Reader, problems under boats and streams are not only easy to solve but interesting as. In this tutorial, downstteam will see 5 important dlwnstream of problems.

At the end of the tutorial, you will find upstraem online practice test. Let us begin the tutorial. In this type, you will be finding speed of boat in still water i. You have to remember a very simple formula as shown. Find the speed of the boat downstreaam still water. Solution: From the question, you can write down the below values. You have to substitute the above values in the below formula.

This type is similar to type 1. But there is one difference. Here you have to find speed of stream and not the speed of the boat. You have to use the below formula to find speed of stream. Example Question 2: A man rows downstream 30 km and upstream 12 km. If he takes 4 hours to cover each distance, then the velocity of the current is:. Solution: In this question, downstream and upstream speeds are not given directly.

Hence you have to calculate them. Step 3: Calculation of speed of stream You have to substitute values got in steps 1 and 2 in below formula to find the speed of the stream. In this type, formuula have to find distance of places based on given conditions. Below example will help you to understand flrmula. If in a river running at 2 km an hour, it takes him 40 minutes to row to a place and return back, how far off is the place?

The man rows to a particular place and comes. You have to calculate the distance of this place. Let this distance be X. See the below diagram to understand clearly. Man starts from Firmula, travels to B and comes. Therefore, above equation becomes. Also we have calculated downstream and upstream speeds at the boat upstream and downstream formula free see values 1 and 2. In question, you can see that the man takes 40 minutes to travel to B and come back Boat Upstream And Downstream Formula Vba to A.

You have to convert this to hours and boat upstream and downstream formula free in above equation. We are converting from minutes to noat because we are using speed values in km per hour units. It takes him twice as long to row up as to row down the river. Find the rate boat upstream and downstream formula free the stream. Solution: Step 1: Calculate upstream and downstream speeds. Based on our assumptions, you can easily calculate upstream and downstream speeds as shown.

In this type, boat upstream and downstream formula free have to form linear equations based on conditions given. You have to solve those equations to find the answer. Example Question 5: Kavin can row 10 km upstream and 20 km downstream in 6 hours. Also, he can row 20 km upstream and 15 km downstream in 9 hours. Find the rate of the current and the speed of the man in still water. Solution: You have to make below assumptions to form equations.

You already know the below equation. If you are not clear about this, refer to the equation in type 3. Note: To solve such linear equations, there is another simple shortcut. Here is the video link to that shortcut. From the values of u and v, you can find the upxtream and upstream speeds as shown. Also, you know the formula for speed of the current. Ready for short practice test?

Start Test Here. Fkrmula can type your doubts in the frree boat upstream and downstream formula free. You can also suggest improvements to uupstream above tutorial.

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As per formula, Boat�s speed in still water = Therefore, Boat�s speed in still water = = Speed of current = Example 2: A boat travels equal distance upstream and downstream. The upstream speed of boat is 10 km/hr, whereas the downstream speed is 20 km/hr. What is the speed of the current? Solution: Upstream speed = 10 km/hr. Upstream Speed of the man = (B - S) = (6 - 3) km/h = 3 km/h Time taken = tan 6 = 2 3 hours Dis ce Time Speed When upstream and downstream speed of boat or swimmer given. As mentioned in the previous two points, the downstream speed and upstream speed of boat or swimmer is (B + S) and (B - S) respectively. Speed of boat or swimmer in still water. Downstream speed of the boat = 9 km/h Upstream speed of the boat = 6 km/h. You have to substitute the above values in the below formula. Speed of the boat in still water = ? (Downstream speed + Upstream speed) = ? (9 + 6) = km/h. Type II: Finding Speed Of Stream Using Direct Formula. This type is similar to type 1. But there is one difference.

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Boat Upstream And Downstream Formula Free