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Protect your boat from the harsh elements of the marine environment with Rub Rail you can depend on. At TACO, our Rub Rail is manufactured from the highest-quality stainless-steel, aluminum and vinyl compounds, including prime virgin resins, UV inhibitors, plasticizers, fungicides, impact modifiers and other additives to ensure outstanding. Jan 13, �� While rub rail is primarily designed to protect a boat, it is also an easy way to upgrade its value and appearance by giving it a bright new look and accent. Replacing damaged or worn out rub rail is easy and cost effective with Taco Marine�s complete rub rail kits. This guide cross-references the original factory rub rail used by over 80 of the leading boat manufacturers since To find the rub rail you need, follow these easy steps: 1) Look up the make of boat 2) Match the rub rail and insert (best if you have a sample) 3) Choose the preferred color 4) Call a distributor or retailer to order.

The most popular and readily available materials for your new boat rub rail are aluminum, rigid vinyl, semi-rigid vinyl and stainless steel. Add new comment. Flexible Rub Rails. Height Make sure to select a replacement rail that is similar in height to your current one. Step 2: Clean the rail and the surrounding area with boat rub rail kits complete guide and detergent to remove loose dirt, grease, salt, or any other debris. The Radial is quickly and easily installed with three simple steps.


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Boat Rub Rail Kits Complete Guide