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5 Best Center Console Boats, Small Center Consoles | Sport Fishing Magazine Mar 12, �� The top bass boats really bring it all to the table, and every boat in this review is amazing. This foot bass boat offers exceptional performance with plenty of standard features. You get an oversized casting deck and inch beam, which is amazing for an foot boat. Apr 11, �� Raised seat, center console - standing on the front deck, I could see bashing my rod into the console, and wrapping fly rine around it. Not as much deck space as a bass-type boat Nowhere near as much storage as a bass boat When all was said . Dec 21, �� Barker 40 HPFC Boat Review Robalo R First Glance Best Circle Hook Rigs for Striped Bass Finding and Catching Trophy Tarpon in the Florida Keys New Gear and Electronics for March Best Center Console Bass Boat 55 Monster Outboard Deconstructed Early-Flounder Strategies for the Gulf Coast Scout LXF First Glance 5 Best Catamaran Fishing Boats Invincible Boats� Lineup.
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It was okay on the bay as well. It is still a carpeted boat, so if you intend to go catch big cats and such than the non carpeted boat is better. I would say that as long as the bay boat has an adequate trolling motor that it will not be an issue other than the little creature comforts.

When all was said and done, it was really the last one that killed it for me. As a dedicated multi-species fisherman, I carry a lot of tackle and gear I often switch from bass to pike, back to bass and then to musky Problem was, after adding a depth finder, a trolling motor and upgrading from the under-powered 90hp they have on the base models, I was priced out of it rather quickly In retrospect, with the amount of time I hit salt water nearly 0 , I'm glad I went with the bass boat, but have to admit I still drool over those inshore bay boats Robalo has a strong following here on the south shore of Ontario.

They have a couple of models that are an ideal smallie fishing machine. Lot of guys run those on the lakes down here in central FL when they are too lazy to hit up coasts. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Write for BassResource! Fishing Glossary Frequently Asked Questions. Instagram Youtube Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Anyone double duty bay boat as bass boat? Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted April 9, Link to post Share on other sites. Have you looked at this yet? PS, I did see the link you provided.

A simple hose down and the boat is cleaned up. Posted April 10, Further North 1, Posted April 11, Posted April 11, I looked at bay boats Bass Boat Center Console Storage Box Id hard Stuff I liked: Raised seat, center console - I felt like I could work my way around the boat with a big fish on and not have to worry about dancing between side consoles, and I like being able to see the water in front of the boat.

High decks for fly casting As noted above: Easy to clean I dislike carpet Stuff I didn't like: Raised seat, center console - standing on the front deck, I could see bashing my rod into the console, and wrapping fly rine around it. Not as much deck space as a bass-type boat Nowhere near as much storage as a bass boat When all was said and done, it was really the last one that killed it for me.

Avalonjohn44 Posted April 11, J Francho 19, Posted April 11, ThePolkFolk Posted April 11, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Followers 1. Center console fishing boats are incredibly popular, and no matter where you fish or what style of fishing you enjoy, chances are that when you go to look at new fishing boats center consoles will be top contenders.

But all center console boats are not equal � not by a long shot. When you go boat-shopping, be sure to check out these top 10 traits:. Nobody wants to buy a flimsy fishing boat, period. Beyond that, when you sea trial a boat be sure to listen for vibrations and rattles indicating loosely-fitted parts , creaks in the fiberglass indicating movement between the molded pieces , and feel for how solid the boat is underfoot when hitting waves at high speed. The deepest V hulls usually have degrees of transom deadrise, degrees is considered more moderate, and center consoles designed for inshore use, like bay boats, commonly will have a transom deadrise measured in the teens.

When it comes to boat size, the mistake most people make is thinking that bigger is always better. Many boat owners buy progressively larger boats, then at some point begin down-sizing. So, consider carefully, before deciding three more feet of LOA is really going to be what you want. Similarly, many boaters get fixated on weight believing that lighter is always better. Weight represents another trade-off.

The lighter a boat is, the faster and more efficient it will be all other factors being equal. But on the flip side of the coin, the easier it will be to launch off of waves. Once again, considering this trait means considering trade-offs � reflect back to the plusses and minuses of hull design, size, and weight.

Then add to that your own ambition level. Are you a fair-weather fisherman, or will you head out even when the wind is whipping? Are you willing to trade some wave-chopping ability, to have better stability? Obviously, this has a much bigger impact on live-baiters than it does on those who are dedicated to trolling or light-tackle casting. How much importance you place on the livewell s on any fishing boat is a matter of personal preference that reflects your own fishing style.

If this is an important factor, be sure to look closely at volume more is better , shape rounder is better , interior color baby blue helps keep the baits calm , and water flow generally speaking more is better. Dedicated pumps are a must, the presence of back-up pumps gets bonus points, and hatch quality no spilling or leaking, please counts, too. Trollers, for example, will not be happy with a center console that has only two flush-mount gunwale holders and a huge aft casting deck.

There are a million variables to take into consideration and naturally, most of us enjoy multiple styles of fishing. Give this variable more or less importance depending on where and how you travel. For trailer-boaters who may park in a fast food joint or a hotel lot with some regularity, locking rod boxes are a must-have. On smaller boats onboard tackle stowage can save you from lugging a big tacklebox to and from the boat before every trip. And for boats that get left in a marina, both will be quite advantageous.

Once again, the importance of this trait will vary depending on how you fish. And boats can drift in surprisingly different ways; some drift faster or slower, some drift stern-to and others beam-to, some rock like nuts when drifting in a beam sea, and so on.

During a sea trial always be sure to shift into neutral and let the boat drift for a while, so you can get a feel for how it will act. And as a general rule of thumb remember that boats with taller gunwales, less weight, and flatter bottoms will tend to drift the fastest. A hard-core angler will place this last on the list of importance when it come to considering the traits of a center console fishing boat, but it does still belong on this list.

Comfort will dictate when you and your crew cry uncle, and head for the barn. And while we agree that you, the captain, are perfectly justified when you tell less-dedicated guest to quit their whining and keep casting, a small dose of creature comfort can delay throwing in the towel and gain you that extra hour � which could make the difference between a total bust and a plugged fishbox.

So run every boat, and run it hard, before signing any dotted lines. Go into the seas, across them, and with them. Go fast and go slow. Get aggressive at the wheel. Drift for a while. If at all possible, let a week or two go by then take a second sea trial in different conditions. For more information about fishing boats, be sure to peruse our Boats category on BD.

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