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Guide to Selecting the Best Bass Boat: Gotta-Have Boat Features Built to be a true step, the lid to the enclosed storage area will support any angler. Screws down to your deck with stainless steel screws (hardware included). 17" wide in the rear, 15" wide in front, 17" deep front to back and /2" tall. Console is covered by a 3 year warranty.5/5(75). Boat Consoles and Panels. The right boat dashboard or console can make all the difference in your boating experience. Check out our huge inventory and great discount prices. We've got the center consoles, pontoon consoles, boat steering consoles, boat gauge and dash panels, marine boat switch panels, boat electronics boxes, and boat glove boxes. Feb 11, �� Gary Clouse talks about the dual console feature at Phoenix Bass Boats.

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It depends on the boat. Some newer boats have a bolt in dc option. You loose a lot of space to the 2nd console. There's a few boats where you can remove the second console, even though it's not billed as a convertible console boat. My friend had an Xpress X19, and once it warmed up, he'd unbolt it from the cockpit. It wasn't super pretty, but it offered more room.

Other boats like Nitro, Lund, and Bass Boat Passenger Console Outlet Crestliner have convertible models. Most single console fiber glass bass boats configure the front deck longer on the passenger side for more storage and deck space. If the deck is straight across and equal length on both passages and driver side it's possible to add a console. I would check with a boat dealer or manufacturer for models that may be convertible.

It really all depends on year and model, but as has been mentioned it would really only look right if it were made to be removable from the factory. I don't think you could make one look good without some major fabrication. The only difference between single and dual on my friend's Xpress was that there wasn't carpet on the vertical step up to the deck once the port console was removed. If I didn't know it was removed, I'd have assumed they just left that spot painted.

He's talking about "adding" a console to a boat. Not removing one. I would think that adding a console Aluminum Bass Boats Zone that would look even remotely close to anything from the factory would be a major fabrication process. On the other hand, removing one wouldn't be that difficult to make it look like it may have come that way from the factory. But again, he is asking about adding one and that is why I said I think it would be very difficult to make it look good. Also, anyone selling any tracker boat seats?

Thanks for your help guys! Joined Aug 22, Messages Re: Passenger Console not sure if they make one similar to what you want, but overtons sells different types of consoles. Joined Jun 9, Messages I think some were made by Wise and just had the name embossed on them. Joined Aug 14, Messages Re: Passenger Console find a good sheet metal shop, they could prob. Re: Passenger Console I can build the metal part, more the molded plastic that I'd be needing.

Giguchan Recruit. Joined Oct 29, Messages 3. Re: Passenger Console i have some nice pictures of a tracker that was for sale in texas that had a dual consol.. Most often, Dual Console Bass Boat For Sale Engineering you will certainly see the majority of our listings are from eBay. We feel that for the money, it's difficult to beat the prices offered on eBay. You can certainly definitely find the very best deals as well as the best selection.

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