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Because the boat had sat in storage for countless years, the deck planks had shrunk to the point the seams were uneven and unsightly. The only answer was to remove the old deck and replank it.

We are completing a redo of a Keaton Ski boat. This project involves redoing the hull and deck fiberglass, including new paint and metal flake finish.

We will also be redesigning and outfitting a new cockpit and seating area in the boat. A customer brought us a Correct Craft that was in his family for years.

He wanted to restore it to what he remembered from his childhood. We are installing a new cold molded plywood bottom on the boat and will be refinishing the deck.

March 15, As many of you know, there was a change in management of Antique Boat Center several months ago. The progress of making changes and getting the business back on its feet and operating properly has been a long and arduous journey. There were many hurdles to overcome and hopefully we are closing in on working through them.

To those customers with whom we have had direct contact, we hope that we have been able to demonstrate the changes that we are trying to make and that you are pleased with what you are seeing. We continue to make progress, sometimes too slow, but progress nonetheless. In the past, Antique Boat has been involved in the process of selling boats. The impression of new management was that this function was given short shrift and never the attention it was due and therefore you the customer suffered.

We are announcing a change in that process. Jim Barach, who was involved in selling boats and service work several years ago with Antique Boat Center has decided to get back into that business. He has established a new company, Vintage Bros.

Boat Sales to under take this effort and be a broker for anyone interested in selling or buying a boat.

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Antique Boat Center Eustis Fl