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Aluminium sailboat If the boat is on the trailer and out of the water you should be reading 0 Volts. If you get in the boat and put one lead of the Volt meter on the hull and one to the battery post you should read 0 volts. Make sure your boat is NOT used for a ground for ANY electronics. . Apr 05, �� The answer: electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs any time you pass an electric current through water, and when two dissimilar metals are immersed in this water. The electric current can come from anything from faulty wiring in your own or your neighbor's boat or . ELECTROLYSIS is actually the opposite action to galvanic corrosion so the distinction is NOT trivial semantics as some people suggest. ELECTROLYSIS is the forced introduction of an electrical current in an electrolyte (water) to cause a chemical reaction to separate the components of the water. This process produces Hydrogen and Oxygen.

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Many of them are still in service today. However, like all materials used to craft boats, there are many common issues that aluminum boats suffer from. Issues such as corrosion damage to the metal, temperature control within the cabin, and plain design aesthetics are common with aluminum boats.

The biggest cause of corrosion is electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs with two Aluminum Bass Boats Zone dissimilar metals are in an electrolyte. Saltwater is a much stronger electrolyte than freshwater, and boats often have stainless steel or bronze hardware attached to the hull.

These can set up corrosion by electrolysis. Even a copper penny lost in the bilge can cause corrosion. The Zinc will corrode in the electrolysis process and protect the aluminum hull. Zincs must be examined and replaced because they are designed to corrode away. Many aluminum boats suffer from corrosion in the shaft tube. Inboard powered boats can have corrosion problems, especially in the propeller shaft tubes and rudder bearings. Stainless steel prop shafts live close to the aluminum in the shaft tube.

Rudder shafts are often stainless steel as well. These are potential corrosion areas that are not readily visible. Be sure to check these areas often for corrosion or degraded zinc anodes. Another cause of corrosion is electrolysis from faulty wiring. Any currents that flow from the aluminum hull to other metals in the area will cause corrosion. Again, zincs will handle the corrosion, but they may rapidly disappear if there are stray currents.

Be sure all electrical equipment is well-grounded and insulated. If you suspect stray currents in your marina, ask a specialist to measure for the problem. Age and hammering through waves can cause these boats to leak at the panel joints. For example, electrolysis and galvanic corrosion are often used interchangeably, but they are far from the same process. Galvanic corrosion is the process in which electrons flow between two metals, an anode and a cathode, in the presence of an electrolyte.

As electrons transfer from one metal to the other, the first metal begins to look plated onto the surface of the second metal. This often occurs when you place dissimilar metals near each other in the presence of water, and you may think that it looks like electrolysis. As the name suggests, this type of corrosion is caused by stray current that leaks from electronic equipment aboard your boat � most commonly, the bilge pump.

However, do not despair! As a boat owner, you can take several steps to protect your aluminum boat from the effects of electrolysis and corrosion. To protect your boat from electrolysis and other types of corrosion that involve the presence of an electrolyte, removing the electrolyte water is one Aluminum Fishing Boats Manufacturers Youtube of the easiest preventative steps to take. Many boat owners leave their craft in the water to avoid the fees and hassle that come with boat trailers, lifts, power sources, and other necessary tools.

If you want to keep your boat near the water without submerging it, a boat lift can be a good option. Many lifts are coated in plastic rather than metal, which makes them an ideal storage location for your boat. However, boat lifts are not cheap, so many boaters prefer to simply leave their aluminum boats in the water. Another solution to preventing corrosion is to simply wash your boat. When you take your boat out of the water for the season, wash it!

Washing the exterior of your boat helps preserve its integrity and the coatings that offer protection against corrosion. So, be sure to properly clean the outside of your aluminum boat before you store it for the season. Aluminum is a fairly active metal, so you can use sacrificial anodes in order to protect your aluminum boat. Anodes like zinc are more likely to degrade than aluminum, so they will take the brunt of corrosion issues.

When you notice your zinc anodes beginning to corrode, you can simply replace them, protecting your aluminum hull. The purpose of the shore power ground lead is to provide a return path for a current if there is a short circuit or power leakage from an appliance or the wiring on the boat. You don't want it to connect all the underwater items on your boat to the underwater items on all the other Aluminum Boats Ct 011 boats and the dock, as well, because now your zinc is trying to absorb the charge everywhere and protect everyone else, too.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to keep the circuits separate due to interconnections, such as shore power chargers. There are a number of ways to separate the shore power ground from the boat's underwater bonding system, but Aluminum Boats For Sale Alberta Inc the generally agreed-upon best and safest way is to use a galvanic isolator to introduce a 1. This is enough to isolate most galvanic voltages, but it will still conduct electrical faults and keep the boat safe in the event of a ground fault in the wiring or in an appliance.

The galvanic isolator must be rated for the size of your shore power circuit. In situations where you need a large amount of zinc power for a relatively short period of time, considering using a zinc fish.

These are large lumps of zinc, often cast in the shape of a fish, that are cheaper and easier to replace than the zincs on you shaft. These "fish" come with a copper wire already attached, which is then used to hang them in the water. They have an alligator clip on the end of the wire, which is connected to the negative bonding circuit on your boat. If it is not conveniently available in the cockpit in the vicinity of the prop, you might consider installing a stainless bolt for clipping it to, with the head of the bolt inside the deck connected to the negative bonding system.

Clipping it to the shrouds or railing will only work if somewhere on the boat the shrouds are connected to this boat negative bonding system. For more information on electrolysis and how to protect your houseboat from this corrosive process, visit www.

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Close Search. Protect your boat from the invisible damage from electrolysis April Brandon Barrus. Newsletter Facebook Share. Guarding Against It There are two basic ways to reduce electrolysis. Disconnecting Electrolysis cannot occur on a lone piece of metal in water, because if it is isolated, no current can flow, meaning there is no electrolysis. The Power Of Zinc As we've discussed, whenever different metals are placed in a conductive liquid you create a battery.

Limitations If other currents are allowed to get into this bonding circuit, they can easily overpower the small voltage available from your zincs and defeat the protection you need.

Here, Fishy In situations where you need a large amount of zinc power for a relatively short period of time, considering using a zinc fish. Like what you read? Want to know when we have important news, updates or interviews?

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