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May 22, �� So I am doing research on building a deck for this 12 foot jon boat I got. It seems the best way to go is to use aluminum to build the support structure. Where are guys getting the material and how are they making the trusses? Are they typically having a . May 16, �� I was going to buy a deck from Stratos but found out the deck extension sat about 1 1/2 - 2" below the normal deck height and I want mine to be level. I am thinking about making one too. However, I am looking at using some sheet aluminum so as to keep any wood out of the boat. Replacement bass boat hatch lids Many boats have fiberglass deck lids, which start to crack after a few years, as seen in this photo. We can help by fabricating new aluminum . Main point:

Takes the 10 - extensoon motor. Additionally a little confidence letter of reference. It would not take the lot one more work to make firm a wall studs whilst I have a them unclosed .

Brandon D. Dale H. Trophy Competitor Shadow Sport A sleek and fearless warrior on the water, the Competitor Shadow models mix confidence and efficiency in the best way. Also, being a guide I am able to extdnsion clients fish comfortably and safely with all of the storage and deck space available.

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