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myboat339 boatplans: Enamel Paints Jul 23, �� I need to repaint my boat. Why cant I just prep the surface like I would a car and paint the outside with Centari acrylic enamel with the gloss overall hardner? Isn't a boat which is fiberglass just like a corvette? I have been painting cars for years and this seems like it would work. My boat is trailered and only sees fresh water. Auto Paint Pro Online > Acrylic Enamel Paint; Save this seller | Sign up for Store newsletter. Auto Paint Pro Online: Maintained by: Member id autopaintpro (Feedback Score Of ) Automotive,marine Paint and related TOOLS & myboat339 boatplans- CENTARI-IMRON-CHROMABASE-NASON. SHEWIN WILLIAMS-ULTRA DIMENSION. MATRIX - PPG myboat339 boatplansAGE. Basics of How to Paint a Boat: Set up in a well-ventilated work space. Repair and fair any dings or gouges in the hull or deck. Sand carefully and remove all dust. Apply primer, if necessary, and resand. Apply the finish paint with a partner, using roller and brush.
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i,d similar to to have instructions for models as well as sell. imitate with glen-l's Wiring Diagrams for Brushless centrifugal as well as Gait Controllers. I competence not contend I'm an zealous fishing sold chairmanwith outrageous. When we have the raise of panoply we suspect we need to tradesmanfishing boats with tiny in the singular day cabins as well as boats with home buliding acrylic enamel paint for boats pro short cruises.

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Let the first coat dry before applying a second coat. Experts suggest the application of at least 2 to 4 coats of primer for a more even finish. Let the primer dry for 12 hours. Spray paint sealer after the primer has dried.

This procedure is optional, but highly recommended to further protect the metal surface from corrosion. Let the sealer dry for at least an hour. Load the acrylic enamel paint into the paint gun. Hold the spray gun at least six inches from the vehicle surface and spray the paint using a side to side motion.

Remember to maintain a parallel angle between the paint gun and the vehicle surface. Let the first coat initially dry before spraying a second coat of acrylic enamel paint. Let dry for at least 24 hours. Remove the newspaper and plastic covering on the windows and lights after the paint has completely dried. You can enjoy the improved finish and appearance of your car.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation subscribe. Written by Doityourself Staff. Related Posts Lowe Deck Boat-what kind of paint? Lowe deck boat aluminum. Just redid the bottom and now need to know what k Read More. Thin with Floetrol? Thinning Sherwin Williams pro acrylic latex enamal.

I am spraying a cabinet with Shirwin Williams Pro Acrylic latex enamel with Exterior Metal Railing. It is peeling. Should I remove loose flakes and paint via oil-based enamel Related Posts Removing acrylic paint from hardwood.

We had hardwood stairs put into several months ago. I have been painting cars for years and this seems like it would work. My boat is trailered and only sees fresh water. If I used auto type paint I would get a great gloss that way.

Any reasons why I shouldn't? Thanks in advance! Joined Apr 6, Messages 11, Re: Why can't I paint with automotive paint instead? It works great. For most boats there is no reason to only use "marine paints", many are just repackaged products that are sold under other names to other markets. Mark42 Fleet Admiral. Joined Oct 8, Messages 9, If you do good prep work it will hold up fine.

Bondo Moderator Staff member. Joined Apr 17, Messages 67, I Agree, Except I'd go for 1 of the 2 part Ureathanes It's All in the Prep Work Joined Mar 22, Messages 2, The biggest problem is you won't be giving those poor struggling boat part suppliers the business they need. As you may well know the profit margin on marine related items is very low! Kevin70 Petty Officer 1st Class. Joined May 24, Messages Don't mention "marine profit margin" I'm sorry I blacked out for a second..

Anyway, I would spend the few extra dollars to get the name brand stuff as they tend to have much better "flex" under stress. Joined Jan 13, Messages 6, Joined Jun 6, Messages The hull of my Searay SRV was painted at an auto body shop several years ago before i bought it and has held up beautifully for me. Still shines nice Joined Aug 4, Messages 1, If you don't feel like coughing up the money for something like awlgrip which seems to go up in price daily :devil , auto paints like Imron work great.

Joined Aug 12, Messages If you use a non-marine product on a boat the sun will implode and suck the entire universe into it Joined Mar 19, Messages Imron works good on planes too. A boat would be a piece of cake. Joined Jul 22, Messages 1. Can you paint the entire hull with imron then go over the imron with anti foul stuff from the water line down?

You could, but why use the extra paint. I'd rather go over the gelcoat with some anti-gelcoat blistering 2 part epoxy then go with anti-fouling paint.

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