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Learn More. In that case, I would wonder if we can bump the version to force it? I spent a little time yesterday trying to find a way to specify a version for the dependency or force an upgrade but couldn't find one.

It's not clear from the Homebrew documentation how this sort of dependency is handled. Yeah I think it's fine, when we release a Homebrew version that has an incremented version for UNFS3, it will show up in brew outdated etc, and I think that's the best we can aim for. Our goal can be just to tell people to do brew upgrade dinghy unfs3 and be done with it? We'll need to change it on both this block and the one you copied it from below, but I can do that later if you prefer.

Ok, sorry about that. At that point, I think it will be easier to Solo Sailing Dinghy Reviews Kit finish this formula, since the underlying dinghy version will have been incremented, so no tricks will be necessary to make it into an upgrade with an upgraded dependency I think! Skip to content. New issue. Jump to bottom. Use UNFS3 branch higher-resolution-setattr for nanoseconds 2 codekitchen merged 3 commits into codekitchen : master from ms-ati : use-unfs3-branch-higher-resolution-setattr May 29, Conversation 8 Commits 3 Checks 0 Files changed.

Copy link Quote reply. Fix brew audit: sourceforge. Update dinghy revision and unfs3 default version. I have experienced zero conflicts when performing any syncs and now I want to show you how to set it up as well. It should be noted that the sync is triggered by you on your local machine.

I will be utilizing the Jetpack repository I setup on Github for the examples going forward in this tutorial, so the first thing to do is setup yourself a repository on Github where this project will live and then clone it down to your local machine.

You will use trunk and development branches here as normal. Feel free to do all the pushes and pulls to Github that you desire, however do not hook up trunk or any development branches to the Subversion repository! The next step is to create a branch that will only be used to setup a remote connection to the Subversion server. You will never do any development changes directly in this branch. If you do you will most likely encounter severe issues due to the incompatible histories of both systems.

You are now all setup to begin developing your amazing whatever with full confidence that changes made to the git or svn side can and will safely be reflected back to each other. But wait! Keep reading now to find out the tricks to make the sync work after you have created those amazing new additions to your project. First all changes from svn are going to be merged locally and staged to be pushed out to the Github repository. Now going the other direction. This is a bit more complicated than pulling in from svn, but make sure you follow all the steps or you will get nasty errors with the sync.

Keep in mind the �no-ff on the merge is very important to include. We also want to make sure everything is fully updated from both Github and the svn server before performing the push to svn.

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