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By runamukFebruary 8, in Boating. My question is after all the prep work and 2 pack paint for boats pdf is done, do i have to prime the hull as it is already painted and can 2 pack paint for boats pdf roll and brush 2 pak on for a top finish as i dont have access to booth's and spray machines. Hi mate, I once rolled my boat with International brand paint and whilst it went on a bit streaky it dried really nicely If the paint is 2pak on the boat now you can rub back with some wet and dry paper with water of coarse and spray 2pac onto it but if its acrylic you will have to use primer because they are different paints if the paint is old and flaking then proberly best to start from scratch with the sander with on it and give it a good sand its a lot Gloss Paint For Boats Pdf of work and then primer its up to 2 pack paint for boats pdf as for roller you can paint 2pac with anything once you mix the hardener with the paint it will go off but if you want a nice finish on your boat spraying is the only way to go hope this helps.

I am assuming your chosen colour is a solid and not a metallic? Metallic can be done, but is extra work for someone who isn't experience with painting. If 2 pack paint for boats pdf, you are painting over gelcoat.

You can Aluminum Boats Louisiana For Sale Pdf scuff and shoot 2K solid straight over it, but personally, I'd wash and scuff the whole surface you intend to paint with a scotch brite pad, Morning Fresh dish soap and water. This will remove any grease or silicon, which the primers and paint won't adhere to. Sanding the cleaned surface with grit on a pneumatic orbital whizzer is best, followed by a good clean with prepsol, and then epoxy sealer, eg Protec's Epotec.

The epoxy isnt totally necessary, but helps seal the fibreglass if the gelcoat isn't perfect. It also ensures good adhesion and a solid foundation for the paint.

I would definately recommend it! Stay away from high fill style 2K primers, they are too porous for use on a boat. Prepsol the hull thoroughly, and allow a good Dupont Imron Paint For Boats Kr hour or so for the prepsol to totally evaporate. This is VERY important, as any remaining prepsol can interfere with the 2pack.

You are gonna need a gun with a big cup for that boat, and will still probably need a helper to mix paint etc as you spray. I would suggest investing in a decent gun, eg a good Devilbiss or Anest Iwata. Cheap spray guns are much harder to get 2 pack paint for boats pdf good finish from!

You will also need a good sized compressor. Spray guns eat a LOT of air! Don't even consider doing this without investing in a top quality respirator from 3M at a minimum. The Isocyanates from the paint are not good for your health. Remember, you are not in a booth, and the overspray will be hanging. It is also technically illegal to apply 2pack outside a booth.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in. There are no registered users currently online. Recommended Posts. Posted February 8, Hi all, whilst i finish off my project berty 20 and await some more funds to buy a new sterndrive, im tossing up the idea of painting the hull midnight blue as it 2 pack paint for boats pdf been painted in the past and looks pretty ordinary.

How would it look being rolled and brushed? Cheers Dave. Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 9, Posted February 10, 2 pack paint for boats pdf Berties are fibreglass hulls, right? If you choose to epoxy the hull, let the epoxy cure for a few days. Then sand with If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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Dec 16, �� For a protective, watertight barrier to prevent corrosion on aluminum and steel boats, use TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Barrier Coat epoxy primer under antifouling and other 1- and 2-part paints. For your convenience, TotalBoat 2-Part Marine Epoxy Primer is available in two formulas: Surfacing & Price Range: $ - $ Determining the paint system you are going to use on your boat, really comes down to considering these factors: time, effort, and budget. One-part paints Traditional one-part paint (or alkyd enamel) can be applied �straight from the can�. Many boats are manufactured using composite materials covered by a layer of Gelcoat. This creates a very durable finish. Most gelcoats are composed of unsaturated polyesters or epoxies. While 2 pack boat repairs tend to be cheaper in the short term, Gelcoat creates a more long term solution. If you decide to go with a 2 pack paint job, be aware Missing: pdf.

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