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Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. Hi I was planning to build a stitch and glue sailboat. I got as far as buying all the tools and even bought some plans. Yes bought. Well I have been told by my financial adviser that she would prefer a motor cruiser instead. My workspace is ane likely going to be a small domestic garage therefore no titanic shitch designs. Something that will fit two or three people is OK. Outboard or inboard. I just want something that I can goue up the rivers and canals of Ireland in.

Just think small caravan on water. Cheers balood. Take a Speed Of Boat Upstream And Downstream Your good sailgoat at this site. You could sailboaat your own cabin. By the time you finish the several hundred Euros for a good set of plans will be stitch and glue sailboat engineer small fraction of your total expenditures. DCockeyJul 8, There are a lot of power cruiser plans available, most not free, but also most not perpendicularly costly.

Free plans tend to be incomplete, with a long dead designer you can't ask questions of usually important and often the design uses materials no longer available and techniques that are less then desirable, compared to stitch and glue sailboat engineer building methods.

What size cruiser are you looking for? What conditions will it run in? PARJul 8, Good free plans? Is that like jumbo shrimp? Look at abd Tolman Stitc The plans are in the book. Stitch and glue sailboat engineer experience with free plans was a disaster. You will save money by buying good plans. MilehogJul 9, Hi balood I have built two Glen-L nad and found their plans to be very good "not free" but worth every penny they also have a great forum if you have any questions, like stitch and glue sailboat engineer others say stay away from free plans as you may gluw yourself with a half built boat and a big hole in your pocket.

Made It Small. Painted Jumbo Small. I consider stitch and glue sailboat engineer USD, give or take a bit depending on desinger, on a set of plans suitable for ' cruiser as "free" all accounted. Even the literally free support offered by most big DIY-designers saioboat their respective user boards is alone worth more than. You can save that cost in basic materials, plywood, cloth, and epoxy, on the hull alone by having a good BOM and by avoiding simple mistakes.

What sea faring ability? I would assume little to none if you are talking a true canal boat. But, are you talking a true 'narrow? Or a European canal stich Or, are you talking something like a true camper on floats? A pontoon houseboat? Or, ssailboat American style 'house boat? Or, 2 to 3 berths and 35 foot?

Monohull, or multi? You must log in or sign up to stitch and glue sailboat engineer. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads.

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After you've got your joint somewhat solidified with a weld of thickened epoxy, you can remove the cable ties. I now have a 2. In the United States stitch and glue boat building was popularized in the mids largely through Harold "Dynamite" Payson's articles in WoodenBoat magazine and books on building "instant boats" designed by Phil Bolger. Be sure to sand the epoxy before you apply the tape if it has dried. I apologize for the lack of some crucial photos, as once the process is started and the gloves are on, the epoxy usually gets everywhere so I try to limit my camera's exposure to it. You could find very good skin doors 20 years ago. I made a few modifications to the original plans.

Check this:

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