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10 Top Pontoon Boats: Our Favorites - myboat039 boatplans Mitey-Toon Electric. The best small lake and pond boat? ever! 4-person model complete water ready - $ 2-person model complete water ready - $ Fun Toons Pedal Boat MSRP: $5, Sale Price: Fun Toons Pro Bass MSRP: $5, Sale Price: Laker Basic Pontoon Boat MSRP: $6, Sale Price: Laker Basic Pontoon Boat MSRP: $7, Sale Price: Sunny Days 15 Tri-Toon MSRP: $6, Sale Price: Electric Mini Pontoon Boat MSRP: $6, Sale Price: Laker Camper Electric.
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Kennedy Electric Mini Toons are the perfect sized small "personal pontoon boat". They are ideal for anyone who wants the freedom of quiet and carefree cruising on smaller waterways or gas-powered restrictive lakes. With nearly 50 square feet of carpeted deck area, there is room enough for sun tanning, diving or fishing.

The motor can be controlled by the hand-held cordless remote controller or the corded foot controller. Power for the drive system is supplied by two dealer-installed deep-cycle marine batteries which are controlled by a battery selector switch.

I love my ElectraCraft and would recommend their great boats and services. Contact us today! Never plug your boat in again! No dock power needed! No electricity bill from shore power! A Bristol Reputation. The ElectraCraft Lifestyle. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Elux Marine Inc.

This ultimate all-electric pontoon delivers a seamless boating experience for you, with no emissions to pollute and no ignition to fail. This luxurious The battery boasts an inboard electric motor that speeds up to 14 mph. Stealth can easily accommodate 12 passengers and carry lbs.

Here are some mouth opening features of the famous electric pontoon Stealth:. Stealth is equipped with the latest accessories that make up for its high cost. These include boat fenders, pull-up cleats, drawstring boat cover, removable table, and lastly, recycling and trash bins. The Brio E can carry around four people at least, along with a Torqeedo 2. Unlike regular pontoons, Brio E is lightweight, which maximizes the motor efficiency and makes the pontoon easy to haul.

The Brio Electric series is compatible with two Torqeedo models, the Cruise 2. The Cruise 2. As compared to the E Brio, the E has just got a shorter pontoon and deck length of about 4. But the high-performance pontoon is a head-turner wherever it goes, for its sleek design and German engine. Here are some features of Brio E, that will make you consider this pontoon for your next cruise:. You can also upgrade the boat for its premium offerings; these optional features include a mood package with bow snack table, anti-skid vinyl flooring, raised rails, and more.

This maneuverable pontoon is guaranteed noise-free to go on a soothing trip while laughing and enjoying nature with a handful of friends. After the success of its luxury Small Pontoon Boats Texas Pdf recreational pontoon boat Stealth, Marine Inc. Like Stealth, Breeze also requires a 72 Volt Lithium battery that functions the electric motor at a continuous 20kw power. The sturdy lithium battery ensures zero emissions in air or water, making sure there is no exhaust to smell. Apart from the specifications as mentioned above, the Breeze also consists of some state-of-the-art accessories.

Elux Breeze assures a noise-free electric boating experience where you can enjoy nature, listen to music, or have a quiet conversation with your loved Small Electric Fishing Boats For Sale Today ones without having to shout over a gasoline-powered engine. This spacious electric pontoon is a great fit for family entertainment. Here are some of the specifications you may consider for Electrocat:. If you have a large family and love fishing or cruising with them on lakes, rivers, ElectroCat is the best option.

The electric pontoon supports your relaxing needs by providing a plushy L-lounge with storage holders beneath it. To cater to your fishing activities, dual bow fishing chairs provide you comfortable spots, along with a livewell, which is perfect for placing your keepers.

Last but not least, Bass Buggy consists of three gates that provide quick access to the water, along with a foldable ladder, to provide you and your family an excellent swimming experience.

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