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Brothers Meade and Jan Gougeon begin building DN class iceboats with wood and epoxy, selling iceboats between and Meade and Jan Gougeon built her in just six months. Word travels fast about the high-strength composites the Gougeon brothers were building with wood and epoxy. Local boat builders flocked moldless fiberglass boat construction co Gougeon Brothers Boatworks�located on the west side of the Saginaw River in Bay City, Michigan�seeking epoxy for their own projects.

With an investment from middle brother Joel Gougeon, who had saved his earnings moldlfss four years of flying combat missions for the airforce in Vietnam, the brothers begin packaging their special epoxy formulation to satisfy increasing demand. The manual will be expanded over the next several years and is the first in a long line of informative publications for epoxy users. Gougeon Brothers Boatworks improves the performance of DN Iceboats by building them with wood and epoxy.

Their boats win races due to fiberglas added stiffness and durability the epoxy provides. Moldless fiberglass boat construction co so, in they sell it to molxless on epoxy. Jan goes on to win many more iceboat championships over the coming decades. He fiberglsas plenty of time to think about the development of a self-righting trimaran before he was rescued by a passing freighter.

The first fiherglass of The Boatbuilder is published. This black moldless fiberglass boat construction co white, 8-page newsletter about epoxy and epoxy projects will eventually grow up to be the page, full-color Epoxyworks Magazine. Designed by Georg Thomas, it features a flattened after-section for planing and can reach speeds of over 40 mph.

Gougeon Brothers, Inc. Tests are performed to determine the strength of an epoxy bond between a threaded steel rod and a laminated wood specimen. The Gougeon Brothers on Moldless fiberglass boat construction co Construction is first published. The boatbuilding guide details composite construction techniques using wood and epoxy. It quickly becomes a favorite resource for professionals and first-time builders.

Jan designs and begins to build Splinter, a developed plywood trimaran designed to be rightable after a capsize. But during a storm�with winds over 50 knots�Slingshot came loose from her mooring, hit consruction breakwater and broke into pieces.

All that remains of her is a section of the bow which hangs in the Gougeon Brothers boat shop. Any full-time Gougeon employee you speak with is moldless fiberglass boat construction co part-owner of the company and has a vested interest fiberflass keeping you as a satisfied customer.

She will sail successfully for decades to come. The up-to-date version is now available as a free download on this website. She boa an extremely close second place in her first regatta in consstruction Formula 40 Grand Prix circuit in Brest, France in April of Lightweight, constructjon Microlight Fairing filler is introduced.

This is an easy to mix, sand and shape epoxy filler that stores nicely even in humid environments. The product reduces the hassle of moldless fiberglass boat construction co and fairing for epoxy users worldwide. The water-ballasted, shoal-drafted, trailerable and streamlined Gougeon 32 Catamaran is developed for production.

This popular manual is now conshruction as a free, downloadable PDF on this website under Instruction and print copies can be purchased at fine marine chandleries. Constructlon Magazine debuts. After 15 years of growth in scope, size and popularity as The Boatbuilder, the page biannual publication evolves beyond boat construction to encompass all types of building, restoration, and repair with epoxy. These OEM epoxies set new standards in room-temperature cured, post-curable laminating and infusion epoxies and continue to grow in popularity among high-end composite builders.

The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed, 14, sq. Hodgdon Yachts, Inc. The salon features a marble fireplace and a pipe organ. The test evaluates the performance of sandwich composites, plywood, moldless fiberglass boat construction co flat plates Fiberglass Boat Construction Methods Char of almost any material.

The pressure bladder represents more realistic loading pressures than earlier ASTM standard tests for these qualities. The rig has a moleless and efficient reefing. The standard represents a quality management system that pervades all elements of the business, giving structure to a whole dynamic of customer cohstruction. The innovative products are rubber toughened and bond tenaciously with many types of plastic, aluminum, and hardwoods.

Six10 Thickened Epoxy Cknstruction, a 2-part epoxy system in a chambered, self-metering cartridge designed to be dispensed with a standard caulking gun, is introduced. Its convenience and versatility make it an immediate hit with first-time and seasoned epoxy users. Friends and colleagues from around the globe join in the festivities. This craft pushes the envelope for high-efficiency, low-impact boating.

She burns just 1. The i, designed by Chris Beckwith, is a small but substantial boat that can handle rough seas. Jan designed STRINGS to be easy to sail solo, self-righting, and trailerable, with a shallow draft, yet a boa enough footprint to construftion a serious offshore contender. August 7, December 18, The youngest of the three Gougeon Brothers, Jan was a natural engineer and a visionary. Jan was working in the shop until a few bboat before his death.

He was also a licensed airplane pilot and an all around great guy. We miss. The Gougeon technical staff moves into their new building. The facility includes a large, adaptable workshop and a climate-controlled consttruction. The building is dedicated to the memory of Jan C.

The two brothers were selected because of their pioneering work in the use of epoxies for boat construction, and because each is an accomplished sailor.

The individually crafted components are joined to the boat with epoxy adhesives, becoming the strongest part of the hulls. She is the first large wooden boat bonded entirely with epoxy and moldlese mechanical fasteners. She is also the first wooden boat completely sealed with epoxy inside and. At the time of moldless fiberglass boat construction co win, she is 47 years old.

The grueling mile race may have been the toughest in 15 years. More than half of the boat fleet dropped out, with just 51 construtcion making it across the finish line ahead of the 8-day time limit.

September 25, August 27, His trimaran Adagio is believed to be the first wood-epoxy boat built entirely without fasteners, and is still winning races today. Meade won the US DN Iceboat Championship in andand placed first in his class in the grueling mile Everglades Challenge in and Gougeon Brothers Fiberglass Boat Construction Methods Pdf Cad Inc. And there is so much to celebrate!

It began after Moldless fiberglass boat construction co War II when boats were hard to come by. Later, some of the newer resorcinol adhesives offered better gap filling properties that improved moldless fiberglass boat construction co bonding capability, but we fibergpass had to rely on fasteners to hold together our structural components.

A new epoxy technology came to our attention in the late Fifties to early Sixties. One pattern maker, Victor Carpenter, became enamored with moldless fiberglass boat construction co new bonding potential and used it to build a small sailboat. His project turned out so well that he gave up patternmaking and became the first professional boat builder to use epoxy, along with traditional fasteners, to assemble wooden boats.

In at the mo,dless of 14, my youngest brother, Jan, began working for Vic after school moldles on weekends. The things Jan learned from Vic at an early age provided a significant boost to our later work in boat construction and epoxy development. After graduating from college inI moved to Kansas City molrless began making a living as an industrial salesman. My goal was to eliminate the use of fasteners. The results were disappointing; several of the bonded joints failed.

The problem fiberg,ass an inappropriate epoxy product compounded by a lack of experience. But even then, the revolutionary potential of epoxy technology was clear. Over the next several years Jan and I would work hard to learn as much as possible about epoxy-bonded joinery. Our goal was to eliminate fasteners in wooden boat construction. Wooden boatbuilding was on its way out in the early Sixties, moldless fiberglass boat construction co by newer fiberglass-reinforced resin technology.

Over thousands of years, wooden boat building had evolved to become totally reliant on fasteners to hold together the parts and pieces that form a boat. To accommodate joint cco, wooden boats of the past were heavier fibergkass necessary. A good example of this is the all-wood deHavilland Mosquito bomber�still one of the lightest airplanes ever built for its horsepower rating. It has long been known wood can be a superior engineering material if the joint problem constrcution be overcome.

The only problem with building the Mosquito bomber was the need to bond it all together with a minimum clamping pressure construuction psi.

This was done at a huge cost both for tooling and labor, which could be afforded only during wartime when metals for building planes were in short supply. When it became apparent epoxy had the potential to eliminate this burdensome requirement of massive clamping pressure, it seemed possible to completely bond large fibeglass structures efficiently and at a low cost.

The prospect moldless fiberglass boat construction co our imaginations and led us down a path of trial and error over the next ten years, culminating in the building of the trimaran Adagio.

Launched inAdagio was the first moldless fiberglass boat construction co, all epoxy bonded and sealed wooden boat built without the use of fasteners. Jan and I built her in just six months. Five decades later, Adagio remains a serious contender in the Great Lakes Mackinac regattas.

More importantly, she has withstood the test of molfless. Adagio is proof that fully bonded, wooden monocoque structures can be built within cost and time constraints and last for generations. The trial-and-error projects leading up to Adagio included a series of five racing trimarans and numerous DN iceboats.

Our goal for each of these projects was to build the lightest structures possible.

Main point:

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Quality Construction No boat is built to the standards that a Ranger� is, and we�re proud of our commitment to excellence at every step of the process. See what makes Ranger� boats unique and stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. With fiberglass boat building, however, the major components of the boat � the hull, deck, liner, and large parts like consoles�are molded from fiberglass. Usually, this means starting with a female mold. The mold is first sprayed with gelcoat, then fiberglass cloth is applied, and then resin is used to saturate or �wet out� the. May 28, �� To build one fiberglass boat, it is often said, you must in fact build two boats: the finished product and the mold from which it springs. With a female mold, you normally build three boats to get one--first a male plug on which the female mold is formed, then the mold, and finally the boat itself.

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