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Discussion in ' Sailboats ' started by danny. Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. I would have thought that this would be an easy thing to find information on, but after a couple of days of searching I can find essentially nothing of practical use. I masthead lights for boats designs installing a windex light and wind instruments on Led Spreader Lights For Boats Valve the top of my mast. I am concerned masthead lights for boats designs keeping weight down to a minimum, and aren't crazy about drilling all kinds of holes or any hokey cable arrangements at the top of the mast.

Can someone advise on: 1 How should the cables be retained at the top of the mast so that the weight of the cable is not hanging off the connector? I would masthead lights for boats designs to do this through the flat plate lighgs top of the mast, as opposed to the mast wall.

What kind of connector should I install at the mast top? A Knot? Or you could give up on making it watertight and just make sure it won't chafe with some thick hose The big question is how to stop the damn cable banging around inside the mast There are few answers to that one - most involve holes in the mast wall.

One tip if your mast is still up and you are going up in a bosuns chair, take a 2m length of rope or webbing with foot size loops in each end. When you get up there run it over the top of the mast and you can stand up in the loops to see what you are doing - higher than the level that your chair will take you.

PolarityApr 13, Lew MorrisMay 12, PolarityMay 15, A good way to prevent the wiring from hanging off the connector, is to use a stainless steel webbing with a hook built on it. It is specially made for wiring. As the wire pulls, the mesh tightens. The main advantage dsigns that it spreads the load over a long section of the wire.

Sorry if there was any confusion about. Lew MorrisMay 16, You must log in or sign up to reply. Boast Ignored Content. Similar Threads. Masthead gennaker for fractional fog ebarker2Oct 24,in forum: Sailboats. Replies: 10 Views: 3, Replies: 6 Views: 1, Masthead taper dreamerAug 4,in forum: Sailboats. Replies: 2 Views: 1, Building new Masthead sheave box. RyanNOct mastheax,in forum: Sailboats.

Replies: masthead lights for boats designs Views: 2, RyanN Oct 10, Forum posts represent the experience, opinion, and view of individual users. Boat Design Net does not necessarily endorse nor share the view of each individual post. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Your circumstances or experience may be different.

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Piper Co. New production, salvage-inspired lighting : As the supply of salvage dwindles each year, we recast new versions of only the most popular styles. Boat lighting is an integral part of keeping your safe both onboard and on the water. These features ultimately ensure that the battery masthead light is as safe as possible and minimize the risk of anything going wrong. Serial appx 19" tall, appx 11 lbs: 1 available. This site is updated daily with accurate quantities.

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