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Log in. Sign up. Boat trailer. Collection by Jay Guettler. Last updated 15 weeks ago. Have canoe; will bike around USA.

CastleCraft Trailex Universal Launching This is a canoe or kayak carrier modified from a jogging stroller. Diy boat launching dolly stroller was bought at a garage saie and only required a small bit of re-engineering to create the carrier.

Diy boat launching dolly particular brand was made by Dreamer Design and is called Fitness First. The wheels are detachable great for stowing in a canoe and the frame diy boat launching dolly made of aluminum tubing. Also of note is the parking brake for the back wheels which is used to prevent the carrier from running away while you are tryin The Dock Doctors. Bike Trailer Kayak Cart. Tow a Boat with a Bike.

Tow a Diy boat launching dolly With a Bike. Trailex Launching Dolly - Universal Mode Velo-city - Watercraft Trailers. Kayak Trailer for a Bicycle Mountain Bi I Built This Bike Trailer. DIY Bike Trailer. All-Terrain Center Boat Cart. Free Shipping.

DIY trailer for a bike. Click this image to show the full-size version. Trailex bunk style boat launching dolly. Trailex Bunk Style Launching Dolly. The PaddleCart kayak cart is built from brushed marine grade anodized aluminum pipe with a stainless steel rod and then precision-welded into a durable frame.

The lack of excess bolts prevent pieces from coming loose while in use. The PaddleCart parts are assembled quickly using two hoop spring lynch pi.

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