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The NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths are provided here. Practising NCERT Solutions is the ultimate need for students who intend to score good marks in Maths examination. Students facing trouble in solving problems from Class 7 NCERT textbook can refer to our free NCERT Solutions provided below. Students are suggested to practise NCERT Solutions which are available in the PDF format, and it. To access the notes click on the links given below. CBSE Maths Notes For Class 7. Chapter 1 � Integers. Chapter 2 � Fractions and Decimals. Chapter 3 � Data Handling. Chapter 4 � Simple Equations. Chapter 5 � Lines and Angles. Chapter 6 � The Triangle and its Properties. Chapter 7 � Congruence of Triangles. rs-aggarwal-solutions-classmaths-chapterrational-numbers ? (a/b) = (10 ? -7) / (19 ? 5) ? (a/b) = (2? -7) / (19?1) ? (a/b) = (/19) (ii) Solution: Let the required number be (a/b). Then, (a/b) ? (-3/1) = (-4/15) ? (a/b) = (-4/15) ? (-3/1) ? (a/b) = (-4 ? -3) / (15 ? 1) ? (a/b) = (-4? -1) / (5?1) ? (a/b) = (4/5). Make point:

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