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Classic Launches | classic-boats-nz
myboat325 boatplans lists Boats for sale in NZ. Powerboats, Sailing, Jetskis, Yachts, Kayaks and Launches. Create your free account and find your dream boat!� Boats for Sale. Latest NZ Boat Listings. Glass craft Unknown. $7, Sea Nymph V13 runabout. This is a very tidy example of a classic boat. $7, Suzuki DT - New Zealand Boat models/ranges: Sonic, Bartlett Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, motor trimarans, fisherboats, race boats) defective website: myboat325 boatplans Vaudrey Miller Yachts. - New Zealand Boat models/ranges: Vaudrey Miller Manufacturer: sailboats, powerboats defective website: myboat325 boatplans Fishing Boats NZ are proud to be NZ's largest dealers of Surtees aluminium boats and Yamaha outboards. We stock fishing boats, outboards & accessories.� Surtees Aluminium Boats lead the industry in boat building intelligence to produce the safest and best performing range of fishing boats on the market. Our comprehensive range of Hardtops and Workmates are loaded with functional features and innovations, including Anti-Roll� Stability Ballast Technology, Safety Buoyancy Airtight Flotation Compartments, Tough Deck� Super Rigid Hull Construction, Razortech� Super Smooth Riding Hull and many more. We also stock a range of versatile, high-end Yamaha Engines and Accessories that work with a number of different boats and applications. SERVICES.

With a life time spent working and owning charter boats, Brian Worthington has a keen interest in Classic Boats and Game Fishing Boats. As a young lad growing up in the Bay of Plenty, he spent many summer days working on his father's charter boats before skippering Taiho and then owning her in later years. In the 80's he helped build his father boat "Pacific Ranger" which Brian now owns and runs as a charter boat out of Tauranga, New Boats Built In Minnesota Coin Zealand. He is known for his vast knowledge of boats.

Gulf Group Marine often has classic boats for sale. With Oliver and Glipin Boats been built in Tauranga, Brian has taken a personal keen interest in these boats and has collected old photos and as much information as possible to help preserve the history of these classic boats. Irlene parents used to own "Canopus " she also shared in the intrest of. Irlene's parents also owned other wooden boats over the years. She designed and managed this site. With old news paper clips and old boating articles slowly fading away, Brian wanted to help keep the history of these old girls alive for future generations to come.

Classic Boats and Game Fishing Boats web site was made and designed by Irlene and is dedicated to as many of the classic boats and classic charter boats around New Zealand.

From his stack of old "Sea Spray" magazines and other boating magazines, Brian has saved a lot of information and photos. He has also collected old photos from friends and family members, and spoken with Ted Glipin and others.

If you have photos or information that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. Show More.


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