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FIBERGLASS BOATBUILDING: Creating a Laminate - Wave Train Now that you know the basics of modern boat building and you�re ready to choose a boat of your own, be sure read How to Buy a Boat: Tips for First Time Buyers. Editor's Note: This article incorporates portions of a Basic Boat Construction article by Chris Caswell, from August of , and was updated in October and March Mar 29, �� Speed - RC Gas Boats - 50 Deep V PLUG Build & Fiberglass Mold Construction - OK, haven't seen any threads on specifically fiberglass molding, or plug making. A little information, but nothing detailed. For about 20 years of modeling everything from cars, trucks, airplanes and heli's, I have yet to not see a need to. Mar 08, �� Boat construction always starts with a hull mold. In this case, a perfectly clean, highly polished two-piece mold to ensure no imperfections make it into the final composite. Layers of gelcoat are sprayed onto the mold to form the outer layer of each hull.
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For many in the industry boatbuilding is primarily a labor of love; to them boatbuilding will always be an avocation and never just a business. Generally, however, the companies with the best long-term chances of survival are those that focus on economic reality and production efficiency. One thing many mass-production builders have come to realize is that their biggest competition is not other builders of new boats, but the ever-growing number of older glass boats that are still on the water.

It is now 60 years or so since the first glass boats appeared on the market, and there is still no evidence of any inherent limit to their useful life spans. As far as we know, a well-built, carefully maintained glass boat can last virtually indefinitely. This, unfortunately, only encourages builders to produce boats that are less than durable.

Buyers who expect to trade in or sell a new boat within a few years need not worry about this, as serious maintenance issues are unlikely to arise in the first few years of ownership. To help those who find their cruising sailboats on the brokerage market i. Having a good basic knowledge of construction techniques can save you from making some big blunders when you buy a boat, so I encourage you to stay tuned. BoaterMouth link: here.

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