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How to build an Aluminum Boat - Part One: Setting up the Jig | Adventure Marine MFG
Tolman skiffs are dory-style skiffs with semi-vee bottoms made of plywood/epoxy/fiberglass (sometimes called stitch-and-glue or composite construction). I have built over sixty since for sport and commercial use, and many others have been built by amateurs and professionals in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and elsewhere. I retired from building skiffs commercially in , and I now spend much of my summers using mine here in Alaska. I have designed three models, the "Standard," the "Widebody," and the "Jumbo." The Standard Build Your Own Flats Skiff 80 and the Widebody are identic. February I'm building the cabin Skiff I had to stop building for a few years when moved to Orlando, Florida but have continued working on it every time I travel to Puerto Rico. My plan is to finish it and make some sea trials before the end of this year (). The engine will be a hp Johnson. Will continue posting pictures as the project progresses. 50 Photos. Cabin Skiff by Tony Young, Kent, United Kingdom. Photos Updated 15 May Although Mike Branton builds his own jo boats as a hobby, the true home for these little craft is Marksville in Avoyelles Parish. The only boat-builder in Marksville who now builds the craft is Pat Bordelon�s couisin, Dennis Decuir (who has a classified ad on myboat295 boatplans). [ ] Quick Canoe assembly - Woodworker builds in hours (I took 2 weekends).� A boat kit to build a wooden skiff style boat. Row, sail or motor. The boat kit is designed for the novice boat kit builder.� Aluminum Fishing Boats and Pontoon Boats | G3 Boats. G3 Boats, the best pontoon boat, aluminum fishing boat, jon boat, deep v or hunting boat for your boating needs. Aluminum Fishing Boats. Aluminum Boat Mud Boats. Duck Hunting Boat.

Setting up the Jig. In my first article on boat-building, 7 tips to Building an Aluminum Boat Successfully the First Time , I touched on some of the hard-fought lessons I learned on my first boat build. My goal was to save you from some of the traps I fell into, even after years of working as a welder. I received many great questions from that article, and clearly you, the reader, were as intrigued as I was about building your very own boat.

I would encourage you to watch my youtube video first, Aluminum Boat Building Disaster � My Project is Over, before rushing out and building your first boat.

Knowledge is key, and I hope I can provide you with a step-by-step guide to getting it right the first time. Building your own boat is extremely rewarding and also challenging. But first, a few words of caution before we dive in.

I, or anyone at Adventure Marine, recommend that you consult a professional local boat builder during the construction of your boat. The information here is intended to help you realize your vision, but is in no way a substitute for professional, hands-on guidance. One of the first steps, and also one of the most important, in building your boat is setting up the jig.

Boat hulls are constructed in a number of different ways, but for the purposes of this blog, I am going to focus on a design from MetalBoatKits. They have been rebranded as the Adventure 12 and the Adventure 16 , as I have made modifications to both designs to suit my needs.

They both use a similar jig and the setup process is identical for both boats. I chose to construct sawhorses for my build, but you can mount the jig directly on the ground if you wish.

But there are some advantages to using sawhorses, and I would highly recommend you take the extra time to build them. Sawhorses raise the boat off the ground and make running the welds along the chine much easier as you can sit on a rolling chair instead of the cold, unforgiving concrete! In general, sawhorses are a great addition to any shop and make the building process more enjoyable. The caveat to this is sawhorses for your build should be lower in height than traditional horses, as the added height of the jig and boat will make getting in and out more difficult.

There are a few factors to consider. How will you flip the boat over after welding? I built a custom A-frame to assist in flipping the boat and loading it onto my trailer after the build. You need sufficient room to work, flip the hull, and load it onto a trailer after completion. So, before you get too carried away, consider all steps of the building process before bolting the jig to the ground!

This is critical, as you will be using hydraulic jacks down the road to form the bow of your boat. It is also key that the jig does not move or shift during the build. I used flush-mounted concrete drop-in anchors to eliminate the tripping hazard of studs. So first, pre-position your sawhorses and jig, then drill and anchor after completing steps of the alignment and leveling described below.

Alignment and Leveling. No concrete floor is exactly level; they often have a slope to help water run away. Being able to compare port and starboard sides by eye is key, and a non-level jig might fool you into thinking one side of your boat is uneven from the other.

Next is a step-by-step guide for proper leveling and alignment:. Cross square the jig from the points shown. Adjust the sawhorse until both numbers are the same. Drill your anchoring holes in one sawhorse only, and install threaded rods with leveling nuts. Pull the other sawhorse tight , cross square the jig again, and anchor the last sawhorse. Use a laser to level on all corners of the jig. Check the jig for plum using the laser. Double-check cross square, level, and plum, and adjust if needed.

In the next blog, we will look at the tacking in the first four panels of the boat. The quality of this single step will dictate how well the entire build goes for you. During my first build, I cut my boat apart three times because I rushed this step.

I will go over in detail exactly how to tack up the boat, which welder settings to use, and much more. If you liked this blog, please leave a comment! Your feedback helps me create more content for you. It was long overdue 47 years to be exact. Adventure Marine has never manufactured boats. Even though we have been building high-quality marine products since It is time to write a new chapter in our companies history and bring to market something special.

The night before I was scheduled to leave, a man on a motorcycle showed up at my hotel with a satchel of US dollars sent by the boat captain. I led him upstairs to my room and we counted out the cash. After converting to Canadian dollars, I was just under the limit I could bring back without a declaration, which would involve trying to prove to the Canadian authorities that I was doing legitimate business in Mexico with a pile of US dollars.

They have been rebranded as the Adventure 12 and the Adventure 16, as I have made modifications to both designs to suit my needs. Building your own boat is a huge accomplishment and something I will never forget. For those of us who get satisfaction out of creating something by hand, there is nothing quite like building a boat. What makes buying an aluminum boat your best choice? Aluminum is an extremely robust material, which makes aluminum boats a more maintenance free option. Find out more in our blog!

This is especially true for our boats! Periods of inactivity can speed up degradation and result in some nasty surprises come springtime. Remember me. Lost your password?

Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Username or Email Address. Log In. Adventure 16 Elaho Edition headed out to the lake. Selecting your desig n One of the first steps, and also one of the most important, in building your boat is setting up the jig. Custom made sawhorses. These one's in hindsight were too high off the ground.

Consider something lower. Sawhorse construction I chose to construct sawhorses for my build, but you can mount the jig directly on the ground if you wish. An A-frame will make flipping your boat over a snap, as well as loading it onto the trailer after construction. The console is ideal for driving and mounting necessary hardware, it does however impede movement on the boat.

The bow seat is an ideal location for fishing and relaxing on the water. The alternate location is in front of the port seat. Alignment and Leveling No concrete floor is exactly level; they often have a slope to help water run away. Plan view top view of the jig and sawhorses. Black lines show location of tape measure. Take your time to get the cross square as accurate as possible.

The red line represents your vertical laser. Tighten your locking nuts 9. August 27, No Comments. Reset Password Lost your password?


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