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The Flats River Skiff 15 is the perfect 2 person shallow water fishing skiff. This boat is ideal for a first time boat builder More.� How to build a boat from start to finish. #howtomakeaboat. Flats River Skiff 15 - Build Your Own Fl The Flats River Skiff 15 is the perfect 2 person shallow water fishing skiff. This is probably the easiest boat to build in the whole web site and it's not the smallest one. If you ever thought of buying one of the aluminum utility boats sold by department stores, build this one instead. She will cost you less, look better and you can customize her easily to fit your preferences. She is designed for rowing and outboards up to 5 hp but a small hp outboard will move her at hull speed. Plans for a larger version of this boat, 14' 6" LOA, are available: see the FL Show more The FL12 is a new version of our FL The FL11 plans were chosen by schools � On the beach. Flat Skiff 12 with four people aboard. Top overview. View from transom. Flats Skiff Build. Collection by Sam Werner. � Pierce, Florida, Ankona technical poling skiffs and flats boats offer world-class performance and world-class value. Duck Blind Plans Duck Boat Blind Mud Buddy Mud Boats Duck Hunting Gear John Boats Free Boat Plans Boat Projects Aluminum Boat. Prodigy Boat and Mud Buddy Motor.� Make A Boat Build Your Own Boat Plywood Boat Plans Wooden Boat Plans Wooden Boat Building Boat Building Plans Free Boat Plans Boat Restoration Bowrider. Shopping Cart Empty. Carolina Skiff Cooler Seat Kit for STAINLESS SWINGBACK SEAT. Mini Bass Boats. Bass Boat Ideas John Boats Bay Boats Boat Restoration Fishing Vessel Duck Boat Build Your Own Boat Boat Projects. New mods to my j custom carolina skiff j14 mods.

Known variously as a johnboat, bateau, skiff or punt, this lightweight craft is an ideal first boat-building project. By Paul Butler February 01, The sheet-ply and epoxy construction makes it about as simple to build as possible.

No fastenings are required and no butt blocks are necessary. The 8-foot model is the basic structure, but the plans can be modified to make the overall length 12 feet. The 8-foot boat is good for two people and floats in 4 inches of water. It can be paddled, rowed, poled or motored, and the wide, flat bottom provides enough stability to stand. Four- to six-foot oars work well, as does a double-bladed paddle or an 8-foot pole. When expanded to 12 feet the boat has the capacity to carry an extra passenger.

At this length, it is also better suited for use with a motor. The smallest transom-mounted motor will easily push the lightweight, flat-bottomed hull. The 8-foot model weighs 40 pounds; the foot model weighs 75 pounds. Both can easily be car-topped.

Not only do these lightweight johnboats handle a larger payload than their commercial counterparts, but they also offer real advantages in getting on and off the water, loading and unloading and storage.

With its slick graphite bottom, the boat can be dragged over parking lots, logs and gravel beaches, making launch and retrieval even easier. The fore and aft compartments provide hull support, seating, dry storage and safety flotation. They are easy to make watertight with beads of thickened epoxy.

Compartments can be accessed with small screw-out ports or hinged hatches. Oarlocks can be installed as desired along the sides.

The center thwart seat can be adjusted fore and aft for trim. Prefinish all panels with two coats of epoxy. Apply small beads of thickened epoxy on all of the interior corners and seams.

Leave the hull to cure, then fit and epoxy both compartment decks into position. Apply 2-inch-wide fiberglass tape over the seams. For extra reinforcement, you can glue hull battens on the bottom. To protect the bottom, apply a coating of an epoxy and graphite mixture over the Build Your Own Flats Boat 101 bottom and up around the chines. Epoxy each support in place. Cut an access hole in the compartment decks for optional screw-out ports and use a bead of silicone and stainless-steel machine screws to hold the port in place.

Install oarlocks at the desired locations. Scrub the hull with soap and water, let dry and apply a coat of varnish or camouflage paint to the topsides of the hull. Launch and enjoy. Box , Port Angeles, WA ; paul butlerprojects. Pre-cut kits are also available.

For more information on this johnboat and other boat projects, visit www. Note: Wood can be purchased from local lumberyards.

Epoxy, fiberglass tape and epoxy filler are available from West System. Box , Build Your Own Carolina Skiff Mod Bay City, MI ; Read the updated story Construct A Skiff First-time boat builder? Try this easy project over a weekend Known variously as a johnboat, bateau, skiff or punt, this lightweight craft is an ideal first boat-building project. Want more hunting and fishing stories? Sign up to receive our emails.


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