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Smartkeeda (smartkeeda) - Profile | Pinterest When the stream flows at the rate of a km/h, then the speed of the man is given by. Example Amitabh can row a certain distance downstream in 12 h and can return the same distance in 18 h. If the stream flows at the rate of 6 km/h, find the Aptitude Questions On Boats And Streams Pdf Site speed of Amitabh in still water. Soln. Here, x = 12 h, y = 18 h Rate Boat And Stream Questions For Ibps Clerk Pdf Reader of stream (a) = 6 km/h.
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D km. E None of these. A 30 minutes. B 25 minutes. C 50 minutes. D 45 minutes. E 42 minutes. A 90 km. B 97 km. Smart Trick 5 A man boat can row x kmph in still waters.

If the Boat And Stream Questions Bankers Adda James river is running at y kmph, it takes T hrs more in upstream then to go downstream for the same distance, then the distance is given. Find the distance. English Hindi. Directions: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer. A steamer takes 36 minutes less to travel 36 miles downstream than to travel the same distance upstream.

If the speed of Boat And Stream Questions Smartkeeda Yang the steamer in still water is 6 miles per minute the speed of the stream miles per minute is:. A boat travel with a speed of 10 kmph in still water. If the speed of the stream is 3 kmph then find time taken by boat to travel 52 km down stream. A man can row upstream 12 km and 30 km downstream each in 6 hrs. A man takes 3 hours 45 minutes to row a boat The speed of the boat in still water is.

Distance between a point of A and point B in a river is 12 km and the flow of the stream is from A to B. The boat goes from B to A and then comes back.

What is the distance between point A and the boat after 7 hours of travel since the time of starting? Since the boat is moving upstream from B to A.

So the distance of the boat from point A after 7 hours of travel will be 6 km. Hence, option D is correct. A boat travels upstream from point A to B in 5 hours.

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