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Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint | Wholesale Marine

Download Rebate Form by [Clicking Here] Interlux is the industry leader in paitn bottom paints and it is trusted by Interlux Trilux 33 Antifouling Bottom Paint Interlux Trilux 33 Antifouling Bottom Paint is a tin-free antifouling paint that has been formulated to provide safe, yet-highly effective protection for aluminum boats, outdrives and outboards. It is also Paiint Vivid Ablative Antifouling Boat Paint It used to be that boaters had to sacrifice their color choices for an effective antifouling paint black bottom paint for boats 50. The good news is Download Rebate Form by [Clicking Here] Pettit Hydrocoat is an environmentally friendly marine black bottom paint for boats 50 paint with no harsh Download Rebate Form by [Clicking Here] Interlux is known for its high-quality antifouling paints made Aquagard Water-Based Antifouling Paint This environmentally friendly antifouling paint bottom paint is specifically formulated to prevent barnacles, slime, algae, and other fouling organisms from attaching to your boat.

Aquaguard antifouling paint is ProGuard Ablative is an all-purpose, low V. Soap and water cleanup Pacifica Plus is a dual biocide antifouling that uses Biolux Slime Blocking Technology to combat slime and Aquagard AlumiKoat Brushable Antifouling Paint Alumi-Koat is an acrylic copolymer, cuprous oxide pigmented coating formulated especially to prevent barnacles, algae, Used Fishing Boats For Sale Fort Wayne Indiana Dev slime and other fouling organisms on vessels immersed in salt, brackish and fresh water Our paint finder scours over 50 different bottom paint products across three industry-leading manufacturers: InterluxPettitSea Hawk laint, and Aquaguard.

Begin by selecting the type of water your boat black bottom paint for boats 50 used in and your hull material. Our selection of boat bottom paints are suitable for fiberglass, aluminum, wood, fot steel. Blsck select the antifouling paint type that best fits your needs and budget.

Below is some black bottom paint for boats 50 information about the antifouling paint types available at Wholesale Marine. Hard boat bottom paints have a higher concentration of biocides that form a tough coating that resists wearing away.

Hard boat bottom paints are generally recommended for boats that are kept in the water all year long. Pettit offers a great product in their T rinidad Hard Antifouling Bottom Paint which has excellent boaats and is highly abrasion resistant for long wear. Ablative Bottom Paints have layers that slowly wear away over time, to reveal fresh biocides and reduce oxidation.

Ablative bottom paints are ideal for boats that are trailered or are removed from the water seasonally. Micron CSC uses Micron Technology, providing long lasting antifouling protection even when the boat is out of the water for extended periods of time.

Aluminum Antifouling Bottom Paints must be copper free to avoid corrosion. Econea offers unsurpassed protection and is non-corrosive to metals. While it may seem counterintuitive to use a water based boat bottom paint, they are an option to consider. Waterbased bottom bottomm are easy to clean up, they thin with water, are environmentally-friendly, and they do work.

One of the top selling antifouling paints in the world is Pettit Hydrocoat � a water based ablative bottom paint. Black bottom paint for boats 50 not only offers multi-season protection, but is formulated to be tough enough black bottom paint for boats 50 withstand frequent trailering, launching and beaching.

Wholesale Marine carries a full inventory of boat bottom paints for every kind of watercraft. If you are not certain which boat bottom paint is right for your vessel, give us a call at: Our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you. Be sure to ask your rep about our Captain's Club Rewards Program. Sign up and begin accruing points for additional discounts the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine. Oops, something went wrong. Please try.

Ablative Bottom Paint. Hard Bottom Paint. Thin Film Bottom Paint. Paint Selection Guide Find the right paint for the job. Quick view. List Price:. Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote NT. Pettit Hydrocoat Ablative Antifouling Paint. Aquagard Water-Based Antifouling Paint.

Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote Aqua. Choosing the Right Antifouling Bottom Paint Hard boat bottom paints have a higher concentration of biocides that form a tough coating that resists wearing away. Go Green with Waterbased Bottom Paint While it may seem counterintuitive to use a water based boat bottom paint, they are an option to consider. Email Address:.

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Propspeed is used on underwater metals, including props, struts, shafts and keel coolers. The big news here is that the popular anti-slime additive Irgarol is, after an absence of several years, back!

Irgarol disrupts photosynthesis in plants, which makes it an effective additive for controlling slime and preventing that ubiquitous waterline "beard". Other choices include paints boosted with the anti-slime biocide zinc pyrithione, also called zinc omadine. Storing your boat for the winter without antifouling paint is one option. Another is to apply a copolymer antifouling paint in the fall, which will eliminate the task of painting the bottom when you recommission in the spring.

Use a copolymer ablative antifouling formulation. Paint wears off faster in higher drag areas on the hull and appendages. These paints work well in high-growth areas and continue to be effective after haulout at the end of the season. This is a huge time-saver for those living in northern climates.

While the percentage of copper in the paint is important, it is not the only consideration. Controlled polishing, the technology that controls how quickly the paint wears away, also contributes to the effectiveness of these paints.

If you choose a copolymer paint, we recommend two or three coats on the first application. Copolymer paints with anti-slime additives are best for heavy fouling areas. Ablative paints of the non-copolymer type work in a similar way and minimize the annual ritual of sanding when applying a fresh coat.

Best use is as a single-season paint for boats that are used often, but are not serviced by a diver. Not recommended when you want a super-smooth bottom finish and have a diver maintain it, since scrubbing removes paint and reduces longevity.

Some paints are recommended for freshwater, Grand Banks Yachts For Sale Uk Malaysia while others are not. For example, Interlux's Micron 66, which depends on a reaction with saltwater to be effective, should not be used in freshwater.

Other paints, such as Pettit's SR favored for racing boats is best suited for freshwater or short-term use in low-fouling, cold saltwater areas. Frequently used boats may want to use an ablative paint, which will get smoother over time and will shed light growth.

Infrequently used boats may want to use a modified epoxy paint that will have good antifouling properties when the boat is inactive. If you keep your boat in the water year round you are most likely a candidate for a high-copper-content modified epoxy paint that prevents growth by leaching biocides upon contact with water.

Higher copper content, rather than the type of paint binder as with ablative paints, generally means greater effective performance in this paint type. Modified epoxy paints adhere tenaciously to most surfaces and can be applied over most types of paints�except vinyl-based paints. May be recoated after the minimum time shown.

There is no maximum dry time before launching. To determine bottom paint quantity by estimating the approximate surface area of the hull below the waterline, using the following formula:. For detailed application instructions see the Pettit's inflatable antifouling paint Data Sheet. NOTE: Manufacturer data sheets are subject to revision. Linked data sheets are believed to be accurate at the time of publication.

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