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Jun 12, �� Upstream Speed = 15 + x. Downstream Speed = 15 � x. So, {30 / (15+x)} + {30 / (x)} = 4 ? (4 hours 30 minutes) ? { / (x 2)} = 9/2 ? 9x 2 = ?x 2 = 25 ?x = 5. Q 5. A boat is moving 2 km against the current of the stream in 1 hour and moves 1 . This should be understood in the context of GitHub forks (where you fork a GitHub repo on GitHub before cloning that fork locally).. upstream generally refers to the original repo that you have forked (see also "Definition of �downstream� and �upstream�" for more on upstream term) origin is your fork: your own repo on GitHub, clone of the original repo of GitHub. Speed of boat in still water is given by Hence, the ratio of speed of boat in still water and to the average speed of boat in downstream and upstream is New questions in Math. Re: A boat traveled upstream 90 miles at an average speed of [ permalink ] Feb 08, pm. Most Helpful Community Reply. We can solve our two equations for c by the elimination technique combining the two equations and eliminating the variable v :. Let's take each part of this multipart problem one step at a time and all will be clear. DilithiumMatrix Confirm password:.

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