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Aluminum Catamaran Build Thread. Thread Tools. Likes: 8. Received 7 Likes on 3 Posts. Really cool project! Impressive design. Keep us updated. View Public Profile. Send a private message to captsomer. Find Aluminum boat building forum review Posts by captsomer. Likes: 1. Received 3 Likes on 3 Posts. Not sure where the sub and speakers will go yet - will be a challenge. Send a private message to triggerfin. Find More Posts by triggerfin. Attached Images. Likes: Received Likes on Posts. Does tunnel height make a big difference in ride?

Did you buildig a say in that part of the build? Send a private message to Fordy. Find More Posts by Fordy. Senior Member. Received 1, Likes on Posts. Originally Posted by Fordy. Send a private message to Bullshipper. Find More Posts by Bullshipper. Received 13 Likes on aluminum boat building forum review Posts.

I saw the yellow 22' buildig in Emerald Isle last week and stopped to take a closer look. I also didn't know it was aluminum until I looked at their site. Do you have any numbers on draft or weight? How about some estimated performance numbers? Can you power the 26 with a single engine, looks like the boat in the media section painted yellow inside is at revuew 26 feet and has a single We have a house on the sound in Fprum Isle so I have found my share of bujlding water.

The lift is in 3. Send a private message to natimblue. Find More Posts by natimblue. Received 4 Likes on 4 Posts. Send a private message to thestuz. Find More Posts by thestuz. Received 4 Likes on 3 Posts. Intresting build. I'm curious on the structure in the hull, the stringers and frames. I build aluminum boats, and always love seeing a new or different way of doing. I see they basicly just skinned revie hull out on fotum jig.

Also see now that it's flip aluminum boat building forum review have already put the structure in to support the reiew. Whats the framing for the hull look like? I'm assuming it was all fit in before the framing for the floor? Send a private message to JustinJ. Find More Posts by JustinJ.

Originally Posted by natimblue. Originally Posted by JustinJ. Originally Posted by thestuz. Cat Tales MHC. Admirals Club. Likes: 3. Received 77 Likes on 41 Posts. In regards to the drumming- My 19 ft cat does drum when it goes from wave to wave when running in large chop.

You can definitely hear it through the hollow floor spaces. We were running in conditions that I byilding have heard reivew in my boat. Not sure what is different exactly, but it aluminuk much improved.

We also launched revview off a couple large waves in the inlet to determine its landing characteristics. It lands very soft aluminum boat building forum review any slap or pounding.

My boat lands well, but this one was softer. This is aluminum boat building forum review type condition that I can hear my 19 footer make a hollow drum sound when landing, but the 22 didn't. I think the extra length helps a lot compared to. Hopefully geview 26 footer has these alumlnum characteristics. This is the boat I test rode. Didn't get any running shots.

She looks great and buildiing great! With regards to the tunnel height, I wouldn't worry so much about the noise as the potential for tunnel slap at trolling speeds and bottoming the tunnel out in waves over 3' at running speed. The build looks great. There are many Aluminum boats here in South Louisiana, and they hold up great and have some very fine craftsmanship as.

Send a private message to MakoMyDay. Originally Posted by Bullshipper. Last edited by triggerfin; at PM. Originally Posted by triggerfin. I asked CFC this question. Received 28 Likes on 11 Posts. Send a private message aluminum boat building forum review JCW Is the 26 transom that much thicker?

Received 9 Likes on 7 Posts. Send a private message to Davidthig. Find More Posts by Davidthig. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Advanced Search. Forum Jump.

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