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Motor Boat by Manufacturer Polar 1. Motor Boat by Type Center Consoles 1. Motor Boat by Condition Used 1. Motor Boat by Length 4 - 7. Expired ads. Motor Boat for sale in Yukon 1 results Browse all yukon aluminum boats for sale Motor Boat for sale we have advertised in Yukon below or use the filters on the left hand side to narrow your search.

Get email alerts for new ads matching this search. Sort by Please select sort by relevance oldest first lowest price highest price latest near me. Enter your email below Create email alert. You've created an Used Alaskan Aluminum Boats For Sale For email alert. You'll start receiving emails with ads similar to this search. POP Yachts International. No more results - here are some we think you might like Heaters, automatic folding tower, 2 amps, subwoofers, 4 cans Boat is located in Roland, She is a Boat Max USA.

Monterey - FS Subcategory Bowriders. Low hours! Garage kept, Very Clean! This Monterey New Arrival Ready for the water. Located in They call her Ice Blue! Yes, her color is ice blue on this beautiful Glasstream CC!

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FireFish Pirhana 7. FireFish Snapper 8. Bratt Jet Bulldog 9. Thunder Jet Yukon Thunder Jet Luxor. Financing your jet boat purchase might be a more attractive option to you, but who is there to finance the boat? We contacted LMG Financing, an industry leader in powersports financing throughout Canada and we asked them several questions about financing jet boats which their marketing manager Garret Morrison, was happy to answer for us in detail.

Our questions are in bold and his answers are below. Does LMG Finance offer financing only through dealers or do you finance private boat buyers too? LMG Finance will only facilitate financing for customers that are making their financed purchase s through a dealership that is partnered with us. This depends on one lender to the next. Fortunately, we have the privilege of having a great working relationships with many lenders, which provides customers with the best opportunity to obtain an approval for what they wish to purchase.

Yes, the interest rate increases to finance older units. This may seem counter-intuitive, however it makes sense considering that older units have depreciated in value. Dealerships have less to gain by selling older units that have depreciated in value. Dealerships have less to gain by selling less expensive units, and loans for used units often come with much shorter terms.

These factors attribute to lenders recouping some value with higher interest rates for such units. No, however should an engine be highly modified, this can negatively effect the warranty and chances of obtaining extended warranty.

The customers credit is the biggest contributing factor as to what the interest rate will be. For a customer with good credit, it will vary from 5. Customers will typically opt for a 10 year loan. That said, one of the great benefits of many in working with LMG Finance is our ability of customizing a customers financed purchase to meet their budgeted needs.

Each dealer is unique in that they have a specific retail product mix and a wide range of customer credit profiles that they sell too. Our team is very familiar with each lender and what the probability is to gain an approval based on financial profile differences from one customer to the next. This allows for a streamlined deal submission for a quick approval while obtaining the best, most affordable deal for the customer.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement or advertorial. We reached out to LMG on our website visitors behalf so we could help shed some light on financing your jet boat purchase in Canada. Many of the dealers listing jet boats on our website are working directly with LMG for financing so we thought this would help answer some questions a buyer might have.

These dealers below were sourced through Google Searches and then organized here in this list for easy browsing. Many of the best Jet Boats are built by smaller custom builders who are building these boats specific to each owners request and there are only a few manufacturers making true production type jet boats in our area of North America.

There are a variety of boat dealers out there who stock jet boats or take in the odd trade once-in-a-while but these boats can be hard to find without searching through every dealer website and that could take someone days.

If you are starting to research the purchase of a new or used jet boat suitable for fishing, hunting and remote back country river running There are a variety of different places you should start your search.

Ca � Kijiji is one of the most popular classifieds platforms in Canada. They have a category for power boats and they usually always have a good inventory of jet boats available for sale by dealers, brokers and private sellers. Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd. Forum � Outlaw Eagle is one of the more popular jet boat builders for the North Country and they have a buy and sell section for private sellers, dealers and they also list their own Outlaw Eagle jet boats they have for sale.

FireFish is fairly active on their FireFish Facebook page and often list customer builds in progress, finished boats, and also partially finished kit jet boat hulls in various sizes and stages of finishing. MeanChicken Jet Boats For Sale Forum � MeanChicken is probably the Internets most popular jet boating forum and they have a very active buy and sell section with new boats being added on a weekly basis.

The only problem with a busy forum like this is that the boats are not sortable by region. A hub of many northern rivers and the oil and gas center of British Columbia. River boating is a popular past time in the area with such an abundance of rivers and lots of hunters and outdoorsman in the regional area. Jet Boats For Sale � Jetboatsforsale. Craigslist � Everyone is familiar with Craigslist. There is definitely more if you include US cities in your searching.

Do you have another good website for finding used jet boats? Please let us know in the comments section. There is much for a buyer to look for when buying any used boat, and jet boats are no exception. There are many different things you should be inspecting or paying attention to when looking at a used jet boat either at a dealership or being sold by a private seller.

That free guide is an amazing wealth of information for anyone who is getting into jet boating and looking to buy their first new or used jet boat. The information is well written, simple yet very technical and explains a ton about jet boats. What are you going to be using the jet boat for? Wake Boarding or Water Sports?

Tours or Guiding? Write down what you absolutely MUST HAVE on the boat to best meet the needs of your intended activity and buy the boat that meets almost all of, if not every one of those needs. Most jet boaters would agree that you almost need multiple jet boats for the activities that are possible and some of them do!

The person has no idea what size boat, what type of boat, what engine size, hull deadrise or any of the specifics. Nothing has been narrowed down. Visually verify the boat has any upgrades or extras the current owner is claiming. As is the build quality and amount of reinforcement in the hull if you intend on running the jet boat in skinny, rocky water which is common for those who use their jet boats for hunting.

This slippery hull protection is why some of these boats seem to seamlessly glide over rocky gravel bars and really shallow rocky channels.

Teflon was used in the past, there are various coatings people apply and now, the more popular option is UHMW Ultra High Molecular Weight plastic in varying thicknesses and attached using various methods some better than others.

Over time and scraping a lot of gravel and rocks these bolts can begin to shift and bend which elongates the hole through the hull. If you see a boat with UHMW and the seller is advertising two bilge pumps, this is often why! With a little knowledge and some data, you can at least make an educated choice. If the seller knows the hours on the engine or there is an accurate hour meter, that can tell you a great deal of information about the boat.

The overall condition of the exterior of the engine can tell you a lot too. Is it it a high hour motor hours covered in dirt, oil and grease or is the engine bay nice and clean? What does the bilge look like?

And a boat owner who cares always keep a clean bilge! It Might Be Great. It seems there is a general consensus about how many hours is too many hours for a used jet boat. There is also a big difference in longevity between a 2 stroke Sport Jet V6 and a 4 cycle V8. As always, do your due diligence. Another important fact to remember is that and Sport Jet engines are no longer manufactured they have been replaced by an Optimax sport jet.

There are quite a few manufacturers of jet pumps out there. There are better pumps than others depending on what your needs or uses of the boat will be. There are also several models of pumps. Conditions of used boat interiors will tell you a lot about how the boat was cared for. Boats that have been stored outside can have gross looking interiors in just a couple years, while a boat that has been garage or shop stored can have an interior that looks brand new.

There are some conveniences on a jet boat however that come in pretty handy. Do you care about weight carrying ability for hauling heavy loads on hunting trips or long distance camping trips with more than 1 or 2 people?

People, fuel and gear can add up weight fast in a jet boat. These boats can distribute the load much better in skinny water, even with the added weight of a V8 engine. This may or may not be important to you, but in the last few decades there have been a number of jet boat builders who produced a handful of boats but are no longer are in business.

Jet boats are for sale from dealers, brokers and private sellers and the listings are complete with great photos and detailed information about each jet boat. Looking for the easiest way to sell your jet boat for a fair price? Ca is FREE to list your boat and our traffic is very specific. If someone has found us in a search engine it's because they are looking for new or used jet boats for sale from a variety of jet boat manufacturers and small custom builders.

Are you looking for the closest jet boat dealer to your location? Maybe you're looking for jet boat dealers who carry a specific line of jet boat? If you're a marine or powersports dealer that specializes in jet boats you can add your listing for free. We have details on jet builders past and present. Whether you're trying to learn more about a specific manufacturer who may no longer be in business or you are beginning research for your custom boat, you'll find it here.

Ca is a Canadian owned website designed to quickly connect jet boat buyers with jet boat sellers. Quickly connect with buyers and sellers of jet boats across Canada and the USA. Advertising Information � Get your jet boat inventory or services in front of more jet boaters! View Inventory Search Inventory.

Updated Daily. Step 2: List Your Boat! By Keywords By Make. By jetboatsforsale April 4, If you are a private seller the answer is really simple. You want the most possible exposure for your boat so you can sell it quickly, with minimal hassle, and for a fair price. Here is how our platform helps you do that as a private seller: 1.

We get tons of jet boat traffic over visitors per month currently. Our visitors are interested in buying a jet boat. We do not charge private sellers anything, there are no fees, no commissions, nothing.

You can have your jet boat listed within 5 minutes on the busiest marketplace for jet boats on the web, there is no need to list your boat anywhere else. As a dealer or boat builder there are many ways that JetboatsForSale can help you sell more boats to better customers.

How Can We Do That? If your goal is to sell or at Custom Aluminum Boats For Sale 75ml least generate a lead then you need to target your visitors based on their intent.

Targeting the search queries with buyer intent is how you generate good quality inquiries for jet boats. Short tail, and long tail. This searcher could be looking for any number of things related to jet boats. This searcher has intent. Traffic with intent is where your online buyers are hiding. These buyers will be the easiest for you to sell a boat too, especially if you have one of the boats they want Xtreme Aluminum Boats For Sale China or something very comparable!

Intent of your web visitors is everything. If someone is searching for their next jet boat on the Internet, they are coming to this website. We give jet boat builders and their dealers an opportunity to compete on a level playing field for the best traffic you can get. Traffic with intent. On our website consumers can browse many different makes and models of jet boats in one place.

They may arrive looking for one make of boat but they could leave with a love for your brand having just discovered it for the first time on our website. One of the worst marketing mistakes a company can make is to assume they are big enough that anyone who could or would become a customer already knows who they are. The Internet levelled that playing field a long time ago.

Custom Weld Snake River, Idaho. Explorer Industries Edmonton, AB. Exwelding Prince George, BC. John, BC. First Last. Please provide your best contact email. Enter Email Confirm Email.

Builders may choose to call you directly to address any questions about your specific build. This is just for the builders to provide a formal quote with your contact details. Choose the details for your boat hull. How long would you like your boat to be? How wide would you like your boat? Please tell us your desired hull deadrise in degrees.

Please explain the deadrise you want on your hull. Boat Search. Length feet : to. Manufacturer: -- ALL -- A. Welding Ltd A. In business since , we bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate a timely and managed sales process. Our website showcases several hundred listings with specifications and photo galleries.

Commercial Fishing. First Name. Last Name. Company Name. Email address.

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